50 Sermon Outlines Volume 1

Title: 50 Sermon Outlines Volume 1

Bible Book: Selected Passages

Author: Donald Cantrell

Subject: Sermon Outlines



Splendid Sermon


Volume 1

©2013 Donald Cantrell

All Rights Reserved

ISBN 978-1-304-35433-4

All scripture quotations are from:

King James Version

Holy Bible



1. Abandoned Affection

2. Amnon had a Friend

3. Authentic Love

4. Beauty for Ashes

5. Burning Hearts

6. Dead Men Walking

7. It’s not the End

8. From Tribulation to Triumph

9. Deliverance from the Dungeon

10. Destined to the Desert

11. The Product of Diamond Dust

12. The Price of Partial Commitment

13. Moving from Perplexity to Praise

14. When Jesus took his Disciples to the Woodshed

15. Empty Handed Worship

16. Facing the Foe of fear

17. Lessons from Feathers

18. Focused on Finishing Well

19. From Famine to Funerals

20. The Fall of a Great Man

21. Can we Worship when it Hurts?

22. God Sure is Good

23. He Can

24. He did it for me – Story of Redemption

25. The Redemption of Jesus

26. He Knows

27. Hell

28. Going Past God’s Deadline

29. The Danger of Hidden Rocks

30. How to Know, if you are Saved?

31. I Got More Than, I ever Deserved

32. It was Just a Bush

33. The Destiny of a Dreamer

34. Learning to Love Outloud

35. Brother to Brother & Sister to Sister

36. Jesus on the Jericho Road

37. Reaching out to the Other Side

38. Carrying our Candle into the Darkness

39. The Tragedy of not Knowing

40. Distracted from Devotion

41. When Heaven Celebrates

42. Let’s not get Left Behind in 2009

43. The Ancient Mountains of the Bible

44. Good Things Happen When Jesus is in the House

45. Challenged to Carry our Corner

46. Can we Worship at the Midnight Hour

47. Moving from the Mire to the Choir

48. Seven Days from Victory

49. None Other Name

50. Our Unlimited God – From A – Z

It is with great pleasure I get to offer you these alliterated outlines. I have been doing alliterated expository sermons for over 30 years and find great satisfaction in preparing sermons.

I know we live in such busy days, especially for pastors, and even more so for Bi-Vocational ministers. Hopefully these sermons will be a useful tool as you study to design and deliver your weekly sermons.

Over the past 33 years I have had the opportunity to study homiletics at various places and read numerous homiletical materials. The greatest need I see is for ministers to find sermon material that is practical and presentable. I think you will enjoy reading this book and find that it will be useful in your sermon preparation.

If you have a passion for designing alliterated sermons, this book is for you. I have also designed some courses to help ministers to become better alliterators. If you want to check on my alliteration courses please feel free to contact me.

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Title: “Abandoned Affection”
Theme: “When one’s Passion has Peaked”

Text: “Revelation 2: 1 - 7”

I - The Speaker of the Hour (1)

A) The Holy Presence

His Chief Role (holdeth)

B) The Humbling Perception

His Clear Recollection (walketh)

II - The Splendor of their Hardwork (2/3)

A) Sound Service in Duty

B) Strong Stance in Doctrine

III - The Symptoms of their Heart (4)

A) A Great Matter (nevertheless)

1 - All Is Not Great

2 - All Is Not Good

B) A Grave Mistake (somewhat against)

1 - Discovered Some Unhealthy Signs

2 - Discovered Some Unsatisfactory Situations

C) A Grievous Move (thou hast left)

1 - Disregarded or Afterthought

2 - Dissolved or Allowed

3 - Departed or Abandoned

D) A Ghastly Monstrosity (thy first love)

1 - Activity but Lack of Affection

(Affection had peaked)

2 - Productivity but Loss of Passion

(Passion had peaked)

IV - The Suggestion of their Healing (5)

A) Remember - Challenge Ones Condition

B) Repent - Change Ones Direction

C) Return - Correct Ones Affection

Title: “Amnon Had a Friend”
Theme: “The Slow Fade of Amnon became a Serious Fatality”
Text: “II Samuel 13: 1 - 3”

I - The Unbecoming Family of Amnon

“The Famous Sin”

A) Consider the Loose Parents

B) Consider the Lackadaisical Privileges

II - The Unseen Feelings of Amnon

“The Fleshly Struggle”

A) The Fleshly Longings & Temptation

B) The Fleshly Lusting & Thoughts

III - The Unfathomable Failure of Amnon

“The Forbidden Slide”

A) Ignore His Common Sense

B) Ignore His Convicting Spirit (Conscious)

IV - The Unfortunate Friend of Amnon

“The Foolish Suggestion”

A) The Older Age of Jonadab

B) The Outlandish Advice of Jonadab

C) The Old Adage of Jonadab (just do it)

V - The Unsightly Filthiness of Amnon

“The Fitting Shame”

A) The Heinous Deceiving of Tamar

B) The Horrible Damaging of Tamar

C) The Hated Disliking of Tamar

VI - The Unsavory Future of Amnon

“The Family Sorrows”

A) The Irreparable Disgrace (Tamar-Desolate)

B) The Irrevocable Damage (Amnon-Death)

C) The Irreversible Division (Absalom-David)

VII - The Unforeseen Finish of Amnon

“The Frightful Sight”

A) Amnon’s Untimely Demise

B) Amnon’s Unsightly Death

Title: “Authentic Love”
Theme: “How Fervent is your Love?”
Text: “Romans 12: 11, Revelation 3: 14/19”

1. Love for God (Romans 12: 1 - 2)

2. Love of our Gifts (Romans 12: 3 - 8)

3. Love of Church (Romans 12: 9 - 16)

4. Love of Unsaved (Romans 12: 17 - 21)

I - The Identification of Zealous Love

A) Excitement of Mind

B) Fervor of Spirit

C) In Behalf of a person or thing

D) To burn or to boil

E) To desire on earnestly, to strive after one

F) Busy one’s self on his behalf

G) To exert one’s self for one.

H) Not allow him to be torn away from me

II - The Complication of Zealous Love

A) The Tepid Taste

1 - Will not be found very cold

2 - Will not be found very hot

B) The Timely Test

1 - Do we burn for Christ?

2 - Do we burn for his Church?

3 - Do we burn for his Work?

4 - Do we burn for his People?

5 - Do we burn for more?

C) The Terrible Truth

1 - Many have a Vacated Love

2 - Many have a Voiced Love

3 - Many have a Valueless Love

4 - Many have a Vanished Love

III - The Misperception of Zealous Love

A) We want to love without Cost

B) We want to love without Challenge

C) We want to love without Commitment

D) We want to love without Consequences

IV - The Qualifications of Zealous Love

A) The Affection of this Love - Our Heart

B) The Attraction of this Love - Our Hands

C) The Attention of this Love - Our Haste

Title: “Beauty for Ashes”
Theme: “Turn Your Sighing Into Singing”
Text: “Isaiah 61: 1 - 3, Psalms 147: 3, Luke 4:18”

I - The Biblical Explanation of Beauty for Ashes

A) Ashes Represent Something Destroyed By Fire

B) Ashes Depicted a Person in Mourning or Sorrow

C) Ashes Symbolized God’s Punishment Due

To one’s Disobedience or Waywardness

D) Ashes were placed upon a persons head

E) Sackcloth was the garment depicting sadness

II - The Becoming Examples of Beauty for Ashes

A) Eve Exchanged her Sinful Ashes for Beauty

B) Hannah Exchanged her Sorrowful Ashes for Beauty

C) Rahab Exchanged her Immoral Ashes for Beauty

D) Mary Magdalene Exchanged her Shameful Ashes for Beauty

E) Ruth Exchanged her Lonely Ashes for Beauty

F) Jochebed Exchanged her Fearful Ashes for Beauty

G) Prodigal’s Mom Exchanged her Tearful Ashes for Beauty

III - The Beneficial Exchange of Beauty for Ashes

A) Allow God to Give You Beauty for Ashes

B) Allow God to Give You Joy for Sorrows

C) Allow God to Give You Garments of Praise for Heaviness

D) Allow God to Give You Liberty for Bondage

E) Allow God to Give Healing for Hurt

F) Allow God to Give Relief for Baggage (I Peter 5:7)

An average person's anxiety is focused on:

40% -- things that will never happen

30% -- things about the past that can't be changed

12% - Things most untrue, criticism by others

10% - Things concerning health, which stress makes worse

8% - Real problems that will be faced

Title: “Burning Hearts”
Theme: “An Emmaus Road Experience”
Text: “Luke 24: 13 - 35”

1) To set on fire, light, burning

2) To burn, consume with fire

I - The Negativity of the Hour

A) Consider their Chosen Disbelief

B) Consider their Common Despair

C) Consider their Comfortable Direction

D) Consider their Cold Discussion

II - The Need of the Heart

A) The Close Relation

1 - Quit talking about him

2 - Start talking to him

B) The Clear Revelation

1 - We need our Eyes Opened Up

2 - We need our Hearts Set on Fire

C) The Compelling Rejuvenation

1 - The Forcefulness of their Request

2 - The Powerfulness of their Revival

III - The Nature of their Hope

A) The Path That Propelled Them

1 - Interaction overcame Information

2 - Relation overcame Religion

3 - Heavenly Fire overcame Human Flesh

4 - Gladness overcame Sadness

B) The Person That Prompted Them

1 - Need a Burning for the Savior

2 - Need a Burning for the Church

3 - Need a Burning for Souls

III - The Notation of their Haste

A) The Inward Joy of the Men

B) The Backward Journey of the Men

TEXT: “MARK 5: 1 - 20”

