Why Believe the Bible?

Title: Why Believe the Bible?

Bible Book: Hebrews 3 : 12-13

Author: Alan Morris

Subject: Bible; Word of God; Faith in God's Word



You have one of two options: either the Bible IS the Living, Word of God; accurate, infallible, inspired, and inerrant, OR it is not! There is no third, middle- of-the-road choice. The text above does NOT give you any other option. There are seven different things that the Bible compares itself with throughout the Scriptures. They are:

  • A Fire (Jer. 23:29)
  • A Hammer (Jer. 23:29)
  • A Seed (Luke 8:11)
  • A Mirror (Jam. 1:23)
  • It’s Meat (Heb. 5:14)
  • It’s Milk (1 Pet. 2:2)
  • A Sword (Ps, Isa., Eph., Rev., and Heb.) (6 times)

With each of these you can draw analogies and give timely illustrations of the personal impact that the scripture can make in a person’s life.

Hebrews 4:12-13 tells us 5 characteristics about this incredible gift we call the Bible.

I. It’s a Pulsating Book

“For the Word of God is living…” (v.12a) ‘zao’- to have true life, to quicken or make alive

The Bible differs from every other book ever written in this one characteristic – it’s a living book! It is also a life giving book. The Greek word, ‘zao,’ is where we get the word “zoology,” the study of living creatures. No other book can give life to its reader. The reason is that the Word, Jesus Christ (John 1:1-3), is the giver of life and the Written Word.  The Written Word is the Bible, and speaks only of and from Him. Thus, this Book has the supernatural ability to transfer life to the one that places himself under its influence.

II. It’s a Powerful Book

“… Word of God is … powerful…” (v.12b) ‘energees’ - to cause an effect, proactive in its influence

This Book is unique in that it has changed the hardest criminal to a passionate follower of Christ, changed entire civilizations from barbaric practices to complete Christ-like cultures, and has changed history whenever it reaches new boarders and new peoples. It is a book that causes men and women to change their lives for a higher purpose. No other book has ever made more of an impact on human dignity and values than the Holy Scriptures. To read the most supporting documentation to verify this claim, see “How Christianity Changed the World,” by Alvin J. Schmidt. The Bible is a powerful book!

III. It’s a Penetrating Book

“…piercing even to the division of…” (v.12c) ‘tomoteros’- multiple stabs, repeated cuttings with precision

One aspect of this Book that you can’t get away from is its ability to convict you right at the most vulnerable point of your pride. The stories, wisdom, doctrine, and quotations penetrate deep within your being, right to the deepest secret of your heart, forcing you to make a choice. The best quote for this point is from Adrian Rogers that says this: “The purpose of man’s sword is to strike a living man and make him dead. The purpose of God’s sword is to strike a dead man and make him alive!” It penetrates with surgical precision!

IV. It’s a Perceptive Book

“…is a discerner of the thoughts…” (v.12d) ‘kritikos’- skilled in judging, critically examines motives

Not only does this great Book convict you of attitudes, actions, and selfish pride, it is also the one source that gets to the heart of a subject.  It critically evaluates the motives behind the “good” things we do. It not only penetrates our sins of commission, but it perceives our sins of omission and brings us before the One to whom we must give an account. This Book reveals “false” humility, kind acts for selfish gain, and flattering words with an ulterior motive. This Book can give you a real CAT scan of the heart.

V. It’s a Pervasive Book

“…no creature hidden from His sight…” (v.13a) ‘aphanes’- made known, manifested, completely exposed

This Book leaves no one out. Regardless of language, culture, background, or national origin, and regardless of whether you live in a country where Bibles are available or not, no creature is left out. This Book covers the plight and situation of every person in the world – past, present, and future. No one is overlooked. This Book is not like any other book!


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