Sound Strategy For Senior Saints

Title: Sound Strategy For Senior Saints

Bible Book: Titus 2 : 1-2

Author: Donald Cantrell

Subject: Men, Aged; Men, Devoted



"But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine: That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience."

In this message we will be very specific concerning one group of saints within the church, the aged men.

The Aim of this message:

a. Words that will help them become scripturally healthy

b. Words that will help them become spiritually healthy

The Age of these men:

a. Specific Men - “older men - aged in years”

b. Senior Men - “mature men - advanced in years, probably 49 plus in age”

I. Aged Men that have Sound Doctrine (sound doctrine)

The aged men are to receive sound doctrine or doctrine that is without error. It is healthy doctrine and makes him strong in the given graces of God.

A. The Specifics of his Instruction (the things)

The things that are mentioned in this passage are those truths that will make the church healthy and well. It is this instruction that Titus must give to the senior men of the church, or the aged men.

B. The Soundness of his Instruction (the truth)

The truth that is mentioned here is divine biblical precepts that are without error or mans opinion. It must be desired that ones doctrine is based upon bible teachings and not those that are derived from man.

II. Aged Men that have Stable Desires (sober, temperate)

The aged men are exhorted to attain specific things in their walk and to avoid particular things in their lives. The Christian walk is not one to be left up to ones on imaginations or ones selfish whelm, it is to be directed by biblical standards and truths.

A. In What He Avoids - When it comes to Alcohol

The aged men are to be sober men and the word sober means to be free from wine or abstaining from wine. I am of the belief that if one must debate on abstinence or moderate use in drinking something is dead up the creek. I dare say that Jesus was a teetotaler when it came to alcohol. It must never be said that Jesus ever approved of drinking fermented wine or alcohol. The aged men of the church must have the same standards that are expected of the pastor, absolute abstinence. The only spirit that needs to be involved in the life of a believer is that of the Holy Spirit. It cannot be said that Christians drink out of the same trough as the world.

B. In What He Attains - When it comes to Attitude

The aged men are to be sober in their attitude, must be under control. A person that is mentally sound and forthcoming in his words and his walk.

III. Aged Men that have Sensible Disposition (grave)

The word for grave means honorable and reverent. It must be said that the senior men of the church set an example on how to walk worthy of being a believer.

A. Honest & Desirable in his Walk - Correct Outwardly

The senior men must be aware of their conduct. We must understand that we are being watched on how we conduct our lives. The best conduct is that which is honorable and reverent unto the Lord. This conduct is lovely and becoming for the Christian walk.

B. Holy & Devout in his Ways - Correct Upwardly

The men will be grave and temperate in their walk and in their devotion unto God. It is a lovely thing to see men that walk worthily and pleasingly unto their heavenly father.

IV. Aged Men that have Spiritual Depth (sound in faith)

The soundness of their faith depicts one that is strong in his belief of Christ and his holy word. The faith that he has is strong and worthy to be followed by others.

A. Faith that calms - One That Is Healthy

The best thing about this faith is that it makes him healthy. It involves a healthy outlook concerning his salvation and his eternal security. In this he can find freedom and calmness so that he can walk uprightly and forthrightly without reserve.

B. Faith that challenges - One That Is Hopeful

The soundness of his faith stirs up an eternal hope within his soul and this allows him to be challenged in his walk. One that is not challenged in his walk must be dead or he has arrived. I hope that we can be challenged to walk more worthily for our master.

V. Aged Men that have Sincere Devotion (sound in charity)

The soundness of his charity involves his affection and his brotherly love. The aged men will display goodwill in their Christian walk and in their duties.

A. It Is Healthy & Real - Grounded

This brotherly love is healthy and beneficial to the inner workings of the church. The greatest thing that a church can have is brotherly love.

B. It Is Helpful & Rewarding - Giving

The intent of the word here is displaying goodwill in how we treat people and in how we love people. It is up to the aged men to set the example for this teaching.

VI. Aged Men that have Steadfast Determination (sound in patience)

The idea for being sound in patience means that they are steadfast and consistent in their walk. The aged men do not waver to the left or to the right. The men do not swerve from their deliberate purpose or their loyalty to the faith, even in suffering or trials.

A. Patient in their Designed Growth - Unmovable Outlook

The aged men realize that God has designated plan and design for their life. The men cannot be moved from this belief even in the face of great trials and difficulty. The men will stay close to the center of the road, without deviation or swerving.

B. Patient in their Despairing Grief - Undaunted Outcome

In facing trials they cling onto their beliefs even more firmly. In holding on tighter does this not set a wonderful example for the onlookers. It is with great reverence and awe that I have watched some senior men cling to their faith and belief in the ways of God.


The church needs some senior men to set the example for those that will follow in their footsteps. It is with great pleasure that we can learn from these mighty men of God.

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