I - The Wretched Maniac - A Serious Problem

A) His Dwelling - The Power of Sin Darkens People

B) His Demeanor - The Power of Sin Demoralizes People

1 - Society Could Not Help Him (4 - 5)

2 - Society Could Not Handle Him (3)

3 – Society Could Not Hide From Him (Matthew 8: 28)

4 – Society Could Not House Him (Luke 8: 27)

C) His Destruction - The Power of Sin Destroys

D) His Despair - The Power of Sin Divides People

II - The Watchful Moment - A Spiritual Problem

A) The Storm That Was Calmed - Legions View (Mark 4:39)

B) The Sinner That Was Convicted - Legions Verdict

C) The Savior That Was Coming - Legions Visitor

III - The Wonderful Master - A Solved Problem

A) Meeting with the Master Cured Him Immediately (6, 15)

B) Meeting with the Master Changed Him Dramatically (16)

C) Meeting with the Master Challenged Him Socially (18 - 20)

Title: “It’s Not the End”
Theme: “Death is The Beginning”
Text: “Job 14: 7, 14, I Cor. 15:19/20”

I - Let Us Consider Life

A) He Was a Man Full Of Life

1 - A Fulfilled Life

2 - A Fantastic Life

B) He Was a Man of Love

1 - Love for His Family

2 - Love for His Friends

C) He Was a Man of Laughter

1 - His Choice - Enjoyed/Endured

2 - His Courage - Laughed/Languished

D) He Was a Man of Liberty

1 - Concerning His Fate

2 - Concerning His Future

II - Let Us Consider Death (Hebrews 9:27)

A) Death is a Powerful Foe

1 - It Does Not Discriminate

2 - It Does Not Delay

B) Death Is a Personal Fact

1 - The Undeniable Power of It

2 - The Unavoidable Prospects of It

C) Death Is a Painful Friend

1 - For the Heavy Sorrows of Life

2 - For the Harsh Sickness of Life

D) Death Is a Physical Finish

1 - It Is the Exit of Our Physical Life

2 - It Is the Entrance of Our Eternal Life

* It Should Be Entered Without Doubt

* It Should Be Entered Without Dread

* It Should Be Entered Without Danger

Title: “From Tribulation to Triumph”
Theme: “Death Is Not So Bad If You Are Ready”
Text: “Job 14: 1 - 14”

I - Let Us Consider the Path of Life

A) The Beautifulness of It

B) The Briefness of It

C) The Bitterness of It

1 - We Must Consider It’s Harshness

2 - We Must Consider It’s Heaviness

3 - We Must Consider It’s Helplessness

II - Let Us Consider the Promise of Death

A) Death Is a Fact - We Acknowledge it

B) Death Is a Foe - We Avoid It

C) Death Is a Friend - We Accept It

D) Death Is a Finish - We Applaud It

III - Let Us Consider the Place of Eternity

A) Eternity Will Introduce the Saint

To A Much Brighter Place

Due to Who Is There

B) Eternity Will Introduce the Saint

To A Much Better Place

Due To What Is Not There

C) Eternity Will Introduce the Saint

To A Much Bigger Place

Due to What We Have There

Title: “Deliverance from the Dungeon”
Theme: “The Pleasure & Power of Prayer”
Text: “Jeremiah 33: 1/3, Jeremiah 38: 5/6, 10/13”

I - The Prison That Retained God’s Prophet

(His Circumstance)

A) The Discomfort of his Dungeon - Uneasy (38:6)

B) The Disdain of his Dungeon - Unwanted

C) The Darkness of his Dungeon - Unbearable

D) The Depth of his Dungeon - Unfathomable

II - The Person That Remembered God’s Prophet

(His Companion)

A) The Walls That God Shunned

(The Value of that Visit)

B) The Word That God Shared

(The Virtue of that Voice) Lam. 3: 55/57

C) The Way-out That God Shaped

(The Victory of that Venue)

III - The Prayer That Reassured God’s Prophet

(His Comfort)

A) The Appeal that was Pointedly Made

“Right to Pray” (Call unto me)

B) The Assurance that was Plainly Mentioned

“Reason to Pray” (I will answer thee)

C) The Awe that was Plentifully Marvelous

“Reassurance to Pray” (Great & mighty things)

IV - The Power That Released God’s Prophet

(His Conquest) (Jeremiah 38: 7/10)

A) The Strange Redeemer (Ebed-melech)

1 - Man of Honor - Lowly Servant

(Name means “servant of the king)

2 - Man of Haste - Lovely Savior

B) The Soft Rags (Jeremiah 38: 11/12)

1 - The Graceful Purpose of these Rags

2 - The Gracious Placement of these Rags

C) The Strong Rope (Jeremiah 38: 13)

1 - The King Sent a Mighty Group

(Ever How Many It Takes)

2 - The King Supplied a Monumental Gift

(Get What Ever You Need)

3 - The King Showed A Marvelous Grace

(Victory at all Cost)

Title: “Destined to the Desert”
Theme: “The Backside of the Desert”
Text: “Exodus 3: 1 - 4”

I - The Backside of the Desert Painfully Lowered Moses

A) Place that he Left (Palace of Egypt)

1 - Royal Family

2 - Regal Fortune

3 - Renowned Fame

B) Place that he Landed (Plains of Horeb)

1 - Swapped His Scepter for a Stick

2 - Swapped His Riches for Rags

3 - Swapped His Lovely Family for a Lowly Flock

4 - Swapped His Dreams for a Desert

II - The Backside of the Desert Perfectly Liberated Moses

A) The Desert Liberated Moses from His Worldly Pleasures

B) The Desert Liberated Moses from His Willful Plans

C) The Desert Liberated Moses from His Wasteful Position

D) The Desert Liberated Moses from His Wayward Pride

III - The Backside of the Desert Privately Legitimized Moses

A) Legitimized him as a Listener

1 - Time of Separation & Isolation

2 - Time of Silence & Inspiration

B) Legitimized him as a Leader

1 - The Desert Emptied Moses - His Classroom

2 - The Desert Equipped Moses - His Crafting

IV - The Backside of the Desert Prominently Located Moses

A) He Was Called at the Burning Bush

B) He Was Challenged at the Burning Bush

C) He was Changed at the Burning Bush

V - The Backside of the Desert Powerfully Lifted Moses

A) God Saw a Suffering People - He Heard Their Cry

1 - The Many Years of their Suffering

2 - The Massive Yearning of their Suffering

B) God Sent a Sufficient Prophet - He Helped Their Cause

1 - Past Descent & Lack

2 - Present Ascent & Liberation

Title: “The Product of Diamond Dust”
Theme: “God perfects us through trials”
Text: “Job 23: 10, Romans 8: 18”

Job 23:10 (KJV) But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

Romans 8:17-18 (KJV) 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. 18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

I - God Picks his Diamonds

A) Precisely Picks Them - Locates Us

B) Personally Picks Them - Lifts Us


II - God Places his Diamonds

A) In His Collection - Despite Beauty

B) In His Clamp - Detect Bounty


III - God Polishes his Diamonds

A) The Application of his Diamond Dust

“Notice What the Diamond Dust Removes”

B) The Affects of his Diamond Dust

“Notice What the Diamond Dust Reveals”


IV - God Devotedly Portrays his Diamonds

A) Joseph Experienced God’s Diamond Dust

B) Job Experienced God’s Diamond Dust

C) John Mark Experienced God’s Diamond Dust

Title: “The Price of Partial Commitment”
Theme: “We See the Destruction of Dinah”
Text: “Genesis 34: 1 - 31, Genesis 35: 1 - 5”

I - The Guilty Parent of Dinah

A) Jacob & His Clear Mandate (Gen. 31:13)

B) Jacob & His Crucial Mistake (Gen. 33:14/20)

1 - The Partial Commitment of Jacob - His Heart

(From Haran to Bethel 500 miles, He Went 460)

2 - The Crucial Choice of Jacob - His House

C) Jacob & His Coming Misery (Gen. 33:18)

1 - The Payment of His Past Deception

2 - The Pain of His Present Descendants

II - The Great Potential of Dinah

A) Her Mighty Family & Heritage

B) Her Marvelous Faith & Hope

C) Her Majestic Future & Honor

III - The Grievous Path of Dinah

A) Dinah & Her Personal Freedom

1 - Unearned Freedom That Was Dangerous

2 - Uncontrolled Freedom That Was Deceptive

3 - Unwatched Freedom That Was Deadly

B) Dinah & Her Pleasurable Fascination

1 - It Was So Simple

2 - It Was So Subtle

3 - It Was So Seductive

C) Dinah & Her Powerful Foe

1 - Shechem Chased & Sought Dinah - The Look

2 - Shechem Captivated & Seduced Dinah - The Lust

3 - Shechem Changed & Shamed Dinah - The Loss

IV - The Gigantic Pain of Dinah

A) The Offense Was Admitted - Sin’s Picture

B) The Offer Was Alluring - Shechem’s Plan

1 - His Passion Was Exposed

2 - His Plea Was Extreme

3 - His Price Was Enormous (Mark 8: 36/37)

C) The Outcome Was Awful - Simeon’s Plot

1 - He Deceived Them

2 - He Discomforted Them

3 - He Destroyed Them


Title: “Moving From Perplexity to Praise”
Theme: “Exploring the evidence of the first Easter morning”
Text: “Mark 16: 1 - 14”

I - The Pressing Anxiety of that Day (Mark 16: 1/3)

“The Enormous Stone”

A) The Tomb & its Subject

B) The Tomb & its Sealing

C) The Tomb & its Soldiers

D) The Tomb & its Size

II - The Perplexing Announcement of that Day (Mark 16: 4/7)

“The Empty Sepulchre”

