When Your Cutting Edge Is Lost

Title: When Your Cutting Edge Is Lost

Bible Book: 2 Kings 6 : 1-7

Author: Sammy Burgess

Subject: Service; Restoration, Spiritual; Revival; Discouragement



Vance Havner said it best when he described the Church this way, “Many of the Lord’s workmen today have lost the ‘ax-head’ of power. They have lost the joy of Salvation; they have not the upholding of God’s Spirit. The loss of the ‘ax-head’ of the Spirit’s unction has fallen into the (waters of worldliness) - (the ponds of indifference) - (the swamps of sluggishness). They have ability, training, sincerity, earnestness, but they are chopping with the handle.

They stand before a demonized world powerless, and it must be said of them, as it was said of the disciples before the demon possessed boy, {Mark 9:18}- “and they could not”. This is the pitiful tragedy of the lost ax-heads in the Church today.”

As you look at the Church; then look within the doors of the Church at the fellow believers in Church; and then go back and study the Book of Acts and look at the early Church - you are forced to admit that the Church today has lost something. It is just too evident to argue.

You cannot help but realize that the Church in some way is powerless. And it should not be that way. You are now watching Christians beating trees, spiritually speaking, with ax-handles. *There is a great sound of work; there is the noise of people chopping trees, but there are very few trees falling. There are many that are becoming increasingly suspicious that this is not getting the job done.

There is (movement without might) - (energy without effectiveness) - there is (much doing but very little dynamic). There is very little to show for all the work that has been done. *The only thing that most Churches have to show for all their work are {tired bodies} - {bruised hands} - and {wounded trees}. May I say again that it is too evident that something is missing.

Some have come up with the idea that since something is definitely missing - they are trying to come up with some kind of strategy to make our ax-handles more effective. So now they are trying to shine up the ax-handles. They are trying to come up with some new ways on how to improve our swing.

They are trying to motivate those who are working in the field.

This is leading to more people getting tired of chopping and working, and now they are considering laying the ax-handle down and leaving the forest.

May I say that there is nothing wrong with polishing the ax-handle. There is nothing wrong with improving the swing of the wood-chopper.

{My question is this:} Why are there less trees falling today? Why is there so much work being done in the Name of Jesus, and yet there are less results and less effectiveness?

What Is Missing? I am afraid that the Cutting edge has been lost.

The Church Is Chopping With The Ax-Handle. The Ax-Head Has Fallen Off The Ax-Handle. You may be wondering what the ax-head of the Church is? “It is the life of God in Christ released in our world through the Work of the Holy Spirit. It Is The Life Of Christ Working Through His Children.” - “The Ax- Head {in a nut shell} Is The Power Of God Resting Upon and Working In The Lives Of God's People!”

I truly believe that the Church is sadly mistaken if we think that we can continue to try to do the Work of God with no ax-head. Let me put it this way:

The Church Cannot Do The Work Of God Without The Power Of God!

We must continue to do our part and work for God; but we must allow God to do His part and empower us to do the Work that we are doing for Him.

Someone has said of the Holy Spirit, “The Holy Spirit is ready to do His office work if we will give Him office space.”

There is one great danger that is facing this Church, along with other Churches in our area. The Greatest danger [is not] the danger of losing our reputation; it [is not] the danger of losing our status among other Churches; the greatest danger we face [is not] losing our respect in our community.

The Greatest Danger This Church Faces Is The Danger Of Losing The Touch Of God! It is The Danger Of Losing The Power Of God Upon Our Lives!

Here in our story we find a man who was doing his work; he was diligently working. The trees were constantly falling - but then he lost the ax-head to the ax-handle. Somehow the ax-head flew off into the water.

We are going to examine how the ax-head was lost and how it was recovered. How Did This Young Man Recover His Cutting Edge?

I. The Person that was Laboring in the Work of God

Let’s begin reading in {6:1-2} “And the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, Behold now, the place where we dwell with thee is too strait for us. {2}- Let us go, we pray thee, unto Jordan, and take thence every man a beam, and let us make us a place there, where we may dwell. And he answered, Go ye.”

Here was a young man who had a job to do. These men who were following Elisha needed a place to stay and to study. The place they were staying was getting too small. So they were going to have to build. In order to get the job done, every one of them had to participate.

If you look carefully at this story, you will see that the school was not standing still. They were growing; they were increasing in enrollment. They were adding students; they were lengthening their cords and strengthening their stakes. This school was on the move.

