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In this section of PastorLife, I will regularly be sharing words of encouragement, personal stories, and devotions. My goal in writing has always been to make people smile, to help people realize the joy of the Lord, and to make people think of the glory of the Lord in their lives. As a Pastor, I have found these things to be invaluable in my daily living and to help me in my calling in service to the local church. Finding time to smile and enjoy the pleasures of life makes each day meaningful. I hope what is shared here will lift you up as you serve the Lord.

Below you will find a story that will hopefully get you to thinking, and one you might find useful as a future illustration.

God Bless You,

I read about an owner of a large furniture store who was successful but oppressive on all the people that worked for him. He hardly ever associated with any of his employees and remained by himself in his office. One morning he figured it was time to make an unannounced inspection of his warehouse that was behind his store. As he passed by one of the rooms, he noticed a young man leaning against a wall drinking a cola and texting on his cell phone. The owner of the store felt his blood pressure go off the scale as he watched this young fellow sip on a drink and respond to messages on his phone, while the other people in the office were hard at work.

In the twinkling of an eye the owner rushed up to the employee and in his sternest voice asked him, “Young man, how much do you get paid a week?” Without taking his eyes off his cell phone the young man replied, “500 dollars.” The employee’s perceived disrespect and indifference made the owner take a quick and final action. He took out his wallet, pulled out five one-hundred-dollar bills, placed them in the young man’s hand and said, “Here is a week’s pay, now I never want to see you in my warehouse again!” Without saying a word, the young man took the money, placed his cell phone in his back pocket, picked up a clipboard that was on the desk, and walked out.

At about this same time, the department foreman came into the room unaware of the short conversation that had just taken place. He had no clue as to why his boss was all red in the face while the young man hurriedly left the room. The owner turned to his foreman and yelled out, “Why did you hire that lazy, no account young man? I just fired him!” The foreman answered back in a calm voice, “Sir, that man was not an employee here, he’s just the delivery man from the office supply store down the street!”

Have you ever overreacted in a particular situation and when you found out the entire truth, you were embarrassed because you did or said the wrong thing? Prompt action is not always the best action and living with the results can be more painful than the little satisfaction we may receive in a moment of anger. The cost of an outburst is usually higher than the cost of money and cannot be fixed as easily as some might hope. Humility can only be attained by trusting in God for guidance and wisdom in life. Humility protects us from speaking before we think and acting without knowing all the facts.

How will you speak to others today?

Remember, it’s His way and your day. Make the most of it!

Vince Hefner

Vince Hefner

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