A) The Stone was Moved - What They Found

B) The Savior was Missing - What They Saw

C) The Sepulchre was Majestic - Who They Heard

III - The Pleasing Amazement of that Day (Mark 16: 8)

“The Easter Story”

A) Amazed at what was Found - Human Shock

1 - The Lord Was Physically Missing

2 - The Lord Was Probably Moved

B) Amazed at what was Fathomed - Holy Silence

1 - The Resurrection had been Promised

2 - The Resurrection had been Performed

IV - The Precious Appearing’s of that Day (Mark 16: 9/14)

“The Expressed Sadness”

A) The Delight of Mary - Received the Resurrection

B) The Denial of Many - Rejected the Resurrection

V - The Powerful Assurance of that Day (Mark 16: 14)

“The Emblazoned Servants”

A) The Lord Heatedly Rebuked his Disciples

1 - Words of Wrath Because of their Hardened Hearts

2 - Words of Wrath Because of their Unwarranted Unbelief

B) The Lord Hastily Restored his Disciples

1 - The Recognized Value of these Men (Their Planned Ministry)

2 - The Reassuring Voice of these Men (Their Pointed Message)

3 - The Replenished Valor of these Men (Their Public Martyrdom)

C) The Lord Heartily Reenergized his Disciples

1 - Jesus Pointedly Upbraided Them

2 - Jesus Passionately Uplifted Them

Title: “When Jesus Took the Disciples to the Woodshed”
Theme: “Unbelief Concerning the Resurrection Was Unacceptable”
Text: “Mark 16: 1 - 15”

I - The Visible Appearances of the Risen Lord

A) The Appearance to the Woman (9/11)

“The Message to the Regretful Mourners”

B) The Appearance to the Walkers (12/13)

“The Message to the Remaining Men”

II - The Victorious Announcement of the Risen Lord

A) Word for the Backslider (7)

1 - Message to Reassure Peter

2 - Message to Restore Peter

3 - Message to Reclaim Peter

B) Word for the Bereaved (7)

1 - The Content of this Message (I Am Alive)

· Removed The Sting of Sin

· Removed The Dread of Death

· Removed The Gloom of the Grave

2 - The Intent of this Message (I Am Aware)

· To Triumphantly Remind Them

· To Tenderly Reassure Them

III - The Vacant Acceptance of the Risen Lord (11, 13)

A) The Hopeless Hour of Death & Despair

“Men of Hopeless Grief”

B) The Hardened Hearts of Denial & Disbelief

“Men of Hardened Gloom”

IV - The Vehement Anger of the Risen Lord (14)

A) Time of Painful Rebuke - Heated Wrath

B) Time of Past Recollection - Helpful Words

C) Time of Passionate Reaffirmation - Harmonious Workers

V - The Valiant Apostles of the Risen Lord

A) The Resurrection Message Literally Changed the Apostles

B) The Resurrection Message Lovingly Captivated the Apostles

C) The Resurrection Message Lastingly Compelled the Apostles

VI - The Valuable Appeal of the Risen Lord

A) Powerful Appeal - Infallible Evidence “Undeniable”

B) Personal Appeal - Indescribable Effects “Unbelievable”

C) Prominent Appeal - Incomparable Equals “Unrivaled”

Title: “Empty Handed Worship”
Theme: “Crisis Worship”
Text: “Job 1: 1 - 22”

I - The Godly Fear of Job

II - The Goodly Family of Job

III - The Great Fortune of Job

IV - The Grand Fame of Job

V - The Godless Foe of Job

VI - The Guarded Flesh of Job

VII - The Grievous Fall of Job

A) The Picture of It

1 – It Was a Day of Feasting – Good Day

2 – It Was a Day of Falling – Gloomy Day

B) The Pain of It

1 – Job Would Lose His Flock

2 – Job Would Lose His Fortune

3 – Job Would Lose His Family

4 – Job Would Lose His Friends (Job 16:2)

5 – Job Would Lose His Fame

C) The Purpose of It

1 – Satan Would Use This to Break Job

“In This Tragedy He Would Ruin His Faith”

2 – God Would Use This to Make Job

“In This Tragedy He Would Reveal His Faith

D) The Potential of It

1 – How Sturdy Is Your Foundation – Will It Hold Up

2 – How Solid Is Your Faith – Can It Hold Up

3 – How Sincere Is Your Focus – Could It Hold It

VIII - The Glorious Faith of Job

A) His Worship

1 – Job Displayed Empty Handed Worship – Without/Seen

2 – Job Displayed Eternal Minded Worship – Within/Unseen

B) His Words

1 – He Did Not Worship Because Of What He Had

2 – He Did Worship Because Of Who He Was

C) His Worth

1 – Job’s Worth Was Not in What He Possessed

2 – Job’s Worth Was in What He Professed

Title: “Facing the Foe of Fear”
Theme: “Fear must be faced before it flees”
Text: “Psalms 56: 1 - 3, Psalms 23: 4, II Timothy 1: 7”

I - The Scriptural Verification of Fear

A) Its Biblical Appearance - Verified

(441 times in 6 variations)

B) Its Bold Approach - Visualized

1 - Fear is Emotionally Intrusive

2 - Fear is Emphatically Allusive

C) Its Bitter Attack - Victimized

II - The Significant Varieties of Fear

A) Certain Fear is Healthy & Desirable

B) Certain Fear is Helpful & Directive

C) Certain Fear is Harmful & Disastrous

D) Certain Fear is Hellish & Damnable

E) Certain Fear is Halting & Deadening

E) Certain Fear is Hallowed & Delightful

III - The Stunned Victims of Fear

A) Fear Frightfully Overwhelms Its Victims

B) Fear Forcefully Overtakes Its Victims

C) Fear Frantically Overkills Its Victims

IV - The Seething Venom of Fear

A) Fear Desensitizes Ones Faith

B) Fear Demoralizes Ones Faculties

C) Fear Dramatizes Ones Future

V - The Shady Valley of Fear

A) Fear Prompts Mental Darkness

B) Fear Permits Emotional Depression

C) Fear Practices Spiritual Doubt


VI - The Sound Value of Fear

A) One Should Have a Redeeming Fear - Salvation

B) One Should Have a Righteous Fear - Sanctification

C) One Should Have a Respectful Fear - Submission

VII - The Successful Victors of Fear

A) Possess the Prevailing Power of God

B) Possess the Penetrating Peace of God

C) Possess the Pleasing Plan of God

D) Possess the Persevering Presence of God

Title: “Lessons from Feathers”
Theme: “As Christians We Can Learn about Jesus from Feathers”
Text: “Psalms 91: 1 - 8, Romans 1: 20”

I - The Symbolism of the Feather

A) Feathers Tell Me of the Word of God

1 - The Penning of the Inspired Word

2 - The Penning of the Infallible Word

3 - The Penning of the Indestructible Word

B) Feathers Tell Me of the Plan of God

1 - A Feather Illustrates the Cross of Calvary

2 - A Feather Illustrates the Cause of Calvary

C) Feathers Tell Me of the Son God

1 - Come from Heavenly Creatures

2 - Found In the Flesh

3 - Something Alive Had To Die

4 - Upon Forming They Must Rise Up

5 - Once They Rise Up, Then They Ascend On High

D) Feathers Tell Me of Salvation

1 - A Covering for the Ugly Bird on the Inside

2 - A Safe Place Under His Wings

3 - A Flogging Will Come For the Enemy

E) Feathers Tell Me of Preservation

1 - A Feathers Is Airtight

2 - A Feathers Is Watertight

3 - I Am Free Of Condemnation, Judgment, & Hell

F) Feathers Tell Me of Rest

1 - Perfect Rest for My Head - He Is My Pillow

2 - Complete Rest for My Body - He Is My Bed

3 - He Is My Perfect Peace, Wonderful Peace

G) Feathers Tell Me of My Position

1 - I Will Be Found In Him

2 - I Will Be Covered & Complete In Him

H) Feathers Tell Me of Our Beauty

1 - Gods Feathers Remind Me of Who I Used To Be - Ugliness

2 - God Looks At Me and Sees Me through His Feathers

3 - Gods Feathers Remind Me of My Two Natures

I) Feathers Tell Me of Laughter

1 - I Should Have the Joy of Laughter

2 - I Should Have the Joy of Tears

J) Feathers Tell Me of His Fluttering

1 - The Eagle Would Flutter Over the Nest

2 - The Fluttering Could Always Be Felt, the Power of It

3 - God Often Fluttered In When His People Needed Him

Red Sea, Mulberry Trees, Upper Room, Paul/Silas Prison

4 - He Often Flutters In On Us Right When We Need Him

Title: “Focused On Finishing Well”
Theme: “Finishing With No Regrets”
Text: “Acts 20: 24, II Timothy 4: 7, Galatians 5: 7”

I - Finishing Well Demands That We

Be Careful In What We Love

A) Cautious In What Motivates Us

B) Cautious In What Masters Us

C) Cautious In What Marks Us

D) Cautious In What Mars Us

II - Finishing Well Determines That We

Be Cautious In Where We Look

A) The Earthly Look

1 - One of Pleasure

2 - One of Treasure

3 - One of Leisure

B) The Heavenly Look

1 - Fastened upon one’s Savior

2 - Fixated upon one’s Service


III - Finishing Well Dictates That We

Be Considerate In Where We Linger

A) The Subtle Detriment of Our Lingering

B) The Shameful Defilement of Our Lingering

IV - Finishing Well Declares That We

Be Calculated In What We Lose

A) Calculate the Price of Losing Your Godly Faith

B) Calculate the Price of Losing Your Given Family

C) Calculate the Price of Losing Your Great Future

D) Calculate the Price of Losing Your Grand Finish

V - Finishing Well Divulges That We

Be Critical In Where We Languish

A) The Shame of Finishing in a Swamp - Quitting (Luke 9: 62)

