To Soon To Quit

Title: To Soon To Quit

Bible Book: Nehemiah 6 : 3

Author: Sammy Burgess

Subject: Persistence; Faith; Commitment



There is so much going on in the Church; and most of the things that are being accomplished are good things, if you are on the outside looking in. But there is something going on in the Church when you take a closer look that should be of great concern to us.

There is a movement going on inside the Church that is hindering the Work and Cause of Christ. Now, you might be surprised as to what is actually hindering the Church.


#1 It's Not Necessarily The Gossipers; though they can divide friendships, and dismantle and disrupt a good Church.

Several years ago there was a Church member who was so disgruntled with his Preacher, he begin to spread a story about him that wasn't true. The Preacher's name was somewhat damaged and harmed. The young man got right with the Lord and went to his Pastor and asked for forgiveness. The Pastor hugged his neck and forgave him.

The young man told his Pastor that he would fix the damage that he had done. The Pastor thought for a moment, then went over to his desk, picked up a clean piece of paper, ran it through a shredder; then took some scissors and cut the paper into little pieces. He took that piece of paper now shredded, and the young man outside where the wind was blowing furiously. He threw those pieces in the air and they watched them fly and scatter everywhere.

The Pastor said, "Son, I need that clean piece of paper. Will you go, retrieve all those pieces, put them back together for me so I can use it again. That was the only piece of paper I had in my office." The young man said; "Pastor, that's impossible. I can't retrieve all those pieces of paper; they are everywhere. And even if I could, that piece of paper couldn't be used to its fullest."

The Pastor looked at the young man; he put his arms around him and said; "Son, when I said that I forgave you, I did just that. But you have taken my only character that was clean; you cut it up in pieces, and you have spread it everywhere. You will be able to clean up some of the damage you did; but it won't ever be the same again. Be careful what you say about someone."

#2 It's Not Necessarily The Complainers!

There are some Church members that you will never be able to please. They will say; "I wouldn't do it that way." - - "We've never done it this way before." - - "We don't need to grow anymore. I like it just like it is." - - "The music is too loud; they sang too long." - - "The Preacher preached too long and too loud." - - "All they want is my money."

#3 It's Not Necessarily The Pretenders!

The Church has people on the Church roll that puts on a mask every time they walk into the building. They have their mask that they wear so everyone will think that they are a Christian; or that others will think that they are right with God. But once they leave the House of God, they take off the mask and reveal who they really are. They begin to live like the world; talk like the world; agree with the world; because they are "of" the world.

#4 It's Not Necessarily The Feelers!

There are people who go to Church and they try to do God's Work by how they feel and what they think. The "feelers" spend very little time with the Lord, if any, when they do God's Work. (The Church should never be run by ëtrial and error.')

Now, the gossipers, the complainers, the pretenders, the feelers, hinder the Church, and the cause of Christ. But if you really think about it, the gossipers have to shut their mouth when the truth is told; the complainers have to cease when the truth is revealed; the pretenders will be overshadowed when true Christians rise up and do what is right; and the feelers will eventually fade out as God's Work is done according to God's Will.

There is however, a movement going on the Church that is bringing great harm to the Work of God and has become a grievous hindrance to the Cause of Christ. I believe that The Movement That Is Greatly Hindering The Church Today Is What I Call The QUITTERS! We are seeing a large number of true born again believers just "quitting"!


#1 Some Have Quit Because They Have Become Discouraged!
#2 Some Have Quit Because They Have Become Distracted!

Their friends have distracted them; their friends are not serving God, so what should they. Some have been distracted because of their family. There are Christians who are now taking the Lord's Day and making it family day.

Some have been distracted because of fortune. There are Christians who work 7 days a week just to make more money. Some have been distracted because of failure. There are good Christians who quit because they don't believe that God can't use them because of some past sin or wrong choice in their past.

#3 Some That Quit Because They Have Been Disappointed!

