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Title Book/Chapter/Verse Author
The Master Of The Sea Luke  8 :22-26 Sammy Burgess
The Biggest Little Troublemaker in the World James  3 :1-12 J. Mike Minnix
In The Hands Of Jesus John  10 :28-29 Alan Stewart
Turn Right With The Right Turn Luke  13 :1-8 James Merritt
Freedom Luke  4 :18 Alan Stewart

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Title Book/Chapter/Verse Author
Freedom Luke  4:18 Alan Stewart
If The Foundations Be Destroyed Psalms  11:3 Paul E. Brown
The Saving Of A Nation Esther  4 J. Mike Minnix
Freedom Is Never Free Galatians  5:1 J. Gerald Harris
A Father Blessing His Family Proverbs  22:6 Frank Cox

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