B) The Sorrow of Finishing in a Sinful State - Sinning

VI - Finishing Well Demonstrates That We

Be Confident In How We Labor

A) Labor Passionately & Enthusiastically

B) Labor Purposefully & Expectantly

VII - Finishing Well Decrees That We

Be Comfortable In How We Leave

A) Leave with no Regrets

B) Leave with no Remorse

C) Leave with no Rebuke

Title: “From Famine to Funerals”
Theme: “The Danger of Wandering”
Text: “Ruth 1: 1 - 7”

I - The Terrible Drought (1)

A) The People of This Drought

B) The Power of This Drought

C) The Purpose of This Drought

II - The Thoughtless Departure (1 - 2)

A) His Hasty Inclination - It Was Thoughtless

B) His Honest Intention - It Was Temporary

C) His Human Indiscretion - It Was Terminal

III - The Tragic Deaths (3 - 5)

A) The Length of Their Stay - The Family Lingering

B) The Largeness of Their Sorrows - The Family Losing

C) The Lesson of Their Story - The Family Learning

IV - The Timely Decision (6 - 7)

A) The Great News That She Heard

1 - The Famine Had Broke

2 - The Future Looked Bright

B) The Great Notion That She Had

1 - Her Delightful Decision

2 - Her Deliberate Destination

Title: “The Fall of a Great Man”
Theme: “The Funeral of a Saved Man”
Text: “II Samuel 3:38, Job 14: 5, 16”

I - Ralph Was a Man That Enjoyed Life

A) He Told Me of the Value of Life

B) He Told Me of the Vagueness of Life

II - Ralph Was a Man That Emphasized Family

A) His Sincere Love

B) His Supreme Longing

III - Ralph Was a Man That Endured Pain

A) I Saw His Condition

B) I Saw His Courage

IV - Ralph Was a Man That Encountered Salvation

A) His Spiritual Journey Was Long In Coming

B) His Supernatural Joy Was Lasting In Concluding

V - Ralph Was a Man That Embraced Death

A) He Stood At Deaths Door

B) He Sought To Go Thru Deaths Door

C) He Saw the Other Side of Deaths Door

D) He Stepped Thru deaths Door

VI - Ralph Was a Man That Expected Heaven

A) He Knew Heaven Was a Better Place

B) He Knew Heaven Was a Brighter Place

Title: “Can We Worship When It Hurts?”
Theme: “Overcoming Your Ultimate Test of Faith”
Text: “Genesis 22: 1 - 17”

I - The Previous Call of Abraham

A) The Strangeness of This Call

1 - His Selection

2 - His Separation

3 - His Sensation

B) The Sureness of This Call

1 - Rely on God’s Plan

2 - Rely on God’s Power

3 - Rely on God’s Pick

C) The Solidness of This Call


II - The Past Challenges of Abraham

A) The Tremendous Trials

1 - He Had To Leave His Family

2 - His Trip Down To Egypt

3 - The Dispute with Lot

4 - His War to Set Lot Free

5 - He Did Not Understand How

6 - His Lapse of Faith - Ishmael

7 - The Day God Changed His Name

8 - The Revelation of His Age

9 - His Lapse of Faith in Gerar

10 - The Sending Away Of Ishmael

B) The Trying Times

1 - Times That Honestly Worried Him - Unknown

2 - Times That Heavily Wearied Him - Unfinished

C) The Tasteless Tears

1 – The Utter Depth of Those Tears

2 – The Untold Despair of Those Tears

III - The Penetrating Commission of Abraham

A) The Ultimate Trial

1 - God Would Call For His Ongoing Surrender

2 - God Would Call For His Only Son

B) The Utter Torment

1 - How Did This Affect His Emotional State

2 - How Did This Affect His Spiritual State

C) The Underlying Test

1 - This Test Would Challenge His Love

2 - This Test Would Change His Life


Title: “God Sure Is Good”
Theme: “God Is Good To His People”
Text: “Psalms 73: 1 - 2”

I - The Jeopardy of Our Journey

A) In What We Face - Our Daily Struggles

B) In What We Fear - Our Dwindling Strength

C) In What We Forget - Our Distant Source

1 - We Forget His Unseen Presence

2 - We Forget His Unquestionable Purpose

3 - We Forget His Untapped Power

II - The Justice of Our Journey

A) It Is a Matter of Trust

1 - Noah Found This Trust - God Sure Is Good

2 - Abraham Found This Trust - God Sure Is Good

3 - David Found This Trust - God Sure Is Good

B) It Is a Matter of Time

1 - It Worked Out For Joseph - God Sure Is Good

2 - It Worked Out For Gideon - God Sure Is Good

3 - It Worked Out For Ruth - God Sure Is Good

III - The Joy of Our Journey

A) The Joy of His Abiding Presence

B) The Joy of His Amazing Plan

C) The Joy of His Awesome Power

Title: “He Can”
Theme: “With God it is Possible”
Text: “Psalms 78: 19”

I - The Unlimited Ability of God - Infinite Capability

A) Infinite in his Reasoning

B) Infinite in his Resources

C) Infinite in his Reach

II - The Unblemished Accuracy of God - Infallible Credibility

A) Infallible Prophecies

B) Infallible Promises

C) Infallible Principles

Title: “He Did It for Me - Redemption”
Theme: “Scarlet Thread of Redemption’
Text: “Colossians 1: 14, Romans 5: 7 – 10”

I - The Purpose of Redemption (Sin)

A) The Satanic Foe of Man

B) The Sinful Fall of Man

C) The Separated Future of Man

II - The Promise of Redemption (Son)

A) The Fogginess of this Promise

“A Postponed Payment - Covering”

B) The Faithfulness of this Promise

“A Permanent Payment - Cleansing”

III - The Picture of Redemption (Symbol)

A) The Innocent Blood Shed in the Garden (Genesis 3:21)

B) The Accepted Sacrifice of Abel (Genesis 4: 2/5)

C) The Sacrifice of Noah after the Flood (Genesis 8: 21/22)

D) The Importance of the Blood Taught to Abraham (Gen. 22: 1/12)

E) The Passover Lamb in Egypt (Exodus 12: 13)

F) The Blood Covenant between God/Israel (Exodus 24: 8)

G) The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood (Leviticus 17: 11)

H) The Scarlet Thread in Rahab’s Window (Joshua 2: 18)

I) The Scarlet Thread on the Hand of Zerah (Gen. 38: 28/30, Matt. 1: 2/3)

IV - The Person of Redemption (Savior)

A) The Sent Son

B) The Submissive Son

C) The Sinless Son

D) The Suffering Son

E) The Sacrificed Son

F) The Sufficient Son

V - The People of Redemption (Sinners)

A) People That Were Lost

B) People That Were Loved

C) People That Were Lifted

VI - The Power of Redemption (Salvation)

A) Christ Saw Me

B) Christ Came To Me

C) Christ Done What I Could Not Do

D) Christ Loosed Me & Set Me Free

E) Tell the Dog in the Thicket Story (A True Story)

(The old beagle in the thicket - March 21, 2009)

The Redemption of Jesus

I wonder if we really understand the depth of the redemptive act that was done in saving our lost souls. I was sitting in my study when my poodle started barking loudly and I could tell that Cocoa was not barking to just be barking. I looked out the window and saw that someone’s beagle had gotten loose and was roaming through the yard. I then noticed the long wire that was attached to its collar. I could not ignore the possible outcome if that wire got lodged and trapped the dog. I went outside and the dog ran down into a very thick briary thicket, a thicket that I did not want to go down into.

The dog was walking around in the thicket and I tried to coax it back into the yard to no avail. I decided to sit back and see if the dog would come back out, of course it did not, and it only went deeper and deeper into the thicket. I wanted to go and call the local county dog catcher but I was afraid that if I did this the dog would go farther into the thicket and never be found. The dog got hung up in the thicket as I stood and watched it from a high point in my yard. I was not dressed to go down into that thicket; I could see the briars, the weeds; and the thick bushes.

I am allergic to almost every weed on this earth and I did not have a long sleeved shirt on; but I waded down into the thicket in my T-shirt and my pajama bottoms. The dog thought that I was his enemy and tried to run from me; but he was stuck. It seemed that with each step I got scratched with the thorns and the briars, but I was the only one that could save this little beagle. I finally got a hold of the wire and begin to pull that old dog out of that thicket. The dog fought it every step of the way, he thought that I was his enemy; but I was his redeemer!

I finally got him to within 20 feet from my yard and his collar came off, I thought that he would bolt on me and I would never see him again. The old dog just sat there and looked at me, I was afraid to touch him. I finally got up enough never to pat him on the head and he begin to wag his old tail and that dog stood up and followed me out of that thicket. I patted him on the head and saw that he had an ID tag on his collar, so I tried coaxing him to my house so that I could call his owner. The old dog followed me towards my house and then he realized that he was free and he took off on a dead run toward the set of houses down the road.

I still had his collar and the dog was long gone. I took his collar and laid it in the road next to where I saw him go. I supposed that the story of that old beagle was over, but then I saw a woman wandering around looking for something so I approached her and asked her if she was looking for that old beagle. I was surprised when she told me no that she was looking for his collar. I showed her where the collar was and told her what had just happened. The woman looked back at me with tears in her eyes and told me that the collar was hers, but the long piece of wire was not hers. It seemed that someone had stole her dog and had tied it up with a piece of wire and the dog had gotten himself free; though he was free that old beagle was as lost as he could be.

I went back to my house and washed the blood off of my arms and changed my clothes because of what the thicket had done to them. In the future every time I look at the scratch marks on my arms I will think about that old dog. In the future every time I pass by that old thicket I will remember when I had to go down into it and save a dog that was lost and trapped. In the future every time I see that old briary, thorn filled, weedy thicket I will remember the redemptive act that Jesus did in saving my old lost and undone soul.