They claim that they've been hurt by someone. A few Christians have become disappointed in the way God answered their prayer. God did what was best for them, yet they didn't see it that way.

Listen carefully. QUITTING IS THE SIMPLEST THING TO DO. Good Christians think that quitting will relieve them of their responsibilities that God has given them. Some Christians ëquit' simply because they just give up.


#1 There Are Christians Who Have Quit Witnessing For The Lord!
#2 There Are Christians Who Have Quit Tithing To The Work Of God!
#3 There Are Christians Who Have Quit Spending Time With The Lord!
#4 There Are Christians Who Have Quit Praying!
#5 There Are Christians Who Have Quit Going To Church!

This doesn't mean that they have changed Churches; they just quit going all together. There are Christians who are just one Worship Service from quitting Church. They are what we call "Sunday Morning Only Christians." If they quit going to Church on Sunday Morning, they will be out of Church completely.

#6 There Are Christians Who Have Quit Singing In The Choir

Or, they Have Quit Teaching A Sunday School Class! There are good people who just don't want to commit to a position in the Church.

#7 There Are Christians Who Have Quit Believing God For Revival!

When I talk about people who have quit working for the Lord and stopped serving God, I'm not talking about the sinner who doesn't believe in God and doesn't believe in the Church. *I am talking about Genuine Christians who have actually quit, or who are about to quit; these people actually believe in God and believe in the Church.

Here in our text, Nehemiah had the opportunity to quit. In fact, as you read his story and what he went through, he had a ëright' and a ëreason' to quit.

THERE WAS THE ATTACK FROM WITHOUT! Sanballat and Tobiah wanted the work to cease! They tried to stop them.

THERE WAS THE AGONY FROM WITHIN! The people complained; they got discouraged; they became weary and worn. BUT NEHEMIAH DIDN'T QUIT! I can hear him here in "6:3" "Its Too Soon To Quit! Our Work Is About Finished. We Can't Stop Now."

You and I need to realize that we are just about finished with the Lord that God has for us to do. God still wants to do great and mighty things among His people; and He is about to come back for His Church. ITS TOO SOON TO QUIT!

Let's notice the life of Nehemiah and see why, in spite of all that he faced, he didn't quit.

I. He Had A Conviction To Accept The Work Of God

Listen to what Nehemiah said in "6:3"- "I am doing a great work." This helps us understand that Nehemiah accepted the challenge to do the work of God. No one forced him to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls and repair the gate.

Back in "1:1-4" we see that Nehemiah had received word that there was "great affliction and reproach" in Jerusalem. He became burdened and broken about what had taken place in Jerusalem.

In 2:1, 2 we find that Nehemiah went before the king with a sad countenance. Nehemiah was the king's cupbearer. He was never to go before the king with a sad countenance. We are told that he had a "sorrowful heart."
Nehemiah became convicted about what took place in Jerusalem. He had a deep conviction and desire to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and repair the gate that had been burned.

A. He Had A Personal Conviction

I am convinced that it was God that gave him that burning desire to do His Work. Nehemiah took God's Work personally. He said in "6:3"- "I AM DOING."

Everybody had a job to do and a position to take. They were scattered out in different sections, but every one had a personal responsibility.

Some Had Weapons - They Were Watching
Some Had Tools - They Were Working

Every Christian has a personal responsibility in the Work of God. God gives His children a personal call.

God calls:
"the tall and the short" - - "slim and the big" - - "the one all together lovely (the one who has looks) and the one completely ugly" - - "upper, middle, lower, and no class" - - "educated and the uneducated" - - "the strong and the weak" - - "young, middle age, older" - - "the one full of personality and the shy" - - "the wealthy and the poor" - - "the married couple and the single person" - - "5 talents, 2 talents, one talent".

God doesn't leave anyone out when it comes to His Work. Every Child of God is important in the Work of God! It's Personal.

B. He Had A Powerful Conviction

Nehemiah called it "A GREAT WORK." The reason why Nehemiah said that it was a "great work" because he knew that it was God's Work.

