What Does It Mean To Be His

Title: What Does It Mean To Be His

Bible Book: Romans 12 : 3-8

Author: Jerry N. Watts

Subject: Jesus, Belonging To; Christian Life, Meaning of



Think about this word with me, “Possession.” What does it mean to possess something? It means you “own it”, and you “control it.” To possess something give you power over whatever it is that you possess. When we hear about this concept, we think of cars, houses, etc, yet, in God’s word we find a clear picture.

On numerous occasions in the gospels we see “possessed” people. The common terminology is “demon-possessed”. Have you ever considered the behavior of a ‘possessed’ person? The  person’s actions are controlled by that which ‘possessed them’. The demon controlled their speech, their lifestyle, and even their attitude because he is indeed in total control.

As we have read our Romans passage today, it is clearly a passage which is intended for God’s redeemed Children. And I can lift out of this passage the Holy Spirit speaking to the Apostle Paul and saying, “Tell them that This is what it means to be mine.”

Candidly, too many have put their slant on exactly what it means to be God’s child. For many, it means reforming their lifestyle, repeat the right words, and even reduce our bad habits.

I. It Means We Have Received Grace

Paul says, “For by the grace given to me.” This speaks of his Damascus road experience; his salvation, his transformation, or his reconciliation. Paul knew He had received some-thing which he did not deserve and He never got over it. When you and I come to Christ and receive this wonderful gift of grace, it affects us.

A. It Affects Our Mindset

Think about the 2 options for our thinking which Paul gives. First is “think of yourself” and second he lists “think sensible.” Honestly, I keep looking for a third option. It seems that Paul is attempting to teach us that when we think more highly of ourselves than we should that we are not thinking sensibly or soberly. In other words, when we have “number 1” at the top of our priority list, then we  are not thinking sensibly or soberly. That being said, it is obvious that Paul is imploring his readers to know this is one of the ways in which our mind is renewed. A renewed mind puts self in the proper perspective.

For the person who is full of ‘self’ may well not have experienced a transformation which resulted in a renewed mind. Why? Because we are transformed by the renewing of our mind. To receive grace is to be saved and transformed or better said, born again.

B. It Affects Our Makeup

This means how we relate to other people in the body which is the church. The scripture is very clear on this point; we are a part of each other. We find this truth here in Romans 12 and we can turn to 1 Corinthians 12 (12ff) and find the same truth.

Watch this; this is why it is true if one member of the body hurts, we all hurt. If one church family hurts, it impacts us all. The word for being a part of God’s family is “interconnectedness.” Think about your body. Would your hand really consider hurting your foot? While this may sound silly, it is the exact same principle in a church. When with malice in our hearts we attack another member of the body, we are hurting ourselves. As a receiver of His grace, our makeup has changed.

c.  It Affects Our Mission

Verse 5 gives us this truth when it says, “we who are many are One Body in Christ.” Consider that concept; One Body! One body can only have one mission. For the person who has received grace, that one mission becomes His mission. Why? Because in receiving His grace, we become His and He calls the shots. So now life is not some hit or miss trek which is lived out with little purpose or direction, but is controlled by Him. In fact, I would go so far as to say, “If my life is not controlled by Him, then I am not now His and am a partaker in His heavenly grace.” As partakers of His grace, we become His possession and not just ‘A’ possession but His ‘prized’ possession. His possessions, like yours, are controlled by Him. Consider what that means.

II. It Means We Have Received Gift(s)

One of the Bible truths which Southern Baptist ignored for many years was the teaching concerning “spiritual gifts.” The early days of my training, both in church and school, had an air of unhealthiness concerning spiritual gifts. Yet, in multiple places, the Bible clearly teaches the truth about Spiritual Giftedness and the use of those gifts. It would seem that our years of Not teaching this has caught up with the whole of Baptist life because today’s church is more anemic than any other time in American history. The plan of God is that every believer discover, develop, and deploy his or her gifts in ministry. Without the gifts being used, the church is like a car without engine.

The way a church gets “without an engine” is for you and I to forget OUR responsibility to use the grace gifts which God has given us to use. When God imparts to us His saving GRACE, He also gives us Grace Gifts which deeply impact our lives. Here is how it works.

A. It Impacts Our Family

(Verse 5) When speaking of family, most of us think of moms, daughters, sons, fathers, and the like. The truth is, when we received His grace and His gifts it will have an impact on our earthly family and our Spiritual family. (It is important to keep the perspective that our earthly family is temporal and earthly, literally on loan from God, while on earth).