Romans 5: 6 - 10

6For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.
7For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.
8But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
9Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.
10For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.

· The Sinful People of Redemption (mankind)

· The Separated Place of Redemption (earth)

· The Specified Plan of Redemption (blood)

· The Supreme Person of Redemption (Jesus)

· The Shameful Price of Redemption (Calvary)

· The Saving Power of Redemption (salvation)

1 - He came to me

2 - He lifted me

3 - He changed me

Title: “He Knows”
Theme: “When We Can’t See God, He Still See’s us”
Text: “Job 23: 1 - 10”

I - The Lowly Condition of Job - His Path (1/2)

A) What the Condition of Job Was Not

1 - It Was Not His Location (a place)

2 - It Was Not His Imagination (mental)

3 - It Was Not His Correction (sin)

4 - It Was Not His Provocation (own makings)

B) What the Condition of Job Was

1 - It was a Dry Condition - His Fog

2 - It was a Depressing Condition - His Feelings

3 - It was a Distant Condition - His Fears

4 - It was a Dangerous Condition - His Future

II - The Lonely Confusion - His Problem (3/9)

A) Job’s Burden was overwhelming - His Vexation & Cry

1 - The Diagnosed Situation

2 - The Directed Search

3 - The Deserted Seat

B) Job’s Bearings were overcast - His View & Compass

1 - Job Living in the Fog

2 - Job Languishing in the Fog

C) Job’s Beliefs were overblown - His Void & Clarity

1 - What Job Could See - The Visible Losses

· His Limitations

· His Exaggerations

2 - What Job Could Not See - The Invisible Lord

· The Closeness of his Lord

· The Comprehension of his Lord

III - The Lovely Confession of Job - His Perception (10)

A) Job Confessed the High Place of God

B) Job Confessed the Hidden Presence of God

1 - God’s Personal Presence - Always Near

2 - God’s Promised Presence - Abundantly Noted

C) Job Confessed the Holy Perception of God

1 - God Knew Job’s Name

2 - God Knew Job’s Needs

3 - God Knew Job’s Nature

IV - The Lively Celebration of Job - His Praise

Title: “Hell”
Theme: “Hell Is As Close As a Nudge of God”
Text: “Deuteronomy 32: 35, Ps. 9: 17, Isa. 14: 9”

“Amos 9: 2, Luke 16: 19 - 31”

I - The Uncomfortable Gimmick of Hell

A) The Mention of Hell (54 Times)

B) The Misbelief of Hell

C) The Misgivings of Hell

II - The Ungodly Garments of Hell

A) The Simplicity of Hell

B) The Seduction of Hell

C) The Sadness of Hell

III - The Unwelcome Greetings of Hell

A) The Awful Applause of Hell

B) The Absolute Assurance of Hell

C) The Addled Addition of Hell

IV - The Unforgettable Group of Hell

A) The Expected Group

1 - The Wretched

2 - The Wayward

3 - The Warranted

4 - The Waiting

B) The Unexpected Group

1 - The Unsaved Church Crowd

2 - The Unsaved Clean Crowd

3 - The Unsaved Close Crowd

VI - The Unfathomable Grief of Hell

A) Physical Grief

B) Personal Grief

C) Eternal Grief

VI - The Unpassable Gulf Of Hell

A) The Eternal Victims

B) The Everlasting Void

VII - The Unbearable Groans of Hell

A) The Groans from Their Placement

B) The Groans from Their Pain

C) The Groans from Their Prayers

VIII - The Uncertain Gamble of Hell

A) The Suddenness of their Slip (rich fool)

B) The Strangeness of their Slip (the nudge)

C) The Seriousness of their Slip (forever)

Title: “Going Past God’s Deadline”

Theme: “When your time runs out”
Text: “Hebrews 9:27, Luke 16:19/31”
“Isaiah 14: 9, II Cor. 6:2”

I - The Fallacy of Hell

A) Those That Disbelieve Hell

B) Those That Denounce Hell

II - The Fact of Hell

A) The Notation of It

1 - It is a Truthful & Literal Fact

2 - It is a Timely & Logical Fact

3 - It is a Tested & Looming Fact

B) The Need of It

1 - Needful Payment

a. Sin of Man

b. Separation of Man

2 - Needful Punishment

a. One’s Choice

b. One’s Conduct

C) The Nature of It

1 - Place for the Wicked

2 - Place for the Wayward

3 - Place for the Willful

III - The Foolishness of Hell

A) The Distinct Purpose of Hell (Matt. 25:41)

B) The Deceiving People of Hell (Matt. 7:21/22)

IV - The Flames of Hell

A) The Flame of Unquenchable Thirst (Luke 16:24)

B) The Flame of Unrelenting Pain (Luke 16:24)

C) The Flame of Unforgettable Memory (Luke 16:25)

D) The Flame of Undeniable Separation (Luke 16:26)

E) The Flame of Unanswered Prayer (Luke 16:27)

F) The Flame of Unseen Compassion (Luke 16:30)

Title: “The Danger of Hidden Rocks”
Theme: “We Must Be Aware of the Obstacles”
Text: “Acts 27: 29, Hebrews 6: 19”

I - The Terrible Anguish of Life

A) The Storms That Rage

1 - The Sureness of Them

2 - The Swiftness of Them

3 - The Stoutness of Them

B) The Stones That Ruin

1 - Some Are Hidden - Will Trip You

2 - Some Are Hazardous - Will Tear You

3 - Some Are Heavy - Will Trap You

II - The Timely Anchors of Life

A) The Anchor & its Identification

1 - It Is Steadfast

2 - It Is Sure

3 - It Is Supreme

B) The Anchor & its Location

1 - Its Upward Grasp

2 - Its Inward Grip

III - The Truthful Answers of Life

A) What Do I Find

1 - I Find Christ

2 - I Find Courage

3 - I Find Compassion

B) Where Do I Flee

1 - I Can Flee To Jesus Christ

2 - I Can Flee To His Church

3 - I Can Flee To His Word

Title: “How to know if you are saved”
Theme: “Evidences of Eternal Salvation”
Text: “I John 5:10/13”

I - The Deadly Deception of Salvation

A) The Deadly Not’s that Deceive Us

1 - It is not due to Telling

2 - It is not due to Feeling

3 - It is not due to Acting

4 - It is not due to Hoping

B) The Dastardly Not’s that Detour Us

1 - It is not due to Another Telling You

2 - It is not due to A Prayer You May have Prayed

3 - It is not due to you getting baptized

4 - It is not due to your good home

C) The Deathly Not’s that Destroy Us

1 - The Enemy of our Harvest

2 - The Emptiness of our Heart

3 - The Erosion of our Hope

4 - The Entrapment of our Hour


II - The Deliberate Description of Salvation

A) True Salvation Involves Personal Confession

1 - Consider the Target of this Confession

2 - Consider the Time of this Confession

B) True Salvation Inspires Profitable Change

1 - Saved People Hear the Word

(John 8:47, I John 4:6, John 10:27)

2 - Saved People Love God’s Children

(I Thess. 4:9, I John 3:14)

3 - Saved People Experience Change

(I Cor. 5:17, John 3:3, Romans 6:4)

4 - Saved People have Diverse Peace

(Rom. 5:1, John 14:27)

5 - Saved People are led by the Spirit

(Rom. 8:14, Philippians 2:13, I Jn. 3:3)

6 - Saved People Display Good Works

(Ephesians 2:10, James 2:26)

7 - Saved People Receive Chastening by God

(Hebrews 12: 6 - 8, I John 5:16)

Title: “I Got More Than I Ever Deserved”
Theme: “The Faithfulness of God in Giving His Benefits”
Text: “Psalms 68:19, Psalms 103: 2, Psalms 116: 12, Eph. 3: 16/21”

I - The Revered Explanation of Our Benefits

A) The Value of a Lost Soul

“The Path & Journey of Christ”

B) The View of a Loving Savior

“The Pain & Jeopardy of Christ”

1 - The Body That Was Smitten

2 - The Blood That Was Shed

3 - The Behavior That Was Stunning

4 - The Blight That Was Shattered

C) The Victory of a Liberated Son

“The Power & Joy of Christ”

II - The Relished Extension of His Benefits

A) The Unlimited Price

B) The Untapped Potential

1 - Our Daily Supply that’s Available

2 - Our Daily Specifications that’s Adequate

3 - Our Daily Stream that’s Abundant

C) The Unexpected Providence

1 - His Marvelous Timing

2 - His Majestic Teaching

3 - His Mandated Training

D) The Undeserved People

1 - He Knows My Name

2 - He Knows My Needs

3 - He Knows My Nature

III - The Revived Exhilaration of His Benefits

A) His Benefits Should Not Be Forgotten By Self

B) His Benefits Should Not Be Forfeited By Sin

C) His Benefits Should Not Be Foiled By Satan

D) His Benefits Should Not Be Folded By Shame

E) His Benefits Should Not Be Frustrated By Safe Living

Title: “It Was Just a Bush”
Theme: “If God Can Use a Bush, He Can Use Us”
Text: “Exodus 3: 1 - 4”

I - The Strange Location of that Bush (It’s Place)

A) Solitary & Desert Place

B) Significant & Designated Place

II - The Simple Description of that Bush (It’s Plainness)

A) Unsightly In Its Appearance (Thorn Bush)

B) Unattractive In Its Allurement (Thoughtless Bush)

III - The Special Nomination of that Bush (It’s Pick)

A) The Bush Was Needful In Spite Of What It Was

1 - Upward Calling of the Bush

2 - Inward Changing of the Bush

3 - Outward Clothing of the Bush

B) The Bush Was Useful In Spite Of Where It Was

1 - The Divine Placement of that Bush

2 - The Divine Plan of that Bush

3 - The Divine Prominence of that Bush

IV - The Spiritual Representation of that Bush (It’s Portrait)

A) The Sad Reality of Man - Our Sin

B) The Supreme Redemption of Man - Our Salvation

C) The Strategic Role of Man - Our Service

V - The Supernatural Continuation of that Bush (It’s Power)

A) The Familiar Voice that Dwelt in that Bush

B) The Faithful Visitor that Dwelt in that Bush

C) The Famous Victor that Dwelt in that Bush

D) The Fiery Veil that Dwelt in that Bush

VI - The Shocking Vocalization of that Bush (It’s Purpose)

A) The Moment it was to Shine - Brightly

B) The Message it was to Speak - Boldly

C) The Man it was to Summon - Blatantly

Title: “The Destiny of a Dreamer”
Theme: “The Church Needs Those Willing To Dream”
Text: “Genesis 42:9, Proverbs 29:18, Acts 1:8, Luke 1:37”

Vision: “The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.”

