The Church of the Holy Radiator!

I am reminded of a story of a pastor who had resigned from his church after 35 years. He was loved by his church and community. Eventually the church called a younger pastor to replace him in hopes of great things taking place for the church. The younger pastor had a great desire excel in all the expectations and to please the church each day. 

However, after a few months the young pastor sensed that something was not right in the church and call an informal meeting with some of the leaders. He told them that he felt something was wrong and that he was not meeting their expectations as pastor. After a few awkward moments of silence on the older leaders spoke up and said, “Preacher, I hate to say it, but you are doing the Communion service wrong. You are leaving something out of it that is very important to all of us!” The young preacher’s eyes filled with water and with a trembling voice he asked, “Can you please tell me what I am leaving out of the Communion service?” The older leader spoke up again and said, “For the past 35 years our beloved pastor would walk over to the radiator in the sanctuary, tap it three times, and then would commence with the Lord’s Supper. You are leaving out the radiator!”  The young pastor thanked the older leaders for their time to meet with him, they prayed together and that concluded the meeting. 

Now to find out the real story! The young pastor immediately went home an called the retired pastor to see if the story was true. Much to the surprise of the new pastor, the older pastor told him the story was true and why he did it. He said, “I always touched the radiator because the leather soles on my shoes would build up static electricity, so I would tap the top of the radiator to discharge the buildup so I wouldn’t shock them.” When word of this story got out into the community the locals called them, “The Church of the Holy Radiator!” 

How important it is for us to make sure tradition doesn’t replace Scripture when we work in Jesus’ name! What do you want your church to be known for?   

It’s his way and your day. Make the most of it!

Vince Hefner

Vince Hefner

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