The Search Is Still On For One Man

Title: The Search Is Still On For One Man

Bible Book: Ezekiel 22 : 23-30

Author: Sammy Burgess

Subject: Men, Man, Godly



Every Christian who is faithful to read and study the Bible can testify to the fact that God always speaks to your heart. God always has something to say to those who will take time to read His Word and who will take time to listen to what He has to say.

Now there are times that God speaks to my heart in a Delayed Matter. What I mean by this is, there are times that I read a passage of Scripture; have a time of prayer, then later on in the day, the Lord really begins to deal with my heart about what I read in His Word. It was not that He didn’t speak to me while I was reading - there were certain things that He wanted me to know and learn, so He put me in a certain place or a certain position, making certain decisions in order to help me understand His Word better and put those truths to use.

There are times that God speaks to my heart in a Direct Matter. There are certain verses of Scripture that immediately speak to my heart. These verses that are before us are some of those verses that Directly and Divinely speak to my heart. [Especially vs.30]

1) This Verse Places A Challenge Before Me!

Notice the words “I sought for a man.” I love challenges. There are goals that I set and I do my best to achieve them. I never want to be a person who is satisfied with life; whether it deals with my family, my ministry, my future. I always want to be doing something to better myself. [I try not to dabble in 10 things at once…]

Now, I love working for the Lord. In fact, working for the Lord is my life; it is my passion. There is a drive in my heart for God’s Work and to do God’s Word that I pray will never go away.

This verse sets before me a Great and Godly challenge to be something and do something for the Lord. This verse seems to be saying to me, “Be the best Christian that you can possibly be.”

I have come to understand that ‘being good’ for God can be bad when it keeps you from being ‘your best’ and “at your best” for God!

2) This Verse Puts A Conviction Within Me!

Notice carefully the last part of [vs.30]- “But I found none.” This one verse brings to light the reality that not everyone is interested in working for the Lord and serving the Lord.

I have to admit that there have been times that I have been very slack in my service for God. There have been times that God had something for me to do, and I refused to do it. Therefore, the Lord had to search somewhere else and for someone else to accomplish the task that had to be done.

Here before us is a passage of Scripture that should (definitely challenge) us and (deeply convict) us; and it should also (desperately concern) us.

The background of this verse finds a Nation that is (Spiritually Depleted) - (Spiritually Defeated) and (Spiritually Declining). God declared that He knew their sins, [22:1-5]. He listed their specific sins, [22:6-12]. He promises judgment for their sins, [13-22].

God goes on and reveals who the guilty party was; it was the princess and priests, the government officials and the false prophets. God began to search for a man to stand in the gap; to keep judgment from coming to the land. God was looking for just one person.

This verse is a VERSE OF IMPORTANCE! You see, the search for one person is still on. This search is going on right now in this Worship Service.

This verse is a VERSE OF INVOLVEMENT! God still wants us to become available so He can use us. God still has a work to do; He is looking for some people to do it.

Think about something: if God cannot find one man/woman, then…

The Cause of Christ will be Neglected!

How do you feel about the cause of Christ? How involved are you in God’s Work? Are you making any impact for the Cause of Christ? Are you doing your best for the Lord? GOD IS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE HIS WORK SERIOUSLY AND TO KEEP HIS WORK SACRED!

The Family formed by Christ will be Ignored!

Did you know that one of the greatest needs in our day is for someone in the home to care about their home? The home is to be a picture, a portrait of Holiness; purity; harmony. God is looking for some parents to be spiritual leaders in their home; setting an example of what it means to live Godly and Holy; to live faithful and true to the Lord! God is looking for some Godly Husbands to lead their homes.

(Let me give you something to think about before we get into our study)

a)- We have been told in {Jeremiah 29:13} to seek after the Lord; and when we do, we will find Him.

b)- Here in this verse before us we have been told that God is seeking after us. My question to you is, Will He find in you a willing servant; ready and willing to serve and work for Him? or Will He have to keep searching on and on?