Visionary: “A person of unusually keen foresight.”

I - The Chosen Recipient - His Divine Moment

A) Sensitive to the Voice of God

Open Minded (God's Word)

B) Submissive to the Venue of God

Obedient Minded (God's Will)

C) Supportive to the Void of God

Other Minded (God's Way)

II - The Clear Revelation - His Daring Message

A) The Boldness of His Dreams - Announcement

B) The Bigness of His Dreams - Assurance

C) The Beautifulness of His Dreams - Allegiance

III - The Critical Resistors - His Dreadful Mockers

A) His Jealous Family Would Mock Him

B) His Dangerous Foes Would Mock Him

C) His Enormous Fears Would Mock Him

IV - The Crucial Reassurance - His Distinct Mission

A) The Watchers Let Life Pass Them by - No Courage

B) The Wonderers Do Not Know Life Passed Them by - No Clue

C) The Weepers Cry Foul As Life Passes Them by - No Chance

D) The Warrior's Refuse To Let Life Pass Them by - No Coincidence

V - The Challenging Route - His Distinguished Mindset

A) Vision Includes an Ability to See What Others Cannot See - The Pit

B) Vision Includes a Faith to Believe What Others Cannot Believe - The Prison

C) Vision Includes A Courage To Do What Others Will Not Do - The Palace

VI - The Compelling Remembrance - His Delightful Memory

A) In Revealing His Dreams - Joseph Was a Willing Candidate

B) In Remembering His Dreams - Joseph Was a Wonderful Champion

C) In Remembering His Dreams - Joseph Was a World Changer

Title: “Learning To Love Out Loud”
Theme: “Moving From Verbal to Visual Love”
Text: “Mark 12: 28 - 34”

Series: “Part 1”

I - The Plain Explanation of Loving Out Loud

A) The Thoughtful Question (28)

1 - How Can One Please God?

2 - How Can One Fulfill The Commandments?

B) The Truthful Explanation (29/31)

1 - The Object of our Love - Godwardly

2 - The Outsourcing of our Love - Manwardly

C) The Tactful Perception (32/34)

1 - The Lovely Confession of the Scribe

2 - The Lost Condition of the Scribe

II - The Powerful Example of Loving Out Loud

A) The Beautiful Gift of God (John 3: 16)

B) The Bold Goodness of God (I John 4: 7/10)

C) The Benefiting Grace of God (Romans 5: 6/10)

III - The Phenomenal Extremity of Loving Out Loud

A) The Awesome Life of Jesus (Acts 10: 38, John 21: 25)

1 - The Lowly Path That He Traveled

2 - The Lovely People That He Touched

B) The Awful Death of Jesus (Luke 23: 33)

1 - The Place of Calvary (there)

2 - The People of Calvary (they)

3 - The Punishment of Calvary (crucified)

4 - The Person of Calvary (him)

C) The Amazing Resurrection of Jesus

IV - The Personal Execution of Loving Out Loud

A) The Expression of Simple Love (Matthew 5: 46)

B) The Extent of Spiritual Love (Matthew 5: 43/46)

C) The Experience of Supreme Love (Galatians 5:22/23)

Title: “Brother to Brother & Sister to Sister’

Theme: “True Love Must Begin Inside the Church”

Text: “I John 4: 20 - 21, Galatians 6: 9/10, Hebrews 13: 1/2”

Series: “Loving Out Loud - Part 2”

I - The Solemn Exclamation of Brotherly Love (John 13: 34)

A) The First Appearance (John 13: 34)

B) The Fervent Appeal (John 13: 35, II John 1: 5)

C) The Final Authority (John 15: 12, 17)

D) The Fragrant Aroma (Galatians 6: 9/10)

C) The Fresh Approach (Romans 15: 1/5, Galatians 6: 1/2)

E) The Fruitful Affirmation (Galatians 5: 22)

F) The Faithful Acknowledgement (Hebrews 6: 10)

G) The Fiery Alarm (I John 3: 17/18)

II - The Subtle Erosion of Brotherly Love (James 3: 18)

A) Some Dreadful Dangers That Hinder Us

1 - Danger of Gossip (I Timothy 5: 13)

2 - Danger of Vengeance (I Thessalonians 5: 15)

3 - Danger of Coldness (Matthew 24: 12)

B) Some Deadly Daggers That Hurt Us

1 - Dagger of Unforgiveness (Matthew 5: 23/25)

2 - Dagger of Unfriendliness (Romans 12: 10)

C) Some Divisive Dividers That Haunt Us

1 - Divider of Racial Differences (Romans 10: 12)

2 - Divider of Religious Denominationalism (I Cor. 1: 10/16)

3 - Divider of Ruinous Disputing (Acts 15: 39)

III - The Supreme Expression of Brotherly Love (John 13: 4/17)

A) The Savior & His Servants Towel (4)

1 - What He Set Aside - Divinity

2 - What He Picked Up - Humility

B) The Savior & His Stunned Target’s (5)

1 - The Feet of his Disciples

2 - The Feelings of his Disciples

C) The Savior & His Sound Teaching (13/15)

1 - True Love Is More Than Verbalized

2 - True Love Must Be Mightily Visualized

IV - The Scriptural Evidence of Brotherly Love (I John 4: 20/21)

A) The Great Lie & Imitation - Futility of Upward Love (20)

1 - The Pointed Proposition Concerning Hatred & the Brethren

2 - The Perplexing Provocation Concerning Heaven & the Father

B) The Great Light & Illumination - Fruit of Outward Love (21)

1 - The Object of our Brotherly Love - Within the Church

2 - The Outpouring of our Brotherly Love - Within the Church

Title: “Jesus on the Jericho Road”
Theme: “Loving Out Loud To the Lost”
Text: “Luke 19: 1 - 10”

Series: “Loving Out Loud Part 3”

I - The Prominence of the Master (1)

“Day of Profound Fame”

A) The Different Love of Christ

1 - The Insight That He Possessed

2 - The Interest That He Portrayed

B) The Drawing Love of Christ

1 - The Lord’s Affection for Sinners

2 - The Lord’s Association with Sinners

3 - The Lord’s Appeal to Sinners

II - The Problems of the Man (2 - 3)

“Day of Personal Faults”

A) The Shortness of Zacheaus (Man’s Nature)

B) The Separation of Zacheaus (Man’s Need)

III - The Possibilities of the Moment (4)

“Day of Productive Faith”

A) Zacheaus Displayed a Hungry Faith

B) Zacheaus Demonstrated a Humbling Faith

IV - The Power of the Message (5 - 6)

“Day of Plenteous Fortune”

A) The Saviour Recognizing the Sinner

1 - The Place That All Must Acknowledge

2 - The Plea That All Must Answer

B) The Sinner Receiving the Saviour

1 - The Reverent Haste of Zacheaus

2 - The Receptive Heart of Zacheaus

3 - The Renovated House of Zacheaus

V - The Position of the Murmuring (7)

“Day of Penetrating Foolishness”

1 - The Nameless Religious Multitude

*What “They” Saw* Every Church Has Them

2 - The Needless Religious Murmuring

*What “They” Said* Every Church Hears Them

VI - The Pleasure of the Ministry (8 - 10)

“Day of Precise Focus”

A) The Detailed Evidence of Loving Out Loud (8)

B) The Definitive Expert on Loving Out Loud (9)

C) The Divine Edict of Loving Out Loud (10)

1 - The Lord Loudly Lived for Lost Souls

2 - The Lord Loudly Labored for Lost Souls

3 - The Lord Loudly Looked for Lost Souls

Title: “Reaching Out to the Other-Side”
Theme: “Jesus Sought Out the Lost”
Text: “Mark 5: 1 - 20”

Series: “Loving Out Loud - Part 4”

I - The Boundaries That Jesus Crossed (1)

A) Jesus Seriously Sought Sinners - Loved Them

B) Jesus Strategically Sought Sinners - Located Them

C) Jesus Specifically Sought Sinners - Liberated Them

II - The Barriers That Jesus Confronted (2 - 3)

A) The Man & His Dark Demons

B) The Man & His Deadly Dwelling

C) The Man & His Deep Despair

III - The Baseness That Jesus Conquered (4 - 14)

A) The Pitiful Cries (4)

B) The Powerless Chains (5)

C) The Painful Cuttings (5)

D) The Personal Confusion (6)

E) The Powerful Command (7 - 8)

F) The Provoking Confession (9)

G) The Pointed Charge (10 - 13)

H) The Perplexed Citizens (14)

IV - The Balance That Jesus Created (15)

A) The Man Was Calm - The Peace of God

B) The Man Was Clothed - The Pardon of God

C) The Man Was Changed - The Power of God

V - The Burden That Jesus Caused (16 - 17)

