A Tomb with a View

Title: A Tomb with a View

Bible Book: John 20 : 1-8

Author: Vince Hefner

Subject: Resurrection; Easter, Death, Victory over



A "Tomb With A View" is a play written by Norman Robbins. It is a dark drama, at the end of which there are more corpses that live bodies on the stage! But, today, I want us to look at A Tomb With A View located outside the city of Jerusalem. Here we find an empty tomb because the occupant of that tomb rose from the dead. Today we celebrate the resurrection and the real tomb with a view!

The Resurrection is a fact that you must feel before it becomes real to you! Christianity is not based upon Good intentions, even though our intentions are good! It is not based upon Good attendance in church services, even though we want to be faithful to the Lord who loved the Church so much that He gave Himself for it. It is not based upon Good deeds, even though we want our deeds to be God-honoring! After all, we are told in Ephesians 2:8-10 that we are saved by His grace in order that we may do the good works which He has prepared for us to do.

Christianity is based upon the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Even His death could not save us if He were not alive to intercede in our behalf. He is alive. That is the greatest fact in history. How you view this fact will determine how you live out this fact! Experience “A Tomb With A View” this morning.

I. Out Looking In…John’s view of the tomb

John was close enough to look into the tomb and see that certain things had been removed.

A. Stone rolled away, no separation

There was no separation between Jesus and His followers. Our Lord didn't just die for us, He rose and is available to us. His Spirit is His presence with us in this life. If we live, He is with us; and, if we die, we are with Him. We can't lose either way.

B. Spices no longer needed, no dead body

The women brought spices to place on His body, but they were not needed. There was no body in the grave for them to anoint with spices. We do not come to worship a great leader who died serving us. We come to serve a living Savior who empowers us!

C. Soldiers absent from duty, no “body” to guard

Soldiers had been placed at the tomb to guard the body. There is no need for soldiers to guard a body that is no longer in the grave. In fact, it is almost hilarious to think the soldiers could keep the Son of God in the grave. No authority can trump Him. No power can harness Him! No guards can hold Him! He is Lord!

D. Shroud of death without an owner

The shroud was left behind. The owner had departed. Burial clothes aren't needed for the One that refused to wear them more than 3 days.

These facts will never, ever change!! Is this your view of the Resurrection? It should be. It is the view that John had, and that the women had, when they came to the Tomb. Looking in the tomb you will find that He is not there.

The empty tomb stands outside Jerusalem in Israel. You can walk into that tomb and see the empty space. But, your heart is a tomb until Jesus takes up residence there. He left the tomb where HE was buried, but HE will never leave your heart once you have received Him as your Savior and Lord.

2. In Looking Out

The personality of Peter allowed fear to be put aside, so he went into the tomb. We could say that he was inside looking out!

A. Come to the Tomb Just as you Are

When you come to Jesus, you come “just as you are” in the here and now.

B. Concentrate in the Tomb on what you See

What did Peter see “inside” that couldn’t be seen “outside?” The linen that covered the face of Jesus neatly folded and laid to the side.Jesus was revealing to Peter that He, Jesus, was coming back!

Peter had denied Jesus because of fear. On Easter Sunday, Peter put his fear aside and stepped into the empty tomb. You must not allow fear to keep you from Jesus. Put your biggest fear in the tomb and see what happens. Put your two, three, or more biggest fears in the tomb and see what happens! Once you know He is risen, and that He is your Lord, your fears will melt away.

3. Down Looking Up

Mary stayed with Peter and John went home. Mary was brokenhearted because she couldn’t find the One who had…

A. Given her Freedom over torment

Like all of us, Mary had her own demons to deal with in life. But, Jesus had given her victory on the evil one and over evil itself! She was troubled at first because she could not see Him. Actually, the fact that she could not see His body was the entire point! He was alive. She would learn this to her astonishment and joy.

B. Given her Forgiveness over her sins

Jesus had given Mary forgiveness for her sins. Mary's life had not been a pretty picture up until she met Jesus. But, then, whose life really is? None of us deserve what Jesus offers. Just think about it, total forgiveness of all your sins! Wow! What a wonderful gift God has given us in His Son.

C. Given her Faith to see the truth

Just how did Mary come to this faith in Christ. God had given her the opportunity and ability to trust Jesus. He will do the same for you. He is not a respecter of persons. It is not His will that any perish. Just as Mary came and found forgiveness, joy and life, so can you!

Mary was the first to see the Risen Lord! Among us today, who would have loved Him enough to have been the first to see that He had risen?

Mary received




You will receive this as well, when you trust the Risen Lord!

4. Up Looking Down

How Did God look at Resurrection Sunday? Look at Isaiah 53:10. He promised that the One who bore the iniquity of sinners would prosper. In other words, the Father looked down upon His victorious Son. This was the fulfillment of all that had been spoken in Scripture. What a day of victory in heaven and on earth! What was it that Jesus taught His disciples to pray? "They will be done on earth as it is in heaven!"


Most tombs don’t have a view. They are closed, sealed and in a sense, permanent. Jesus had a tomb with a view! Why? He had a tomb with a view because He opened the tomb and conquered death and the grave. All those who trust Him have the same victory! He is the First-fruit of all those who shall be raised.

The greatest victory on earth did not come from the Roman Emperor. The greatest victory didn’t come from the Roman Army. The greatest victory on earth didn’t come from Pilate’s palace. And, the greatest victory on earth will not come from any battlefield! Old soldiers don’t fade away – they die! The Emperor, who called himself a god, died and was buried – and he is still buried. Pilate died and was buried – and he is still buried. Jesus won the greatest victory in a cemetery. He died, he was buried, but He rose from the grave. Give your life to the only One who can give you eternal life – Jesus Christ!

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