Anything that God has called you to do for Him and for His Glory is a "great work."

1 Corinthians 15:58, "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord."

The work that God has called you to do may be seen by others; your work may go unnoticed; your work for the Lord may be very difficult; your work for God may seem simple. It makes no difference what God has called you to do for Him. You and I should count it a privilege and honor to serve God and do His Work.

Every Christian has the privilege to be a part of building and expanding God's Work. You should feel honored.

Vie Shook told me that she couldn't talk to people very well on the telephone. She told me that she didn't want to write letters to people. But she could cook and be a friend to others who were hurting.

Nehemiah wasn't forced or begged to do God's Work. When he heard about the walls been broken down and the gates being burned, it convicted his heart in such a way that he immediately took action to get the work done. (Nehemiah knew that it was Too Soon To Quit because of what he was doing for his Lord.)

II. He Had A Commitment In Achieving The Work Of God

Nehemiah said: "I am doing a great work, SO THAT I CANNOT COME DOWN."

Nehemiah was not about to stop and get distracted from his work. There was no way that he was going to come down from his position on that wall.

A. He Was Threaten - But He Didn't Quit

His enemy wanted him to stop what he was doing. They sent letters; they sent threats; they were angry; they were against the Work of God. But Nehemiah was committed to achieving the Work that he started. He said; "I cannot come down. I will not come down. It's Too Soon To Quit. I am now finished."

If there is one thing our enemy Satan wants us to do is "quit" doing what we are doing for the Lord.

B. He Was Tired - But He Didn't Quit

Nehemiah worked diligently. He was not about to let the work he was doing for the Lord to cease. His hands must have been weary. His back must have been hurting. His legs must have been worn out from standing. His arms must have been aching. "6:9"- "For they all made us afraid, saying, Their hands shall be weakened from the work, that it be not done. Now therefore, O GOD, STRENGTHEN MY HANDS."

Nehemiah didn't tell the Lord back in "ch.1" that he would rebuild the walls and repair the gates as long as he didn't have to face opposition. *Nehemiah didn't have certain conditions he wanted God to meet before he committed to do the work; he had his mind made up that no matter what situation may arise, he was not going to quit.

Christians are very good at listening to Sermons about Surrendering their lives. Christians are good in singing songs pertaining to Surrendering their lives. Christians are very good at talking about Surrendering their lives. My question to you is this: HAVE YOU FULLY SURRENDERED YOU LIFE TO GOD? "or" HAVE YOU GONE BACK ON YOUR PROMISE YOU MADE TO GOD?

I haven't heard one Christian ever say; "God I will serve You as long as there is no trouble that comes my way." "God I will follow You and commit to You as long as You promise me there will be no heartaches or difficulties." "God I will do exactly what You want me to do as long as Satan don't attack me." Yet, I have seen Christians quit when they had troubles come to their life. I have seen Christians quit on God when Satan bothered them. Their Commitment had certain conditions to it.

Mark something down in your heart and mind. You will have to face problems; you will have to confront difficulties. You are going to face Satan's attacks. But don't quit! You don't have to quit! God hasn't left you to do His Work all alone. He is with you.


III. He Had A Choice About Accomplishing The Work Of God

Nehemiah asked a very important question: "WHY SHOULD THE WORK CEASE?"

A. He Didn't Give Up
B. He Didn't Give In
C. He Didn't Give Out

Why would you quit? You are not necessarily quitting on the Church; you are not necessarily quitting on the Christians around you. You are quitting on God. (Why would you even want to quit?)

You may not be able to do as much as you once did - - but you can still do something for God!

Randy Rhye had a bus worker that was going to quit - tell the child - tell the parents - tell the other bus workers - tell the Church - kneel at the alter and tell the Lord! "If you can do all of those things, then you have the right to quit."

If you quit, what are going to tell your family; what are you going to tell other Christians; what are you going to tell the Lord?

IT IS Too Soon To Quit!!


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