A) The Multitude & Their Fearful Remorse (15)

B) The Multitude & Their Financial Reasoning (16)

C) The Multitude & Their Foolish Request (17)

VI - The Believer That Jesus Compelled (18 - 20)

A) The Man & His Sincere Plea

B) The Master & His Strategic Plan

C) The Message & its Supernatural Power

VII - The Brand That Jesus Crafted (Luke 19: 10)

A) Jesus Willingly Sought Out Sinners

B) Jesus Wisely Sought Out Sinners

C) Jesus Wonderfully Sought Out Sinners

Title: “Carrying Our Candle into the Darkness”
Theme: “Loving Out Loud As Good Samaritans”
Text: “Luke 10: 29 - 37, Matthew 5: 15 - 16”

Series: “Loving Out Loud - Part 5”

I - The Harsh Road of Life (30)

“See the One’s that Hurt Him”

*Philosophy - What’s yours is mine*

A) Consider the Certain Man & his Trip

B) Consider the Calloused Men & his Thieves

C) Consider the Crucial Moment & his Troubles

II - The Hideous Reality of Life (31 - 32)

“See the One’s that Highbrowed Him”

*Philosophy - What’s mine is mine*

A) The Select Religious Men That Saw Him

1 - Saw but Refused to Stop

2 - Looked but Refused to Love

3 - Perceived but Refused to Provide

B) The Self Righteous Men That Shunned Him

1 - Shunned as an Obstacle Rather Than an Opportunity

2 - Shunned as a Problem Rather Than a Person

III - The Hospitable Rewards of Life (33 - 35)

“See the One that Helped Him”

*Philosophy - What’s mine is yours*

A) The Willful Interest - His Look Saw the Man

B) The Wonderful Involvement - His Labor Soothed the Man

C) The Wishful Investment - His Love Supplied the Man

IV - The Haunting Role of Life” (36 - 37)

“See the One That Honored Him”

*Philosophy - Which one fits you*

A) The Church Must Hear the Master

B) The Church Must Heed the Message

C) The Church Must Help the Multitudes

Title: “The Tragedy of Not Knowing”
Theme: “The Greatest Loss Is Losing Jesus”
Text: “Luke 2: 41 - 49”

Series: “Learning to Love Out Loud Part 6”

I - The Shining Star of this Story (41/42)

A) The Central Figure

B) The Crucial Figure

II - The Shameful Surprise of this Story (43)

A) The Reality of their Loss

1 - Day of Shocking Surprise

2 - Day of Sharp Shame

3 - Day of Subtle Separation

B) The Reason of their Loss

1 - Due to Distance

2 - Due to Distractions

3 - Due to Disinterest

C) The Results of their Loss

1 - Personal Conviction

2 - Painful Confrontation

3 - Pointed Confession

III - The Swift Search of this Story (44/46-a)

A) The Flippancy of their Search (Sought - Visibly)

“This Was a Calm & Casual Search”

B) The Franticness of their Search (Seek - Physically)

“This Was a Detailed & Demanding Search”

IV - The Soothing Solace of this Story (46-b/47)

A) The Anguish That Was Dispelled

B) The Affection That Was Displayed

C) The Accusation That Was Displeasing (49)

V - The Sincere Sorrow of this Story (48)

A) The Loss of Jesus Greatly Disturbed Them (Affection)

B) The Loss of Jesus Grievingly Directed Them (Action)

C) The Loss of Jesus Glaringly Dissected Them (Admonition)

VI - The Sad Symbolism of this Story (Rev. 2:4/5)

A) How Many Have Unknowingly Lost Him

B) How Many Have Unceasingly Looked for Him

C) How Many Have Unsuccessfully Located Him

Title: “Distracted From Devotion”
Theme: “The Danger of Working without Worshipping”
Text: “Luke 10: 38 - 42”

Series: “Learning to Love Out Loud - Part 7”

I - The Wonderful Invitation (38)

“Day of Daring Reception”

A) The Privilege of having Him in the House

B) The Preoccupation of having Him in the House

II - The Wise Location (39)

“Day of Deep Adoration”

A) Mary Realized the Worth of Jesus - Where She Sat

B) Mary Relished the Words of Jesus - What She Sought

III - The Worthless Distraction (40a)

“Day of Dreary Separation”

A) The Tiring Affect of Martha’s Service - Physically

B) The Troubling Affect of Martha’s Service - Mentally

C) The Tainting Affect of Martha’s Service - Spiritually

IV - The Wailing Accusation (40b)

“Day of Disturbing Emotion”

A) The Correct Approach - Came Straight To Jesus

B) The Cutting Assertion - Came Seething To Jesus

1 - Demanding Load

2 - Divisive Lips

C) The Confusing Assumption - Came Suggesting To Jesus

1 - Incorrectly Assumed That Her Work Was Necessary

2 - Indifferently Assumed That Her Work Was Noble

V - The Wearisome Ramification (41)

“Day of Dreadful Implication”

A) The Change That Martha Had Encountered

1 - Devotion Had Evolved Into Duty

2 - Duty Had Evolved Into Drudgery

3 - Drudgery Had Evolved Into Difficulty

4 - Difficulty Had Evolved Into Despair

B) The Condition That Martha Had Experienced

1 - Martha Had Lost the Reason of her Love

2 - Martha Had Lost the Reason of her Labor

VI - The Welcomed Notification (42)

“Day of Direct Inspiration”

A) Mary Striving for the Good- An Eternal Treasure

B) Mary Shining for her God- An Excellent Testimony

Title: “When Heaven Celebrates”
Theme: “The Value of Reaching the Lost”
Text: “Luke 15: 1 - 32”

Series - “Learning to Love Out Loud Part 8

I - The People That Jesus Encompassed (1)

“Soul Winner & his Loving Associations”

A) Jesus Often Attracted Sinners

B) Jesus Often Associated With Sinners

C) Jesus Often Ate With Sinners

D) Jesus Often Aimed For Sinners


II - The Problem That Jesus Encountered (2)

“Soul Winner & his Looming Accusers”

A) Crowd That Watched His Movements

B) Crowd That Wearied His Ministry

C) Crowd That Weakened His Motives

III - The Parable That Jesus Endorsed (3 - 32)

“Soul Winner & his Lasting Account”

A) Vivid Illustration of Reaching the Lost

1 - The Lost Sheep That Was Reclaimed (1-7)

2 - The Lost Silver That Was Recovered (8-10)

3 - The Lost Son That Was Received (11 - 32)

B) Verified Importance of Reclaiming the Lost

1 - The Earthly Celebration - Those Invited (6, 9)

2 - The Heavenly Jubilation - Those Involved (7, 10)

IV - The Plan That Jesus Encouraged (Luke 19: 10)

“Soul Winner & his Leading Achievement”

A) Soul Winning Must Be Prioritized - The Sinner

1 - Prioritized In the Churches Mission

2 - Prioritized In the Churches Ministers

3 - Prioritized In the Churches Membership

4 - Prioritized In the Churches Methods

B) Soul Winning Must Be Practiced - The Sheep

1 - The Simplicity of Telling Our Story

2 - The Strategy of Telling Our Story

3 - The Surety of Telling Our Story

C) Soul Winning Must Be Preached - The Shepherd

1 - Preached Regardless of Acceptance

2 - Preached Regardless of Action

3 - Preached Regardless of Attractiveness

4 - Preached Regardless of Apathy

D) Soul Winning Must Be Precious - The Saviour

1 - Jesus Christ Lived to Save the Lost

2 - Jesus Christ Died to Save the Lost

Title: “Let’s Not Get Left Behind In 2009”
Theme: “Taking Our Church & Ourselves to Another Level”
Text: “Joshua 3: 1 - 17”

I - The Revealed Orders

A) The Proposal That Was Manifested

B) The Promise That Was Magnified

C) The Program That Was mandated

II - The Rehearsed Options

A) Considered Their Past Lodging

1 - The Lord Had Freed Them

2 - The Lord Had Feed Them

3 - The Lord Had Forgave Them

4 - The Lord Had Favored Them

B) Considered Their Present Location

1 - The Ease of This Location

2 - The Economics of This Location

3 - The Embracing of This Location

C) Considered Their Proposed Leave

1 - A Question Must Be Asked

“Was Israel willing to move forward?”

2 - A Question Must Be Answered

“Move forward or Dig deeper?”

