I Am The Lord, Your Holy One

Title: I Am The Lord, Your Holy One (outline)

Bible Book: Isaiah 43 : 1-28

Author: Bill Cannon

Subject: Progress; Serving God; Christian Living



There are obstacles that hinder us on the journey to where God wants to take us. The twin obstacles of fear of the future and failure to get past the past block way to where God wants to take us and where we want to go. What we look at in this message is carrying on, on the journey when heaven seems silent, when there appears to be adornment by God through judgment or for others reasons.

Israel, technically Judah in the south, faced judgment, lived out judgment in Babylonian Exile, and now Isaiah provides comfort to a people who felt abandoned by God. Isaiah is writing, speaking about the return of Israel to the Promised Land after a time of Judgment in Babylon. After wandering in the wilderness for forty years, Joshua led Israel into the Promised Land, and the kingdom of Israel was formalized. David served as a king and his descendants, including Solomon, of Israel during some great years. Others years were not so great as the people of God lived their own lives focused on sin and worshiping false idols. God’s judgment finally came in 722 B.C. in the Northern Kingdom and finally in 586 B. C.

Isaiah helped Israel into the future where God was taking His people after their time in Babylonian Exile. There are times when we are on the journey, but things do not seem right. The circumstances overwhelm us and the hope for destination is not where you are presently located. What does one focus on when he/she is on a side street and is no longer on the fast track to where God wants him/her to be?

I. Fear Not

Isaiah 43: 1, 5

Knowing that the journey from Exile would be difficult and danger, God spoke through Isaiah to help prepare His people for the journey home. Israel traveled many difficult paths in their history starting with Abraham’s journey from the area around Babylon to a “land God would show him.” Israel’s journey continued through Joseph’s journey into slavery in Egypt and the journey continued in bondage in Egypt until God delivered through Moses. The journey out of slavery and into the Promised Land was difficult at every turn. The journey to develop a civilized country after the Conquest was difficult. Israel’s journey as a united and then divided country was difficult. Through the whole journey the people of Israel continued to abandon God and face judgment for sin, both individual sin and corporate sin.

On the journey back home God told His people to fear not, do not fear, do not be afraid. Just because said do not be afraid should be enough reason for Israel and us today to not be afraid. However, God gives many reasons in this chapter why we do not have to be afraid.

A. I Created You

Do not be afraid because I created you (1a). God not only created the individual, as attested to in Genesis, but God also created and formed the nation of Israel to be His people, to bear His name, and to walk in His ways.

B. I Have Redeemed You

Do not be afraid because I have redeemed you (1b, 15). Israel clearly understood what God meant when He said that He had redeemed them because they remembered that the Lord had redeemed them from Egyptian bondage.

C. I Am Your Savior

Do not be afraid because I am your savior (3, 11). God was the savior of His and His people knew this because God had saved them many times in the past and many were confident God would save them again.

D. I Love You

Do not be afraid because I love you (4). God’s loved is not emphasized as much in the Old Testament as it is in the New Testament, but that does not mean that God did not love in the Old Testament. He loved man/woman and created and cared for them. He took the time to express His love in a relationship with individuals and with His people collectively.

E. I Am With You

Do not be afraid because I am with you (5). There are actions we are led by God to take that we think are impossible for us to accomplish. This was the case for Israel in returning to the Promised Land from Babylonian Exile.

F. I Will Make A Way

Do not be afraid because I will make a way (19). As Israel journeyed through the wilderness back to the Promised Land the Lord will make a way, a road back home. Wherever we are and wherever God is taking us He will make a way in the wilderness. Isaiah points back to the time when God made a way through the sea (16).

We can obey God and not been afraid. But we first need to know who God is and how he is working to relate to us His people. God is good and takes care of His followers. We the path id dark, either from sin and judgment or for no other reason than God is working through circumstance, we do not have to be afraid.

II. Be a Witness to God

Isaiah 43:10-13

When you are on the dark area of the path take time to be a witness to God and how good He is. God lets Israel know that they are His witnesses; they are to talk about God to others. First we must accept the truth about God before we can tell others about God. The Apostle Paul could not be a witness to God and His Son Jesus until here came to believe the truth of God’s testimony. Paul, after his encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road, believed the truth of God’s testimony about His Son Jesus. Paul became a witness to Jesus after he encountered the truth and as he believed the truth about Jesus.

Israel also encountered the truth of God and His good works to take care of them. God even makes clear that He wants His people to know and understand who He is and tell others, be a witness to others.

III. Face Foward

What do we do to get through the dark path?

The actions that Israel did not and were not taking are helpful to us to discover how we can proceed through the dark path.

A. Pray

Call upon God (22a)

B. Stay Fresh

Stay Fresh in your relationship with God (22b)

C. Give

Honor God by bringing His tithes and our offerings (23-24a)

D. Sin Not

Do not sin and thereby weary God (24b)

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