This section of the story teaches us at least 2 valuable lessons worth learning.

(1) Anything That Moves Will Cause Friction.

Growth will always cause problems. Most of those problems are good problems.

(2) Anything That Doesn’t Move And Breathe Is Dead.

I would rather have growing pains than deadness.

Now, in order for their school to grow, these students had to be willing to work. They had to be willing to pay the price to work. They had to make a sacrifice. They had to be willing to put in the hours, and make whatever adjustments necessary to continue their growth.

This young man, along with the other young men, understood 2 things that they had to have if the work before them was going to get done, and get it done properly.

A. The Presence that was Desired

This young man was following God’s man. The man he was following was Elisha. Several times Elisha is called “The Man Of God.” Elisha at one time was a follower of another great man. They wanted Elisha around because they wanted the God of Elisha to be with them. They wanted God to be a part of what they were doing.

Elisha followed a man by the name of Elijah. As Elisha followed Elijah, he watched as God’s hand was upon him. He watched as God performed Miracles through this man called Elijah.

One day, Elijah turned around and asked Elisha; ‘What do you really want? You have been following me around and observing what God is doing in me and through me. What do you really want?’ Elisha looked at Elijah right in the face and made a very bold and very difficult statement. He said; ‘I want a double portion of what you have.’ *And God gave him a double portion of His Spirit.

These men had seen Elisha as he walked with God. They knew that as long as they were around Elisha and Elisha was around them, things were going to happen. In fact, they asked Elisha to follow them.

Notice {6:3} “And one said, Be content, I pray thee, and go with thy servants. And he answered, I will go.”

Here is what they were saying: “We will work ‘for’ you; but we will not work ‘without’ you.” Listen carefully; what matter most to this young man, along with the other young men - was they wanted to know that the Presence of God was with them in all that they were doing.

As long as Elisha was around and God was using him and working through him, they realized that there was going to be expansion. The possibilities were limitless under the leadership of Elisha. They had in their hearts that there was no limit to what God could do or could not do.

I would like to share with you how God’s Work is accomplished. (1)- God’s Work Must Be Done According To God’s Plan. The Work of God must be followed precisely as God Leads. (2)- God’s Work Must Be Done With God’s Presence. [The Church cannot function correctly without these 2 things.]

Now, we are told something else interesting about the work of God. Not only see {The Presence That Was Desired:

B. The Purpose that was Determined

Notice what he said in {vs.2} “Let us go … take every man a beam”.

I want you to think with me for just a moment. We understand that God’s Work must be done according to God’s Plan, and God’s Work must be done with God’s Presence. But don’t miss the fact that GOD’S WORK MUST BE DONE THROUGH GOD’S PEOPLE!

You Cannot Do God’s Work Properly Without Him - BUT GOD WILL NOT DO HIS WORK WITHOUT YOU!

Not only was he wanting to follow the man of God - he wanted to fulfill his position and purpose in the Work of God. He realized that the task before them was going to be tough to accomplish, but it could be done if everyone would take their part in doing what they were suppose to do.

This young man’s position was not one of leadership; it was one of labor. He just wanted to take his place and do the work that he could do.

I would like to say that every Christian has a place in the Work of God. It may not be a position that is recognizable; it may not be a position that will get noticed - but everyone has a position, and every place is important in the sight of God.

Now I think we understand that nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. I believe THAT WHAT YOU CAN DO - YOU OUGHT TO DO. AND WHAT YOU OUGHT TO DO - BY THE GRACE OF GOD YOU SHOULD DO!


A “Happy Christian” is a Christian who is doing something productive for the Lord. A “Happy Christian” is one who is working for the Lord, and they are seeing results from their labor.

I recently read about a Psychologist at Stanford University that tried to show that we live for product results, or what you might call “fruit.”

This researcher hired a man who was a logger. The Psychologist said: “I will pay you double what you get paid in the logging camp if you will take the blunt end of this ‘ax’ and just pound this log all day long. You’ll never have to cut one piece of wood; just take that is blunt and hit it as hard as you can just as if you were logging.”

This logger worked for a half a day at double the pay he was normally getting; but he quit. The psychologist asked the logger; “Why did you quit?” The logger responded: “Because every time I move an ax I have to see the chips fly. If I don’t see the chips fly, it’s no fun.”

