Jack Auten

Jack Auten
Jack Auten
P.O. BOX 594
Pangburn, AR72121

Dr. Jack Auten was born December 12, 1936 in Judsonia, Arkansas, USA. Jack, and his wife Kathy, have a son, born in 1961 and a daughter born in 1964. He surrendered to God's call to the ministry on April 1, 1962 and God "retired" from pastoring in 2007, thus ending 45 years in His pulpit.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, a Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, and a Doctor of Divinity Degree from The Southern Bible Institute of Birmingham, Alabama.

Jack pastored 11 churches in 45 years of pastoring: a mission, small churches, large churches, country churches, small town churches, large city churches, some churches with no staff, and churches with many staff members, churches with no budget and churches with large budgets.

His ministry was that of rebuilding the Lord's churches, sometimes His buildings, sometimes His people and sometimes both at the same time.

His objective in pastoring was always to bring people to the Lord and then help them become all God wanted them to be, all this being done through His Church.

Jacks writes, "I am Southern Baptist in doctrine, my father was a Southern Baptist pastor and my son is also an ordained Southern Baptist Minister of Education and Church Administrator. As a Southern Baptist, I believe that every word of the Bible is God inspired, that Jesus is God's promised Messiah, the Christ and that salvation is through Him alone with the Holy Spirit bringing man and Christ together, then indwelling permanently those who believe. I believe that baptism is a public identification with Jesus and all that He is and introduces the baptized believer into God's local church family.

"A pastor knows that there is much demanded and sermons are a priority." For that reason, Jack started a website to share preaching material. You can visit Dr. Auten's own website at www.sermons2liveby.com.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Get Ready To Meet God Amos  4 :12 Jesus, Rejection of; Salvation; Judgment; Excuses
Ever Wanted Your Neighbor's Donkey? Deuteronomy  5 :21 Ten Commandments; Lust; Coveting; Covetousness; Materialism; Envy
Not Just The Old Forget Deuteronomy  8 :1-18 Forgetting; Remembering
Don't Blame Society Genesis  3 :9-13 Sin, Origin of; Crime
A Voice From The Dead Luke  Hell; Judgment; Salvation
What A Choice To Make Matthew  27 :17 Easter; Cross; Salvation
Let's Do Something For The Lord This Year Matthew  28 :19-20 Missions; Goal; Church
Response to God's Blessings Psalms  116 :12-14 Thanksgiving; Praise; Gratitude; Devotion

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