Walking With God

Title: Walking With God (Outline)

Bible Book: Genesis 5 : 24

Author: Tom Hayes

Subject: Walking with God



“And Enoch walked with God” (Gen. 5:24); “And Noah walked with God” (Gen. 6:9).

Those who are really into physical fitness know that a walk every now and then is not enough to improve one’s health, though any amount of movement is better than none. But to really benefit from walking, we must entertain a permanent lifestyle change. One must not just take a walk; one must become a walker. It is not enough to take steps toward good health; good health is taking a journey of steps.

When we refer to one’s walk in life, the basic idea that is underlined is not steps, or the movement of one’s legs, but a manner of life or lifestyle. One’s walk, or movement in life, reveals the primary concerns and aspirations of that individual. Walking with God, then, is to live with a desire to know God and to live in a spirit of God-consciousness! It is to rely upon Him, to trust Him, in every facet of life.

In no way would I suggest that this little article addresses all the issues of this great life involvement. Yet with what is stated throughout the Word of truth and with the assistance of the Spirit of truth, I would like to magnify this practical truth! Using the two above texts and the two men of the texts, Enoch and Noah, here are three observations about walking with God. Hopefully, our desire to walk with Him will be encouraged and strengthened.

I. Walking with God indicates a Meeting with God

Because of man’s fallen condition, both Enoch and Noah had to experience a work of grace in their lives! It appears that Enoch met the Lord “after he begat Methuselah” (Gen. 5:22), and from that point began to walk with God!

“Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Gen. 6:8), and, after this meeting with God, began to walk with Him. It continues to be true that only those who meet Him can walk with Him.

II. Walking with God Indicates a Merging with God

We cannot walk with God, declared the prophet, unless we are in agreement with Him (see Amos 3:3).

Our plans must be subjected to His plans

Our ways must be yielded to His ways

Our aspirations must be synchronized with His aspirations

Although we live in a different age from Enoch and Noah, may we who have been “called unto the fellowship of His Son” (1 Cor. 1:9) walk in this intimacy.

III. Walking with God Indicates a Movement with God

As we walk physically, we move forward, we advance. Walking with God, Enoch and Noah made progress in the spiritual realm!

Similarly, as we walk with God we mature and advance in the things of God. It is impossible to walk with God and never go anywhere in our Christian experience.

May our great concern be to know Him and to move through life with Him!

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