It would be great for some one or several in this Worship Service to listen to the Lord as He speaks to you, and then respond by praying; “STOP THE SEARCH! Look no further Lord. I will do Your Work for You! STOP THE SEARCH! I will obey You Lord. Lord, here I am; You can depend on me.”

I want you to listen to what one man said: “Evil triumphs when good man DO NOTHING.”

(I want us to notice 3 interesting things from this one verse that I believe the Lord wants to Teach us.)

I. How Amazing That God Would Use A Man

God still amazes me in (WHAT) He does. God still amazes me in (HOW) He does things. I know that there is nothing God cannot do. But there are times that God still amazes me by the way He works.

But what is even more amazing is the fact that God would use me. It amazes me that God would want to fool with me.

A. I Am Amazed At The Call Of God

(1)- There Is The Call To Salvation. Do you remember when the Lord saved you? You may not remember the exact day; you may not remember the exact moment. You may not remember all that happened around you that day, but you remember what happened ‘in’ you that day.

You know that there was a change in your life; God took a desire for something away from you; God changed your heart about some things of this world. And because of the Lord you are on your way to Glory.

I’ll never forget the day the Lord saved me. April 20, 1978, the Lord confirmed in my heart that I didn’t have to live in doubt any more. He came to where I was; brought me up out of a horrible pit. He set my feet upon a solid rock; and He established my steps.

There may be someone who has drifted away from the Lord; I may be talking to someone who is living a miserable life because your life is not where it should be. **But you do know that there was a day when your life was changed by the power, the Grace, and the Mercy of God.

(2)- There Is The Call To Service. I remember when the Lord called me to preach. I didn’t want to preach; I didn’t want that responsibility. I was just minding my own business when suddenly God placed within my heart a burning desire to Preach the Gospel.

(3)- There Is The Call To Surrender. I remember saying “yes” to the Lord. I knew that I wouldn’t be happy until I fully and completely surrendered my life to the Lord.

Here is what amazes me about these things. The Lord knew that I would fail. He knew that there would be times that I would rebel against Him. He knew that I would always have an opinion about what He wanted me to do. He knew that I wouldn’t always make good decisions. The Lord knew what He was getting when He called me. (There have been times that I thought that God would have been better off if He had left me along and never called me to preach.)

I want to go on record and say that I don’t want God to do without me. He has given me a call; He has given me a purpose; He has placed in my heart a desire that I don’t want to be taken away.

I love what D.L. Moody said (I want God to place this desire in me, engraving it in my heart): “I am only one, but I am one, I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And that which I can do, by the Grace of God, I will do.”

You don’t have to be a superstar to be used by God. You don’t have to be well-known. You just have to be available.

You don’t have to be like a man named ‘Bubba’ who was bragging to his boss one day that he knew everybody that is to know. Bubba told his boss; “I know everybody. Just name someone, anyone, and I promise you that I know them.” His boss said; “What about Tom Cruise?” Bubba smiled; “I know him. Tom and I are old friends, and I can prove it.”

His boss thought so little about what Bubba said; so he told him that he would pay the air fare to fly and see Tom Cruise. When they arrived at Tom Cruise’s home, the boss knocked on the door; Tom Cruise came to the door; hugged Bubba’s neck and said; “Bubba; great to see you. You and your friend come right in and join me for lunch.”

His boss was impressed, but he still wasn’t convinced that Bubba knew everybody. “Knowing Tom Cruise was just luck. Let’s go see President Bush.” Bubba smiled; “Great; I haven’t seen George in months.” So they flew to Washington D.C.

Bubba and his boss was taking a tour when President Bush noticed bubba, motioned for him and his boss; and said; “Bubba; it is so good to see you again. I have a few extra minutes before my meeting; let’s set down and have a cup of coffee.” His boss was flattered and overwhelmed; but he was still not 100 % convinced that Bubba knew everyone. So his boss told him that he would take him to see the Pope. Bubba said; “I am looking forward to this. I haven’t seen the Pope for quite some time.” So off to Rome they went.

