The Father God Chose

Title: The Father God Chose

Bible Book: Matthew 1 : 18-25

Author: Danny Cochran

Subject: Father's Day, Joseph; Christmas



Matthew 1:18-25

When God sent his son into the world, one man would be chosen to be his earthly father. Who did God choose? A more important question is, "What kind of man did he choose?” We know that he chose a man named Joseph. What kind of man was he?

What was there about Joseph that made him a suitable father for the Lord Jesus Christ? When we examine his life the things that we see can be true of our lives as well.  The Bible reveals that Joseph was:

I. A Man Who Knew God

A. The Evidence that He Knew God
  • He was described as a just man.  Matt. 1:19.

This is the term used to describe a man who knows the Lord. Rom. 1:17; 5:1.

  • He was on speaking terms with God.  Matt. 1:20; 2:13,19,22.

In times of crisis Joseph heard from the Lord and made decisions based on what God said.

  • While Joseph did not have the revelation of the cross that we have today, he had opened his heart to the knowledge God had given him. i.e. – Creation, Exodus, the law, promise of  Messiah, etc.
B. The Importance of Knowing God
  • Essential for personal peace and salvation
  • Essential for leading the family in a right direction. You cannot lead others where you do not go.

II. A Man Who Thought Before Taking Action

A. The Dilemma that Joseph Faced  Matt. 1:19,20.

Imagine Joseph’s feelings when he learned that Mary was pregnant. Joseph could have made a terrible mistake had he acted hastily

B. The Example that Joseph Set

  • Men in our culture often think that anger is the only emotion that is appropriate to display.
  • Men are often tempted to act hastily without knowing all the facts or thinking the matter through before taking action.
  • Men often make mistakes and harm the people they love by acting hastily in anger. Pro. 16:32.

III. A Man Who Protected His Family

A. The Protection Joseph Provided  Matt. 2:13-15

He was warned of God about impending danger to his son.

A reminder of the importance of staying in touch with the Lord.

He took drastic steps to protect his son and wife.

B. The Protection We Provide  1 Pet. 5:8.

  • Physical protection. Ex. 22:2.
  • Emotional protection.
  • Spiritual protection.

IV. A Man Who Taught His Son

A. The Instructions from a Jewish Father

He taught his son about God. Deut. 6:4-7; 20-25; Gen. 18:19.
He taught his son a trade. Matt. 13:55; Mark 6:3.

Fathers were to teach their children skills for success in life

B. The Instructions from a Christian Father
  • He teaches his children about God  Eph. 6:4.
  • He teaches his children about life
  • He teaches his children about marriage
  • He teaches his children about finances
  • He teaches his children about work skills and ethics
  • He teaches hi children about moral convictions

It appears that Joseph was not an extraordinary man. He was simply a man who was what a man and a father ought to be. He did not do incredible things. He simply did the right things.  He knew the Lord and tried to do what was right. He controlled his feelings and actions until he heard from the Lord and knew the truth. He sought direction from the Lord and he taught his family about the Lord. Any father can be and do what Joseph was and did through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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