When I read that story I thought about the fact that there are many people in the Church who get very little joy out of the Worship Services. In fact, they are getting very little joy {if any} in the Christian life because they are using the wrong end of the ax and there are no chips flying. They are producing no fruit in their life. They are not being productive for the Kingdom of God; therefore their joy is gone.

Listen carefully. JESUS CHRIST OUGHT TO BE A LIVING REALITY IN YOUR LIFE! You should be committed to Him; you ought to be committed to His Lordship.


There was a Church in Kansas City that had a slogan for their Church that went like this: “Wake up’; ‘sing up’; ‘preach up’; ‘pray up’; and pay up. But never give up or let up or shut up until the cause of Christ in this Church and in this world is ‘built up’.”

II. The Power that was Lost in the Work of God

Notice {6:4,5a} “So he went with them. And when they came to Jordan, they cut down wood. {5} But as one was felling a beam, the ax head fell into the water.”

Let’s focus our attention for the next few moments around this one particular young man who was doing his work. *This young man was doing a good work. He was working just as hard as he could. But while he was working, the ax-head came off the end of the ax-handle and fell into the water.

(There are 2 things that he says about this ax-head)

A. The Ax-Head was Loaned to Him

Look at what this young man said: {6:5} “… “and he cried, and said, Alas master! for it was borrowed.”

These young men had very simple lifestyles. More than likely, they could not afford to obtain their own working tools. What he possessed belonged to someone else.

The reason why this young man was so upset was the fact that he was under an obligation. (His obligation was 2-fold.)

1. He Was Responsible For The Task Given To Him!

He was not given a set time to get the job done. But he was responsible for how he would work. He had a job to do just like everybody else. He was to be diligent in his work.

2. He Was Accountable For The Tool That Was Given To Him!

He was totally committed to his task, but he realized that he had lost something that belonged to another person.

These are 2 lessons that every Christian needs to understand. We have a task that is in front of us. We [are not] told how fast to work. We are told to do the work, and we are also given the Working tools to accomplish the task.

I believe that we need to be reminded of something. Everything That We Have Has Been Given To Us.

We have been given a Work to do

We have been the Power to do it.

You and I do not possess (in our own flesh) the right kind of power to do the Work that God has called you to do. God has called us to do a Supernatural Work, and it can only be done by Supernatural Power.

We Are Doing God's Work With Borrowed Power!

The Power We Have Is Heavenly Power!

Learn this lesson. You and I never possess the Power of God - His Power possesses us. We only hold the “handle” of the Work of God only God can give us the ax-head to do the Work.

It is not our strength to do His Work; it is His strength that He has given to us to do His Work. The Work Of God And The Power Of God Is An Entrustment From God!

This young man did not make any excuses about his work or about his working tools. He took full responsibility for what he was given; he was trustworthy.

Since God has given us work to do and has loaned us the Power that we need to do the Work He has called us to do - it is for this reason that God is going to hold us personally responsible for our tasks and He is going to hold us personally accountable for our tools.

Think about something. By the incoming and infilling of the Holy Spirit, every believer is made responsible and accountable to Heaven for the way we use, misuse, or abuse our time and talents.

Someone asked Daniel Webster (the great statesman of his day) this question: “What is the most sobering, searching thought that ever entered your mind?” “My personal accountability to God.”

Just as this young man was personally responsible for the task and the tools given to him, you and I will be personally responsible for how faithful we are in what God has called us to do. *We will also be held personally accountable for how we use the Heavenly Power God has given to us to use in His Work.

B. The Ax-Head was Lost by Him

Notice {6:5} “But as one was felling a beam, he ax head fell into the water.” The very thing that made this young man so effective is now gone. The sharp cutting edge that he was using came loose and fell into the water. His work was not only incomplete, but his strength to finish his task is now gone. This Young Man Didn't Lose His Job - He Just Lost His Power To Finish HIs Job Properly!

He was Aware of His Loss

Look carefully at this young man’s loss. He Was Aware Of The Loss. He knew it and I am sure that the others were aware of it as well.

Now, he didn’t lose his ax-head through laziness or idleness. He must have been swinging that ax very hard for the ax-head to fly into the Jordan River. More than likely he was one of the busiest men on the work team. I truly believe he had a right heart to do his work.

Let’s think about something. I wonder if he took the time to check to make sure that his ax was in good working order. I wonder; Had he had become careless? Did he know that the ax-head was slipping just a little; yet he didn’t take the time to stop to fix it and make sure that he would not lose it?

