The Unshakeable Kingdom

Title: The Unshakeable Kingdom

Bible Book: Hebrews 12 : 25-29

Author: William F. Harrell

Subject: Kingdom of God; Foundation, Solid



This is just another one of the passages in Scripture which tells us of the value of being one of God's children in a right relationship with Him. It also tells us of the utter uselessness of the things which are a part of this world's productivity. In v. 27, we see it clearly. In the Greek it is saying that everything that is made from something will be shaken or thrown down. The word, "made" means to make out of something. Nothing of this world has eternal significance except our service to Him and His Kingdom. This also affirms for us the ultimate value of having our treasure in heaven and in our relationship to God through Jesus Christ. Nothing from over here is going to inherit eternity. I don't care how much we love it or how hard we have worked for it, it will not be able to make the transition from physical to spiritual. Therefore, it would serve us well to make sure that our treasure is with God in Jesus Christ.

I want to look at the Unshakable Kingdom we find in these verses.

I. There is Something to be Received - God's Kingdom

The word “receiving” is from the Greek word, “paralambano - to take to one's self - Not to reject; not to withhold obedience.”

"Receiving" implies that you have something to do with the transaction. And, that is exactly what the Bible teaches.

Now what are we receiving? A Kingdom – “Basileia” That speaks of the Royal power of Jesus as the triumphant Messiah. It also speaks of the Royal power and dignity conferred on Christians in the Messiah's Kingdom.

Verse 27 tells us that it is an unshakable kingdom. It is beyond the earth. It is not dependent on what happens here. God does not give us a part in a Kingdom which will be troubled with war, disease and the human condition.

“Moved –asaleutos -unshaken.” That means firm, stable, not liable to overthrow.

II. There is Something to be Possessed - God's Grace

Look at verse 28. The writer says that since all of this is true of Christians we must possess grace. Grace speaks of the spiritual condition of one governed by the power of Divine Grace. This grace empowers us – verse 28, "by which we may serve God…"

Grace is more than something you receive in order to be saved, grace is imparted to allow us to be Christian and God-like in our response to other people. It is given to us to allow us to be able to work and serve him in an acceptable way. A true Christian has a certain "Grace" about his life.

III. There is Something to be Accomplished - God's Service

You see, there is something essential to true Christianity. What is that? Service! Look at verse 28. The grace we just spoke about is given so that we can produce the proper service to God. Without understanding the element of grace, man will always think he had something to do with his own salvation. Grace places service to God in the proper perspective. It makes one eager to serve Someone who has given him or her so much, so bountifully.

Grace also produces reverence and godly fear because a person realizes that anything he has and everything he is dependent upon God's loving grace. The word reverence comes from aidos - a sense of honor, modesty, bashfulness, regard for others, respect. This also speak of godly "fear" – eulabeia - caution, discretion, reverence toward God, Godly fear. We do not work to accomplish salvation; rather we gladly serve Him because He accomplished salvation for us. And, indeed, He has placed us in an unshakeable kingdom!

It is quite evident that being a part of God's Kingdom is essential to eternal life and a life of peace. God has this Unshakable Kingdom for us to be a part of. Don't you want to heed the warnings in these verses and give your life to Jesus, thereby inheriting an eternal home which is not going to pass away because it is not make with something from here? It is not made with human hands. It is God's Kingdom. Give your life to Christ today.

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