III - The Recognized Obstacles

A) The Watery Circumstances

B) The Walled Cities

C) The Waiting Combatants

D) The Watchful Critics

IV - The Reported Opportunities

A) The Awe of This Report

B) The Aim of This Report

C) The Assurance of This Report

V - The Relished Outcome

A) The Step of Faith

B) The Success of Following

C) The Shame of Floundering

Title: “The Ancient Mountains of the Bible”
Theme: “Majestic Moments on the Mountains”
Text: “Deuteronomy 33: 15, Psalms 121: 1”

I - The Mount of Rejuvenation (Ararat) Genesis 8: 4

A) The Place of Full Security

1 - The Guarding of that Ark

2 - The Guiding of that Ark

B) The Place of Fresh Starts (Genesis 8: 16/17)

C) The Place of Fervent Sacrifice (Genesis 8: 20/21)

D) The Place of Full Supply (Genesis 8: 17, 21)

II - The Mount of Communication (Horeb) Exodus 3: 1/4)

A) The Bush Burned Continually (2)

“Something to See”

1 - The Bush Was Simple

2 - The Bush Was Selected

3 - The Bush Was Strange

B) The Bush Caught the Attention of Moses (3)

“Something to Show”

1 - The Bush Supernaturally Set on Fire

2 - The Bush Supernaturally Stayed on Fire

C) The Bush Contained the Voice of God (4)

“Something to Say”

1 - The Intention of that Voice

2 - The Inspiration of that Voice

D) The Bush Changed Moses Life Forever (Deut. 33: 16)

“Something to Share”

1 - The Selection of Moses

2 - The Submission of Moses

III - The Mount of Salvation (Calvary) Luke 23: 33

A) The Selected Lamb

B) The Smitten Lamb

C) The Sacrificed Lamb

D) The Sufficient Lamb

IV - The Mount of Ascension (Olivet) Acts 1: 9/12

A) The Awesome View - The Lord Leaving

B) The Angelic Visitors - The Disciples Watching

C) The Assuring Voice - The Angels Comforting

D) The Appointed Voyage - The Men Descending

Title: “Good Things Happen When Jesus is in the House”
Theme: “Jesus reveals himself as the God Man”
Text: “Mark 2: 1 - 12”

I - The Multitude & their Location (1 - 2)

“The Wonderful Appearance”

A) The Noised Return of Christ - His Worth

B) The Noted Reception of Christ - His Welcome

C) The Natural Response of Christ - His Word

II - The Man & his Situation (3b)

“The Woeful Affliction”

A) The Lowly Body of this Man - His Condition

B) The Lonely Blight of this Man - His Consternation

C) The Lovely Brethren of this Man - His Consideration

III - The Men & their Recognition (3 - 4)

“The Wishful Assistance”

A) Recognized Due to their Fervent Concern

B) Recognized Due to their Focused Commitment

C) Recognized Due to their Faithful Characteristics

IV - The Master & his Perception (6 - 10)

“The Wrongful Accusations”

A) Jesus Divinely Recognized their Thoughts

B) Jesus Deliberately Revealed their Thoughts

C) Jesus Diligently Rebuked their Thoughts

V - The Miracle & its Magnification (5, 10, 11, 12)

“The Watchful Attraction”

A) The Personal Forgiveness of his Sins

B) The Powerful Freeing of his Symptoms

C) The Public Frenzy of his Story

Title: “Challenged to Carry Our Corner”
Theme: “It takes willing workers to get the Job Done”
Text: “Mark 2: 1 - 12”

I - The Insightful Hunger of Some

A) Good Noise - It was the Right Noise

1 - The Church Must Deliberately Promote Christ

2 - The Church Must Diligently Present Christ

B) Gospel Net - It was the Right Net

1 - The Drawing Power of Jesus

2 - The Distinct Preaching of Jesus

II - The Intense Hardship of Some

A) The Dire Diagnosis of this Sick Man

“The Unrelentful Infirmity”

1 - The Great Loss

2 - The Gloomy Life

B) The Deliberate Analysis of this Specific Man

“The Unforgetful Identity”

1 - The Love of Christ Assuredly Found Him

2 - The Love of Christ Abundantly Freed Him

III - The Interesting Helpfulness of Some

A) The Men Willfully Saw Him

1 - Willfully Saw His Pain

2 - Willfully Saw His Potential

B) The Men Wonderfully Serviced Him

1 - Serviced Him Despite of the Uncomfortable Conditions

2 - Serviced Him Despite of the Unknowable Cost

IV - The Impeding Hindrances of Some

A) The Lame Man Hindered Them

1 - The Man’s Mental State

2 - The Man’s Physical State

B) The Large Multitude Hindered Them

1 - Refused Their Entrance (The Religious Deniers)

2 - Rejected Their Enthusiasm (The Religious Deflators)

V - The Insane Hostility of Some

A) The False Assumption of the Grumblers

1 - Hostile towards the Supreme Worth of Jesus

2 - Hostile towards the Spoken Words of Jesus

B) The Forceful Assertion to the Grumblers

1 - Asserted his Divinity in Revealing their Mindset

2 - Asserted his Divinity in Releasing the Man

VI - The Inspiring Harmony of Some

A) The People That We Should See

1 - I See Me Grievously Sinking

2 - I See Them Graciously Serving

3 - I See Him Gloriously Saving

B) The Platform That We Should Seek

1 - Inspired to Consider Our Corner

2 - Inspired to Carry Our Corner

Title: “Can We Worship At The Midnight Hour?”
Theme: “Worshipping When We Don’t Feel Like It”
Text: “Acts 16: 16 - 26, 29/30”

I - The Personal Dismay

A) Moving From the Packed

Streets of Philippi - It’s Hospitality

B) Moving To the Painful

Stocks of Prison - It’s Harshness

II - The Possessed Damsel

A) No Refrain from Her Visitation

B) No Relief from Her Voice

III - The Powerful Demand

A) A Costly Decision

B) A Clear Demand

IV - The Passionate Demonstrators

A) The Unjust Talk

B) The Unfair Treatment

C) The Unflappable Testimony

V- The Painful Description

A) Atmosphere of the Prison

B) Anguish of the Prisoners

C) Attitude of the Preachers

VI - The Precious Devotion

A) The Supplication That Was Submitted

(Paul what are we going to do?)

B) The Song That Was Sung

(I am going to just praise the Lord)

C) The Sermon That Was Shared

D) The Soul That Was Saved

VII - The Profitable Decision

A) Grave Fear

B) Great Faith

C) Good Favor

VIII - The Proven Declaration

A) Crisis Worship is Possible

In The Face of Physical Pain

B) Crisis Worship is Possible

Phenomenal Pressure

Title: “Moving from the Mire to the Choir”
Theme: “Picture of how God Saves a Sinner”
Text: “Psalms 40: 1 - 3”

I - The Needy Sinner & his Miry Pit (1/2)

A) Sinking in this Horrible Pit - Hopeless Destruction

B) Struggling in this Horrible Pit - Helpless Devastation

II - The Noted Saviour & his Majestic Power (2)

A) The Glorious One That Found Him

B) The Gracious One That Freed Him

C) The Generous One That Favored Him

III - The New Song & his Marvelous Praise (3)

A) Praising Due to the One That Lifted Him Up

B) Praising Due to the One That Cleaned Him Up

C) Praising Due to the One That Set Him Up

D) Praising Due to the One That Tuned Him Up

Title: “Seven Dips From Victory”
Theme: “Simple obedience leads to victory”
Text: “II Kings 5: 1 - 14”

I - The Leprous Man & his Perplexing Fix (1)

A) The Noble Identity of Naaman - His Prominence

B) The Notable Infirmity of Naaman - His Problem

C) The Noticeable Inability of Naaman - His Poverty

II - The Little Maid & her Promising Faith (2 - 3)

A) Special Recognition of this Maid - Faith Working

B) Simple Petition of this Maid - Faith Declaring

C) Soothing Inspiration of this Maid - Faith Uniting


III - The Loathing Mandate & his Pressing Feelings (8 - 13)

A) Distinguished Arrival & Insolvency - The Haughty Man

B) Demeaning Answer & Instruction - The Humorous Message

C) Disillusioned Anger & Insult- The Heated Moment

IV - The Liberating Moment & his Penetrating Freedom (14)

A) Dipping In Jordan Covered Up Naaman - His Pride

B) Dipping In Jordan Cleaned Up Naaman - His Problem

C) Dipping In Jordan Cleared Up Naaman - His Perception

V - The Lasting Miracle & his Pleasing Future (15 - 19)

A) Naaman’s Confident Words - His Great Discovery

B) Naaman’s Compelling Wish - His Gifted Desire

C) Naaman’s Cautious Worship - His Guarded Diligence

Title: “None Other Name”
Theme: “There is no name like Jesus”
Text: “Acts 4: 1 - 14”

I - The Grievous Preaching of that Name (1/2)

A) The Religious Multitude & their Hatred

B) The Resurrection Message & their Hope


II - The Great Persecution of that Name (3)

A) Some Disturbed Dissenters - Biblically

B) Some Daring Descendents - Historically


III - The Glorious Proof of that Name (4)

A) Christ Name & its Convicting Power

B) Christ Name & its Converted People


IV - The Grave Perplexity of that Name (5/7)

A) The Men of Christ Perplexed Them

B) The Message of Christ Perplexed Them

C) The Miracles of Christ Perplexed Them


V - The Guaranteed Proclamation of that Name (8/12)

A) Christ is The Rejected Stone

B) Christ is The Righteous Son

C) Christ is The Regal Story

VI - The Graceful Provisions of that Name

A) The Beauty of his Name

B) The Bounty of his Name

C) The Boundary of his Name

“Our Unlimited God”

Psa 78:41 KJV - Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.

Psa 78:42 KJV - They remembered not his hand, [nor] the day when he delivered them from the enemy.

Unlimited in his Awesome Ability
Unlimited in his Bountiful Blessings
Unlimited in his Constant Care
Unlimited in his Dedicated Devotion
Unlimited in his Everlasting Excellence
Unlimited in his Fantastic Foresight
Unlimited in his Gracious Goodness
Unlimited in his Honorable Holiness
Unlimited in his Immaculate Input
Unlimited in his Judicious Justice
Unlimited in his Keen Knowledge
Unlimited in his Limitless Love
Unlimited in his Massive Might
Unlimited in his Numerous Names
Unlimited in his Overwhelming Oversight
Unlimited in his Pristine Perfection
Unlimited in his Quant Qualities
Unlimited in his Righteous Royalty
Unlimited in his Shining Supremacy
Unlimited in his Triumphant Testimony
Unlimited in his Unrivaled Uniqueness
Unlimited in his Virtuous Values
Unlimited in his Wondrous Wisdom
Unlimited in his Coverage from A to Z

Hopefully these outlines will be useful to you as a pastor or a preacher. If I can be of any help to you in your personal ministry please feel free to contact me.

This is the 1st volume of my Alliterated sermons. In the near future I will have many more books published with my alliterated sermon outlines.

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