Now I believe that he was thoughtful enough not to abuse or misuse the ax that was given to him; but there was a failure somewhere.)

It Could Have Been That This Young Man Was Diligent In His Work, But He Was Negligent In His Watch.

He was fully aware that something had happened; he knew that his effectiveness was lost. He was aware that the power in his work was gone. He realized that his life had lost the total impact on the work that he was doing.

He was Alarmed by His Loss

Not only was this young man aware of his loss - He Was Alarmed By The Loss. The Bible said {6:5}- “and he cried, and said.” Losing the ax-head bothered him because he could no longer do the work he was asked to do.

I would like to use my imagination for just a moment. Here he is, while he was working and sweating, trying to do his part in building this school, he has lost his ax-handle for some reason.

The ax-head that he was using is now in the bottom of the Jordan River. May be he was thinking; “I should have kept a closer watch on that ax-head. Something just didn’t seem right. I should have made sure that it was secure and tight. This tool was given to me.”

As he was thinking about the ax-head, he could have sit down and watched the rest of the young men do their work and his work to. He could have thrown the ax-handle away and quit. He could have complained about the ax-handle coming loose. He could have blamed the loss of the ax-head on the one who gave him his working tools to begin with.

That’s not the way that it happened. The story tells us that he was aware of what had happened, and he was alarmed by what had happened. He knew that he couldn't do his work with just the handle.

The fact that he had a handle in his hand told everyone around him that he had a work to do. He still had a desire to work. The ax-handle more than likely was good and sturdy. But the ax-handle was not sufficient enough to do the work that he had to do.

The missing ax-head represented that he could no longer work effectively; it spoke of the fact that he could no longer cut down trees. He power was gone. He could no longer work like he once did.

The sad thing about this story is the fact that, not only did he know it - the others around him noticed it as well. It could not be hid.

The trees stopped falling. Others knew the difference between the ax-head hitting the tree and the ax- handle hitting the tree. The sound was distinct. He could have acted like that he was still working, but the others would eventually find out at the end of the day.

I want you to know that this story speaks volumes to my soul and to my spirit. It is an honor to be a child of God. It is an honor to do the Work of God that God has called us to do. But it is a tragedy to lose your power and effectiveness in the Work of God.

Having The Ax-Head Speaks Of Having The Cutting Edge; That Effectiveness In The Work Of God! Losing The Ax-head Speaks Of Losing The Cutting Edge; that effectiveness in the Work of God!

1. Losing Effectiveness While Diligent In Daily Work

You can lose your effectiveness (the cutting edge) while you are diligent in your daily work. The Work of God has a lot going on in the Church, but I wonder - it is (motion instead of progress) - is it (show without reality) - is it (noise without power). May God have mercy on men and women who try to serve God without the Spirit of power and the blessings of God in their life.

2. Losing Effectiveness While Neglecting Daily Watch

You can lose your effectiveness while you are neglecting your daily watch. This is elementary to say, but the ax-head would have never come off if it had not been loose. We are apt to lose what we get careless about.

Many of us know of people that at one time or another was effective in the Work of God; who once had a cutting edge. There are people who at one time had strength, had dynamic; had an impact; had been fruitful for God. They had a witness that they were dynamic in the Work of God.

I believe that I am preaching to people right now that your life at one time or another was very effective for God. The people around you were blessed when you sung a song; when you taught a Sunday School Class; when you served this Church. But now, there is some-thing missing. That cutting edge is lost. *You are still working for God - but you are not as effective as you once were.

Let’s takes a test and see if we have lost the cutting edge in the Work of God.

Do these words describe your life?

(stable; not in and out)

If these words do not describe your Christian life, you have lost the cutting edge. You have lost the ax-head.

I am afraid that many Christians have become dull, dry, dormant, dreary, and dead. Their life is missing something. Their Passion for God doesn’t burn on the inside like it use to.

I am reminded of Ann Preston who was nicknamed “Holy Ann” because of her holy life. She could not read one word, but somehow, miraculously, was able to read the Bible. One day somebody picked up a newspaper and asked her if she could read any words in a certain story. The lady they called “Holy Ann” went through the whole story and found one word “lord”. The article was talking about some ‘lord’ in England. Ann Preston said; “I can read that word ‘lord’ - but I don’t think it’s my Lord, because my heart doesn’t burn when I read it.”

