God’s GPS for Salvation

Title: God's GPS for Salvation

Bible Book: Selected Passages

Author: William F. Harrell

Subject: Salvation



Romans 3:23; 6:23; 5:8; 10:9-10, 13

If the world were to take a look at the people in this sanctuary today, they would, in all probability declare that you are good righteous people. They would say that because you have come to church and because you strive to live moral lives in this world, that you are the stuff that good people are made of. You devote a measure of time to the Lord, and the world does not; you read the Bible and the people of the world generally do not; you police your lives pretty carefully and the people of the world know that they allow too much in theirs. You give of your time, energies, talents and monies to the Lord and the world gives Him nothing. So, you would be considered as righteous, Godly people if anyone is.

There is only one thing wrong with what has been stated: We are not being measured by the world's standard. We are being measured by God's standard....Jesus Christ. If we have him we have everything. If we do not have him we have nothing. Now, it seems to me that the pertinent question for a person to ask is this: How can I have Him? How can I not only measure up to what the world thinks a Christian is, but how do I measure up to what God says about it. How do I get there from here?

There is a well-worn pathway that is simple to find and simple for people to follow. God has not made it difficult; but rather He has made it so easy that many people simply can't grasp it. They reason that something as wonderful as Heaven MUST cost us something. There must be something we must perform in order to get there. It just simply can't be FREE. The human mind rejects this idea because it cannot understand or accept the GRACE of God in dealing with Human beings. So, today, I want to invite you to go with me as we follow God's Navigational System. We will find that no landmark has been missed and that every turn is the correct one.

There are several stopping off places as we follow God Navigation System to Eternal Life. Each one tells us something a little bit different, and each with its own unique information, all combine to give us to give us an accurate road map of the road to Salvation.

I. The first Landmark deals with our Lostness (Romans 3:23)

Sin's Universality..."all"..pas...totality,whole

Sin's Eventuality..."come short of God's Glory"...

God is saying that ALL of mankind must be redeemed.

In v. 24-25...Four important terms.





II. Our Next Landmark deals with our Penalty for Unredeemed Sin (Romans 6:23)

Two important words...

Wages....worked for...

Gift....given freely.

The unredeemed of the world are actually working for death...

Those who are saved...have committed their lives to Christ, are given a gift....they are GIVEN...eternal life

That gift has a conduit through which it flows to the saved. Jesus Christ is the instrument God used to bring Sal. to us.

THROUGH...en...denotes the instrument...also means remaining in a given state or relationship.....(eternal security)....

III. The Third Landmark With God's Love (Romans 5:8)

Romans 5:8 is a very important place where we must spend a few moments thinking about some of the important aspects of our trip.

God loves sinners!!!!. Everything He did in Jesus was for them.

While we were like we were, God allowed Jesus to die for us.

FOR...huper...in the place of.....He took your place while you are just like you are.

COMMENDETH..establish...set forth...God set forth His love for us while we were still sinners.

Verse 9 gives us more insight...the purpose of all His actions is to save us from His Wrath.

IV. The Next Landmark is the Point of our Response (Romans 10:9-10, 13

Cofession....homologeo...acknowledge, covenant.

commitment....BELIEVE IN...pisteuo...to trust...

Two crucial components...

Heart....belief takes place here.

Mouth....confession emanates from here.

V. The Final Landmark  - The Journey is Finished (Romans 8:38-39)

What God has done is DONE.

Nothing can be added or taken away.

Nothing can threaten it.

Nothing can UNDO it.

And so, we have come all the way down THE ROMAN ROAD. It is a WELL-WORN PATHWAY. Many have traveled it an reached the right

destination. Many others have ignored it and tried to establish their own way. They found that they LOST, undone and hell-bound. Some finally

got on the right road; some did not. And therein is the difference in Heaven and Hell.

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