The Pleasure Of Dedicated Disciples

Title: The Pleasure Of Dedicated Disciples

Bible Book: Philemon 1 : 23-25

Author: Donald Cantrell

Subject: Discipleship; Christian Living; Fellowship; Service



I. The Mentioned Names of These Men

It is noble man that can afford others some of the limelight and this is just what Paul is doing in this passage. I believe that it was Mark Twain that said, “I can go for one month off of just one compliment.” It is needful for men of God to give needful acknowledgement to those that have labored with him.

A. Consider the Mention of their Names

The apostle was never so busy that he could not allow time to recognize his helpers. The work could never get done without teamwork.

1. The Great Apostle Personally Appreciated Them

It is one thing to appreciate those that help us but another thing to give them some public appreciation. Paul knew the value of publicly acknowledging those that were standing with him. The key to this was that it was personal with Paul; he really did appreciate these men. The wise pastor will have a personal passion for those that help him along the way.

2. The Great Apostle Publically Acknowledged Them

In writing this letter the great apostle allowed the time to publicly mention the names of those that stood with him. The truth of the matter was that Paul had some sort of physical limitation that made writing difficult and hard, but he wrote this letter with his own hand. Often he used someone to dictate his words, but not so in this matter, he passionately and personally wrote this letter himself. Paul knew the value of praising people publicly.

B. Consider the Meaning of their Names

The names of each of these men are listed below. The character of a man was often associated with his name.

1.  Epaphras: “Lovely”
2. Marcus: “A defense”
3. Aristarchus: “The best ruler”
4. Demus: “Governor of people”
5. Lucas: “Light giving”

II. The Ministerial Needfulness of these Men

The need of dedicated men is great in fulfilling the work of ones ministry. The wise pastor will hook up with faithful and dedicated disciples. Paul allowed time to find dedicated and faithful men.

A. Paul Had Wonderfully Won Most of Them - Loved Their Souls

In winning these men Paul spent much time mentoring them to become mighty men that would help him do the work. It is one thing to love good godly workers; it is another thing to personally win them to the Lord.

B. Paul Had Willingly Worked Most of Them - Liked Their Service

The best way to mentor good workers is to jump in and do the work with them. I believe that Paul understood the value of servant leadership.

III. The Matchless Nature of These Men

The men were not just dedicated men but even more so they were devoted men. I dare say that these men had a unique devotion that drove them to stand by Paul.

A. Devoted in their Spirit

If a man is to adequately serve God it must be due to a burning devotion in his soul. If a man is driven due to love he can achieve the unthinkable.

B. Devoted in their Service

Paul had a deep need for these men to stand with him, even though he was in prison. We assume that this was an easy expectation, how would we react in the same situation in our day and time. I wonder if we could stand boldly beside our spiritual leader if he were imprisoned.

Paul had the personal pleasure of having deeply committed and faithful men help him in the work. It was also a wonderful thing to see him publicly recognize these men, he appreciated and acknowledged them.

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