Bubba and his boss assembled with the masses in Vatican Square when Bubba said; “This will never work. I can’t catch the Pope’s eyes among all these people. Tell you what; I know all the guards so let me just go upstairs and I’ll come out on the balcony with the Pope.”

Like a flash, Bubba disappears in the mass of people. About an hour later, Bubba emerges with the Pope on the balcony. His boss just shook his head.

By the time Bubba returns, he found his boss on the ground; pouring sweat; seemingly having a heart attack. As the paramedics worked on him, Bubba asked his boss what happened. His boss looked up and said; “I was a little over but I was doing fine until a man from Japan walked up to me and said; ‘Who’s that on the balcony with Bubba?”

God can use anyone; anytime; anywhere … You don’t have to be a ‘bubba’ to be used by God. As long as you know the Lord, that’s all you need to know.

B. I Am Amazed At The Care Of God

God has truly watched over me and my family down through the years. God has seen to it that our needs have been supplied.

More than likely some of you are thinking that you are amazed that you are where you are right now. If everyone in this building was honest with ourselves, you would have to say that you are amazed at what God has done for us.

We have to be amazed that God would look everywhere on this earth; look in every place and look at every person; and out of all the people He could have chosen to use and bless - He chose you! (How Amazing That God Would Use A Man)

II. How Alarming That God Would Have To Look For A Man

Look carefully at the words “I sought for a man.” This verse is not only amazing, this verse is alarming. God had to go and search for a person.

Now, THIS IS AN IMPORTANT SEARCH! God needed just one man to “make up the hedge” and “stand in the gap.” There was a job that needed to be done. The Lord was in need of one person.

THIS WAS AN INTENSE SEARCH! The words “I sought” carry the idea of diligently going from place to place; moving things around in order to find something.

This gives us the idea of our Lord going from place to place; from person to person; seeking, asking, and trying to find someone to do His work.

Every time I read this statement in {Ezekiel 22:30} I think of How Alarming it is that God would have to even look for a person, much less “diligently” look for a person.

You would think that after all that God had done for His people, that they would be lined up; filing in line, wanting to be used by God.

I have it in my mind that this is the way it should be every week at Church when the Lord comes to us and asks us to obey Him. The Lord should have a line of Christians that are willing and longing to do His work.

Stuart Briscoe once said: “The average Christian is like an old iron bed; firm on both ends but sagging in the middle.”

I am amazed at the fact that God would save us, and want to use us. You would think that Christians would be ready and willing to be used of God. But most Christians in this building, who are doing nothing for God, have become so apathetic to the cause of Christ. Your memory has blown a fuse. Something in your mind and heart has gone out.

You may be wondering why that we should be so eager to Work for the Lord…

A. Think About What God Has Done For You

Listen to {Psalms 68:19}- “Blessed be the Lord, WHO DAILY LOADETH US WITH BENEFITS, even the God of our Salvation. Selah.” The Psalmist didn’t say that God has blessed us weekly. He didn’t say that God only came through for us when we were in a bind. The Psalmist reminds us that God has been good to us Every Single Day!

There is not one person in this place that can say that God hasn’t blessed you. God has given us more than we ever deserve. [Think of the job you prayed for…the family God has given you that you asked Him for.]

Ron Dunn was right when he said; “It is foolish to ask God to give you more blessings when you haven’t lived out the blessings you already have.”

I have heard people make the statement; “I am the one that has blessed my family. I am the one that has taken care of my family.” And you are exactly right. But it was the Lord that allowed you to have the job that you have. It was the Lord that gave you the strength to work with. It was the Lord that gave you the mind to think with. It was the Lord that helped you make those tough decisions.

I know of Christians right now that are so blessed by God, yet they say that they don’t have time to come to Church. They say they don’t have time to serve God. They just don’t have time to get involved in the service of the Lord. What they are doing is confessing [with their actions] that they are so blessed by the Lord that they have now placed those ‘blessings’ above the Lord and now they have stopped serving the “Blesser”; the One that gave them what they have. With their actions, they are serving and worshipping their ‘blessings’.