You may be wondering how a person can lose their cutting edge. (There are some of you here in this building that has neglected your time with the Lord.) (There are some of you that have neglected coming to the House of God.) (There are some of you that have neglected some sin in your life and you have left it there unconfessed.) (There are some of you that your prayer life is almost null and void.)

Now, you may still work for God, but your effectiveness is gone. You know something is missing and others have began to notice that you are not the same Christian that you were just a few months ago.

I believe that it would do every Christian some good if we would just take a moment and ask ourselves; “Is my life filled with the Power of God? Or is something missing in my life? Is my life on fire for God? Or has the fire for God gone out?”

I want you to listen carefully to this next statement - The Greatest Need In The Life Of A Christian Is The Power Of God!

Just because you are busy for God does not mean that you are being effective for God; and it doesn’t mean that you have the Power of God on your life. You may just be chopping with the ax-handle; you may be missing the ax-head. {The ax-head can slowly but surely come off}

Before we go on in our study, let me share with you 2 real concerns that I have as your Pastor and Leader of this Church. One Thing That Really Concerns Me About The Loss Of Spiritual Power In The Life Of A Christian - Is The Fact That many Have Lost God’s Power And Yet They Are Not Aware Of It.

They are working for the Lord, but they are not aware that they are doing God’s Work in their own strength. Something is missing, and they are not aware of it.

Let me give you a Biblical illustration of this. The Word of God gives us a story of a man by the name of Samson. When he lost his hair and his power in the lap of Delilah, we are told that when the Philistines came to take him away: {Judges 16:20}- “And she said, The Philistines be upon thee, Samson. And he awoke out of his sleep, and said, I Will Go Out As At Other Times Before, And Shake Myself. And He Wist Not That The Lord Was Departed From Him.”

Samson went out to battle as he had always done before, but this time he was powerless, and he wasn’t even aware of it until it was too late.

The Other Thing That Concerns me Is The Fact That There Are Christians Who Have Lost The Power Of God In Their Life; They Even Know That There Is Something Missing In Their Life - Yet They Are  Not Concerned Over Their Loss.

So often we feel that we have to continue to go through the motions. We know that something is missing, yet we still go on like nothing is wrong. We act like nothing is missing.

I am glad that we don’t have to go through the motions; just doing our duty for the Lord. If we have lost the Power Of God in our life, but desire to have it once again, then you can have it if you just ask the Lord for it.

In order to regain the Power of God that you once had in your life, you must once again be concerned about getting it back. You must desire it and realize that you can’t make it in your Christian life without it.

III. The Possession that was Located in the Work of God

Let’s Read {6:6,7}- “And the man of God said, Where fell it? And he shewed him the place. And he cut down a stick, and cast it in thither; and the iron did swim. {7}- Therefore said he, Take it up to thee.

And he put out his hand, and took it.”

This young man stopped what he was doing, realizing that there was no need for him to continue to do his work until he received again his cutting edge.

How did he recover his ax-head? How did he regain his power and his possession?

A. He Remembered

Look again at {6:6}- “And the man of God said, Where fell it? And he showed him the place.”

He had to go back to the place where he lost his cutting edge. The young man could remember ‘where’ he lost the ax-head. He remembered exactly ‘when’ he had to stop his work. And he remembered ‘why’ the ax-head had fallen. The memory of the loss of his power must have been painful for him, but it was needful for him.

Some of you remember a time when your walk with God was fulfilling; when your work for God was filled with joy; it was fun-filled; it was a thrill to your heart instead of a drudgery. For a long time now you have been blaming the changing of the times - your busy schedule - things are not what they ought to be or use to be.

The first thing you need to do is remember where you begin to realize that something was wrong in your spiritual life.

B. He Returned

The words “Where fell it” lets us know that this young man took Elisha back to the place where he lost the ax-head. He not only remembered the place where he lost it, he went back to the place where he lost the ax-head.

If you are going to truly regain your cutting edge, you must first go back to where you lost it to begin with. Go back to the place and show the Lord the place where you lost it.

Don’t begin to make excuses. Don’t begin to think about looking for another Church. Don’t stop working for the Lord. Don’t keep chopping with the ax-handle.

The first step to recovering your lost ax-head is to GO Back! This speaks that you are concerned. The Place Of Departure Is The Place Of Recovery!

I have learned that a person will never get past the place where they got out of God’s Will! They must return. They must go back.

You will only find something that is lost when you pinpoint the place where you left it. You “get in” where you “get out.”