When a family is functional (both spiritual and earthly), its members are healthy & those members interact with each other in a healthy manner. Yes, disagreements will come and go, conflict will rise up and resolve.

There is one thing about a healthy family; they love each other regardless of the past issues. The get past, turn loose and let go.

Upon receiving and discovering our spiritual gift, if we develop and begin to use it, the internal joy and personal satisfaction will be evident for our earthly family. The result will be ‘life producing’  spiritual fruit (I.E. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control). Fulfilling the calling of God’s Grace Gift will bring a peace in which Jesus spoke of in John 14 when He says, “Peace I leave with you. Not peace as the world gives. You heart must not be troubled or fearful.” Our internal peace comes from knowing Jesus personally and being obedient to Him. This means deploying or using our spiritual gifts. When we use our gifts, we find ourselves with internal joy and even to the point of satisfaction because we are being obedient.

However, for the individual who comes to Christ and doesn’t discover, develop, or deploy their spiritual gift, their entire life may well be one of “internal frustration.” And for the uninformed, they may never know why they are so frustrated. Here is the result; a miserable person. One who thinks everyone is out to get Them, one who seems to think that nobody gives them their due. This individual, although a believer, recipient of God’s grace and gifts, become frustrated and fractious and honestly, don’t know why. Their family (both earthly and spiritual) suffers.

B. It Impacts Our Function

Think about your function in the family of God, what is it that you do and why do you do it? When we receive His grace gifts, our lives take on a new purpose. In verses 6-8, we discover words of direction or redirection. Whatever God gives you, use it. Whether prophecy, service, teaching, exhorting, giving, leading, or even showing mercy. Then to piggy-back this with another of Paul’s writings, “Whatever you do, do it in the name of the Lord, as unto the Lord.” When we recognize that God has given us both His grace and then the gifts we need to serve Him and minister in His name, several things happen.

1. Our Lives Are Changed Forever

First, our lives are changed forever. Literally, we find our God-given hot-button and just enjoy pressing it. This is like kids finding something they enjoy so much that they can’t wait to do it again. This is exactly how it is when a person discovers what God has called them to do and be, it enjoyable, fulfilling, and you want to do it regularly.

2. Our Homes Are Changed Forever

Next, our homes are changed forever. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have healthy functioning homes when the members are unhappy. Rather than being a relaxed enjoyable place to live, the family will find itself moving from one conflict to another, from one argument to another, from one hurt to another, only to have unhealthy relationship based on intimidation or fear.

However, discovering God’s grace and gifts along with fulfilling your personal ministry, develops an internal assurance which produces Spiritual fruit. Life is better & inner turmoil passes. Yes, external turmoil may come, but handling is much easier.

3. Our Churches Are Changed Forever

Finally, our churches are changed forever. Many church fellowships are kept in turmoil by members who have little idea of the Biblical function of the church and their part in the body. God has designed us for every member to be a minister and have a ministry. With the way He placed us together it is imperative that each & every member fulfill His part, His assignment, or His responsibility within the body. Without this collective work, the work of the body is frustrated.

Allow me to illustrate this truth. A couple of years ago I was privileged to tour the Hyundai plant in Montgomery. I saw the assembly line from start to finish, beginning with the chassis and concluding with the paint. It was easy to see that the workers (From the CEO down) saw themselves as a great team working together and were fulfilled in their effort to do the very best they could on Every vehicle they made. What would happen if the team who installed the windshields decided to watch instead of work? Or the ones who installed the steering wheel? In an oversimplified way, this is a church body. A team of imperfect but regenerated people called to fulfill God’s ministry. It is a divine thing.

C. It Impacts Our Faith

When we receive God’s grace and gift, we receive from God a “measure of faith.” We call ourselves people of faith, but have ever considered the power of faith? In scripture we find Jesus teaching that the lack of faith even stops the divine work of our Savior. On more than one occasion in the New Testament Jesus said, “Your faith has made your whole or made you well.” In more than one place we see that lack of faith limited the divine work of God. In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus is constantly rebuking the 12 for their lack of faith. In chapter 8 in the storm, in chapter 14 it was Peter going swimming, in chapter 16 it was the disciples forgetting to bring something to eat, in chapter 17 it was the inability to cast out a demon from a young boy; repeatedly we read about “little faith.” Then in Chapter 17 Jesus says, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.” How much faith do you have?” Perhaps our faith is limited because we have seen so little of God working in and through our lives because we have ignored the grace & gifts He has given to us.


To be His ‘means’ several things. It means that you have been born again and received His measure of grace and His grace gifts. It means that you are possessed and controlled by Him.

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