Many of you have been blessed over and over and over and over; day after day by God You are the ones who should be first at the doors of the Church waiting to get in. You should be one of the first to volunteer to take a part in God’s Work. Yet, how startling it is to find people missing; to hear excuses …

B. Think About The Promises God Has Given To You

Listen to what {2 Corinthians 1:20} says; “For all the promises of God in Him are ‘yea’, and in Him “Amen”, unto the Glory of God by us.”

God has given you Promise after Promise. God has made provision for you. God has never failed to keep one of His promises. You should be lining up, wanting to do something for God. You should be waiting in line, ready and willing to do what you could do for the Lord.

There are some of you in this building that at one time or another promised the Lord that you would do His Will. Some of you made promises that you haven’t fulfilled. We expect God to keep His Word; therefore, according to {Ecclesiastes 5:4,5} God expects us to keep the promise {promises} we’ve made to Him.

I want you to listen closely. I know that times are tough. I know that many of you have to work more than ever. I know that some in this building has been dealt a bad hand because of what our Country is facing. **But think about something. Is it too much to ask you to be faithful to do what God has called you to you? Is it too much to ask you to take time for the Lord; be faithful to Him; give to Him; serve Him; live for Him? THE HEDGE HAS BEEN SEVERED! THE GAP IS WIDENING! THE ENEMY IS ATTACKING!

At one time in Church history, all the Pastor (all the Church leaders) had to do was ‘ask’ for volunteers to carry out the Work of God. But now we are in the time of Church History where the Pastor isn’t asking his congregation to help in the work of God. Now, we have to “beg”. We have reached a sad time in the Church age where we have gone from “asking” to “begging”.

We now have to ‘beg’ Christians to give their Time. We have to ‘beg’ Christians to give their Tithe. We have to ‘beg’ Christians to give their Talents.

In our text we don’t find that it was a Prophet seeking out a man. We don’t find in this verse that a (team of people) - (a committee) sought for a man. IT WAS THE LORD THAT WAS LOOKING FOR A MAN. IT WAS THE LORD THAT HAD TO GO FROM PLACE TO PLACE, FROM PERSON TO PERSON, LOOKING FOR ONE MAN!

I want you to listen carefully to this preacher. God has not sent me here to get on to you. God has not sent me here to make you feel guilty. God has sent me here to tell you that He is still looking for some people to do His Work. God has sent me here to let you know that He still wants His Work to go on. MY ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS HOUR IS TO TELL YOU THAT SOME OF THE HEDGE IS DOWN!

D.L. Moody said: “The world has yet to see what God can do “in” and “through” and “with” and “for” a man. By the Grace of God, I will be that man.”

A Survey was taken several years ago that said that out of 100 people, 23 don’t have a clue what they want. 67 know what they want but don’t know how to get it. 10 know what they want and how to get it, but 8 out of those 10 are unwilling to pay the price to do something. SO ONLY 2 OUT OF ONE HUNDRED REACH THEIR GOAL.

I tend to believe that this is true with most Churches. Out of every one hundred Churches, you might find 2 that are stretching, sacrificing, and serving to their potential. And the reason why very few Churches are making a difference and are not living up to their full potential is because there is a Pastor who has become satisfied and has lost interest in being his best; and he has a Church that is filled with satisfied people who just don’t seem to care.

I. How Amazing That God Would Use A Man!

II. How Alarming That God Would Have To Look For A Person!

III. How Astonishing That God Could Not Find A Man

Some of the saddest words that you will ever find in the Word of God are right here before us: “BUT I FOUND NONE.” It is one thing to reject a preacher of the Gospel. It is one thing to have a closed ear and a closed heart to what you hear from God’s Word. **(However, it is another thing to reject the Lord and Savior of the world. How astonishing that God could not find one person to do His Work.


There are 3 types of persons sitting in your seat at this very moment.