C. He Revealed

We are told that this young man {6}- “showed him the place.” Not only was the young man concerned about recovering the ax-head, he confessed that he knew where he lost it.

This is another step to spiritual recovery. This is a must to getting the cutting edge back. He confessed it was lost, and he confessed that he knew where he had lost it. More than likely this young man was tired of not doing anything. More than likely he was tired of being powerless. He didn’t point his finger at the person who gave him the ax to begin with. He didn’t try to work with the ax-head. He just went back and pointed out where he had lost his power.

Listen carefully. If you desire to recover your lost power, you will have to admit to God just where you lost it.

At this point he cannot do anything else. He has done all that he was commanded to do. Now, it was up to the man of God. This young man knew that the ax-head could not swim in water. He knew that it was absolutely impossible. BUT GETTING THE Ax-Head To Swim Was Not His Concern! He needed a Miracle.

The Best Way To End The Problem Of A Human Mess Is With The Power Of A Divine Miracle!

Look at what the man of God did. Notice {6:6}- “He cut down a stick, and cast it in thither; and the iron did swim.”

I confess to you that I don’t know what all of this means, but I do know this. It happened exactly the way the Bible said it happened.

Now, I personally believe that the “stick” is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God calls Jesus “The Righteous Branch.” Jesus is called “The Branch Of David.”

I believe when Elisha cut off that “stick” and threw it into the Jordan River, it gave life to that ax-head, and the ax-head swam.

When Jesus Christ was crucified and cast into the river of death, He gave us life, so that we, too, might conquer the river of death and live forever more with Him. Jesus died to help you pick up the ax-head again.

Listen carefully. I am convinced that Miracles still happen today. I have confidence in a God Who can do all things.

D. He Recovered

Look at {6:7}- “Therefore said he, Take it up to thee. And he put out his hand, and took it.” He didn’t rethink everything. He realized that he could not do his work without that ax-head. When he saw the ax-head swimming on top of the water, it was his responsibility to stoop down and get it.

Don’t overlook the fact that when God stepped in, the iron swam to the top of the water.

When this young man reached out and took the ax-head, it was a reminder to him and to every one of us that God is the God of beginning again. (God is the God of the Second Chance.)

This was not a time of explanation of reason, it was a time for him to exercise his faith; reach out his hand and take it and put it back on the ax-handle.

I am convinced that there is little use in continuing our spiritual activities if we have lost that which makes all our service effective and eternal.

E. He Repeated

This young man didn’t get the ax-head back to brag about the iron swimming on the water. He didn’t brag about the Miracle. He just picked up the ax-head, put it back on the ax-handle, and he kept right on working.

No longer was he powerless. He examined that ax-head as he put it on the ax-handle; he made sure that it was securely fastened on the ax-handle, and he kept right on working.

I wonder; have you lost your cutting edge? Have you lost your effectiveness? You can recover your lost power when you become (concerned) - you (confess) - and you (commit) to recover what you have lost.

I read a story about a little girl who was staying with her grandfather. The grandfather was busy writing checks and paying bills. She was playing with her Barbie dolls. She wanted the attention of her grandfather, so she said; “Papa.” He said; “Yes dear, I’m listening.” But he never looked up. He said; “I’m listening while I’m working here.” The little girl said; “No Papa, Listen To Me With Your Face.” All she wanted was his undivided attention. I wonder how many opportunities we have missed with the Lord because we were so busy doing something for Him that He wanted us to listen with  our face, instead of trying to listen as we continued in our Work for Him. We are not wrong for working for the Lord. I believe that we are wrong when we try to do His Work with our own strength.

If we will listen, we will hear from God the things we need to hear. {Proverbs 8:6}- “Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things.”

I have learned a valuable lesson from this story found in {2 Kings 6:1-7}. There is a lot of difference between chopping wood with a sharp ax and flailing away with a plain ax- handle. *This teaches me that - There is a difference between something ‘done for’ the Lord and something DONE BY the Lord. There is a vast difference between a person doing their best work for the Lord and the Lord doing His normal work in a person. Have You Lost Your Cutting Edge? Take God back to where you lost it and He will help you receive you the Power of God once again in your life.

Are you concerned that the ax-head might be gone from your life? Is your life what it ought to be for God? If it is, then stay close to the Lord. If your life is not what it ought to be with God, then make it right with Him right now.

Have you lost your cutting edge?!

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