The Theme Of Our Song

How easy it is to allow the first thoughts of our morning to be on anything and everything other than Christ. We think about what we're going to make for breakfast and what we're going to wear. We worry about getting lunches packed, the dishes out of the sink, and the clothes in the washer. We think about the bills that need paying and the grass that needs mowing and that appointment we were supposed to schedule earlier in the week.
Our minds stay full with this and that. There's so much to do! But what's the point? Without Christ, even the busiest life lacks meaning and joy.
Today is a good day to wake up with intention. Let your first thought be a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Wake up with his plans in your heart.
Determine to let his love be the theme of your day.
Sing...because you cannot be silent.
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Sherry Hefner

Sherry Hefner

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