William R. Shively

William R. Shively
Ebenezer Baprist Church
207 Nolen Street
Ferrum, VA24088

Dr. William R. Shively has been the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church since March 1978. Pastor Billy was saved in 1973, and he became actively involved in his home church, Story Creek Baptist. He felt the call from God to preach the gospel, and he began preaching in the local nursing homes and jail. Pastor Billy was licensed and ordained by Story Creek Baptist Church. Pastor Billy and his wife Sherry were married on December 25, 1971.

Pastor Billy received his Associate Degree from Liberty University, and other degrees including a Doctor of Ministry from Covington Theological Seminary. Pastor Billy has the desire to always please the Lord by honoring His Word. Pastor Billy and Sherry both thank the Lord for allowing them the privilege to serve the Lord with the wonderful people at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Christian Love and Personal Rights 1 Corinthians  9 :1-15 Love, Christian; Rights, Puting Aside Our; Stewardship
Cleaning Up For Supper 1 Corinthians  11 :23-32 Lord's Supper; Confession; Commitment; Joy
Our Labor in the Lord 1 Corinthians  15 :58 Christian Living; Reward; Labor for Christ; Works
Shepherd of our Souls 1 Peter  2 :24-25 Shepherd, Jesus as; God's Leadership; Lord's Supper
Brother Love 1 Thessalonians  4 :9-10 Love, Beotherly
In Everything Give Thanks 1 Thessalonians  5 :18 Graditude; Thankfulness, Thanksgiving Day
An Unlikely Convert 2 Kings  5 :1-19 Grace of God; Salvation; Naaman; Humility; Faith
What God Desires 2 Peter  3 :8-12 Salvation; Conversion; Christian Living; Holiness
Rock of my Salvation 2 Samuel  22 :47 Rock, Jesus as the; Foundation for Life; Safety; Peace
Rock of My Salvation 2 Samuel  22 :47 Rock, The Lord as a; Secure Foundation; Security; Solid Rock
A Mother's Greatest Gift To Her Children 2 Timothy  1 :3-5 Mother's Day; Mother; Mother of Timothy
Is The Bible A Special Book? 2 Timothy  3 :15 Bible, The; Word of God; Scripture
Healing of the Lame Acts  3 :1-11 God, Might Power of; Healing; Miracles; Salvation
Honoring Women On Mother's Day Acts  16 :13-15 Mother's Day; Mothers; Women, Godly
Jailer Captured by the Gospel Acts  16 :25-34 Salvation; Witnessing Everywhere
Peace in the Home Colossians  3 :15 Family; Home; Peace
Saved from the Lions Daniel  6 :1-24 Prayer; Trust; Faith; Deliverance
God Ordained Authority - Man of the House Ephesians  5 :21-29 Husband; Father; Men; Family; Marriage
Restoring The Fallen Galatians  6 :1-5 Restoration; Renewal; Love; Forgiveness
Restoring the Fallen Galatians  6 :1-5 Restoration; Loving One Another
A Deadly Choice Genesis  3 :1-7 Garden of Eden; Sin, Original; Adam and Eve; Serpent; Satan; Devil
Refuge From The Storm Hebrews  4 :14-16 Funeral; Refuge; Trouble; Hardship; Death; Comfort
A Crumbling Society Isaiah  59 :1-21 America; Independence Day; National Issues
A Life That Honors God James  1 :16-27 Joy; Salvation; Obedience; Christian Living; Tongue; Speaking
Sin, The Problem of the Heart Jeremiah  17 :9-10 Heart; Sin
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross John  19 Cross of Christ; Crucifixion; Easter; Death of Jesus
The Cross of Hope John  19 :28-30 Easter; Hope; Cross, The
Keep On Believing John  20 :30-31 Faith; Trust; Belief
The Consequence of Forsaking God Judges  2 :11-23 Forsaking God; Backslidding; Indifference
The Result Of Forgetting God Judges  17 :1-13 God, Forgetting
The Result of Forgetting God Judges  17 :1-13 Forgetting God; Remember the Lord; Idols; America; Labor Day
Tragedy in the Making Judges  18 :1-31 Apostasy; Idolatry; False Religion
Decay From Within Judges  19 :4, 22-30 Moral Failure; Backslidding; Evil Leaders; America
The Day of Atonement Leviticus  16 :18-19 Atonement; Salvation; Forgiveness of Sin
Jesus' Homecoming Luke  4 :14-30 Homecoming; Jesus; Grace, Day of
Lord I'm Coming Home (Outline) Luke  15 :11-24 Repentance; Confession; Renewal; Prodigal Son
The Cross of Mercy Luke  23 :39-43 Cross; Palm Sunday; Easter; Death of Jesus
What God Will Not Do Mark  10 :17-27 Salvation; Redemption; Love of God; Repentance
Marriage is a God Thing Mark  10 :9 Marriage; Love; Family
Jesus: The Conqueror of Death Matthew  28 :5-9 Resurrection; Easter; Death to Life; Christian Funeral
A Clean Heart for a New Start Nehemiah  4 :1-23 Heart, Clean; Renewal; New Year; Growth, Spiritual
Lives Under Construction Philippians  1 :6 Christian Living; Christian Growth
The Forgiveness of God Psalms  38 :1-4 Forgiveness; Sin, The Removal of
We Should Give Thanks Psalms  105 :1-5 Thanks; Thanksgiving Day; Gratitude
Gracious is the Lord Psalms  116 :1-19 God, Graciousness of; God, Nature of; Healing
Offering God Thanks Psalms  116 :17 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Appreciation; Praise
How To Be Right With God Romans  4 :1-25 Faith; Salvation; Grace; Righteousness of God
How To Be Right With God Romans  4 :1-25 Salvation; Peace with God
Grace Greater Than Our Sin Romans  5 :13-21 Grace; Salvation; Sin, Forgiveness of
Our Helper in Prayer Romans  8 :26-27 Prayer, Help in

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