1. There is the person you are at this very moment!

2. There is the person you could be if you choose to live your life in the flesh and fail to live for God!

3 There is the person you could be for God if you put your hands to the plow and keep your eyes and heart fixed on Him!

A. There Was The Weakening Of The Hedge

The “hedge” speaks of a barrier, a protection that keeps out error; disaster; danger; corruption. The “hedge” speaks of (Sound Doctrine) - (Holy Living) - (God’s Commands) - (Satisfaction in Christ). The “hedge” is what kept the judgment of God out. The hedge kept unholy living and ungodly standards out.

We need some men/women [men in particular] that will carefully look at the direction they are going and order their steps aright and lead those that are following you toward God; and not away from Him.

I am concerned about our homes. They are now battle grounds … There is very little peace … Could it be that you as a parent dad/mom have allowed to hedge to come down; the hedge has been severed and now you are allowed anything and everything to come into their home? Are you teaching them the ways of God and the right way to God or is your life leading them away from the ways of God?

A Christian home is more than just coming to Church together. It is allowing God’s Principles to be held high and then apply them. It is putting God first in everything you do. **There must be direction given at home concerning Salvation; separation; service; sacredness and surrender.

When your children struggle; when you see them with a broken heart; do you stop, take a moment and pray with them; showing them that you are concerned about their need? Or are you too ashamed to pray with them? Can you get a prayer through to the Lord? Is there really a desire to know if your children are right with God?

A man told his pastor; “Church is Church and business is business.” This man didn’t think that he had to have a business that pleased the Lord. The Pastor had a classic response: “And both should be sacred if you are a Christian.”

I am very concerned about the Church; the “hedge” that has been taken down … Anything goes in the Church. We need some men who will have the spiritual fortitude to do what is right; even if it’s against the direction of the world. THE CHURCH MUST BE DIFFERENT!

B. There Was The Widening Of The Gap

The Work of the Lord was left {desolate}. The Work of the Lord was left {deserted}. God sought for a man to stem the tide of ruin and turn the fortunes of the people. But HE COULD NOT FIND ONE MAN!

(know that some of you are not physically able to do what you use to do for the Lord. I know that a few of you are providently hindered. But there are so many of you that could really count for God and be something special for God. God is calling you!

You may be wondering; “Preacher; what can I do for the Lord? I don’t know much. I don’t have much money. I am shy when it comes to dealing with people. Even if I did something for the Lord, it probably won’t amount to anything much. Why should I even bother to try to do something for the Lord?”

God is looking for some people to do His Work and Obey His Will. God is hunting for men in this world who will die for Christ, who will LIVE for Christ, who will, give everything they have to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Will you be the one that will say: "Somebody needs to do something; I am somebody; I will do something!" When you actually recognize the ‘gap’ in your life; in your family - what will it cause you to do? God is looking for you to do something. God is waiting for you to act! THE SEARCH IS STILL ON!

I wonder who will say, “STOP THE SEARCH!”

Prior to 1965, the state of Louisiana designed and built its flood protection through its levee boards. After Hurricane Betsy, Congress gave control of the flood protection to the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Act which called for a flood protection system to protect south Louisiana from the worst storms characteristic of the region. The Corps began developing the storm model in 1959, called the Standard Project Hurricane (SPH). This model was not subsequently adjusted, despite the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (the successor agency to the Weather Bureau) recommending increasing the strength of the model: the Corps did not change its construction plans.

The local levee boards retained the role of maintenance once the projects were complete. When authorized, this mandate was projected to take 13 years to complete. When Katrina struck in 2005, the project was between 60-90% complete and the projected date of completion was estimated to be 2015.

SOME OF THE LEVEES WERE WEAK! The levees were not built for a “Hurricane Katrina”. However, I wonder; could some have survived the floods; could some have been saved if those levees were not weak? Could some of the 1700 plus who lost their lives survived if the levees were strong and built for a hurricane force such as ‘Hurricane Katrina’? We will never know.



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