The Prayer Of Two Cups 

Lord, as I start this new day, I ask for two cups: one to give and one to keep. Grant me two cups of kindness, that I might be gracious to others, while also receiving grace. Give me two cups of patience, to pause before speaking or acting out of frustration. And may I also extend patience for my own shortcomings.

Lord, I ask for two cups of strength that I may work not only for my family and for my own needs, but that I may have strength yet to serve you and do your will.

Lord, please give me two cups of forgiveness that I may let go of bitterness and strife, and demonstrate an understanding heart towards others. Likewise, allow me the ability to forgive myself.

Today I pray for two cups…two cups of diligence and joy and love. And more than all the rest, Lord, please bless me with two cups of peace. May I give peace and be at peace.

©️’The Prayer Of Two Cups,’ by Sherry M Hefner


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Sherry Hefner

Sherry Hefner

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