Table Talk

Title: Table Talk

Bible Book: Matthew 26 : 26-30

Author: J. Mike Minnix

Subject: Lord's Supper; Communion



A lady read in the newspaper that fish was excellent brain food. The lady wrote to the editor, but her sentences were poorly written and several words were misspelled. She asked, "What kind of fish would you say I ought to be eating to help my brain?" The editor, seeing her poor English skills, wrote back to her saying, "Judging from the composition of your letter, I suggest you eat a whale!" The editor was not very kind.

You and I come to a table today that is good for the brain, the soul, the spirit and the heart, for we are coming to the Lord's Table this morning. Normally, when people gather around a table to dine, there is always an abundance of conversation. If several people are present, it can be difficult to keep up with your own discussion, since the voices of others merge together and intrude on your own words. It is interesting, however, to note that when we come to the Lord’s Table few words are spoken. In a moment, when the bread and cup are passed to you, no conversation occurs between participants. Actually, the “table” does the talking as we receive the elements. The bread and cup carry a message of their own -  loud and clear.

Today, as we come to celebrate the Lord's Supper, let me take just a moment to share with you three specific things the Table of the Lord says to us. Our Lord established this practice and it is one of two ordinances observed by our fellowship. Christ desired and ordered that we take part in this act of remembrance because it speaks volumes of truth and ensures that we do not forget the most important truth in the Christian faith. I want to share three realities that are present in the Lord's Supper before we receive the bread and cup today.

I. It Speaks to us of the Gift of God

Note that Jesus took the Bread, offered thanks and gave it to His disciples. In this act the Bread of Heaven is a gift and not something we earn or achieve on our own. Too often Christians get caught up in all the good they do and forget that without the Gift of God all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags before the Lord.

There are many truths wrapped up in the Lord’s Supper, but certainly a major one is the fact that without God’s act of love in giving His Son for our salvation, we are eternally lost. Participation in the Lord’s Supper reminds us that our salvation, our daily walk in Christ and the promise of heaven, are all gifts given to us through Christ – the Bread of Life.

There is no room for bragging and boasting at the Lord’s Table. Here we are refreshed with the remembrance of God’s love for us, revealed through the Son He gave to redeem us. The Lord's Supper reminds us that Jesus gave Himself when He died on the cross. In fact, Jesus said that no one was taking His life from Him, but rather He was laying down His life freely. This brings to mind that familiar verse, John 3:16. We need to remember that God so loved the world that He “gave His only Son” for us!

Jesus passed the bread to His disciples, and in so doing He was figuratively displaying the gift of life that was being imparted through Himself. Righteous acts or rituals by the saints can never do what the Redeemer did at the cross for us, and the Lord’s Supper makes sure we don’t ever neglect or ignore this truth.

We read in Ephesians 2:8-9, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast.”  Dear friends, we do not work our way into a right relationship with God, it is a gift of love from Him to us, granted when we express faith in Christ as Lord and Savior!

II. It Speaks to us of the Gravity of Sin

The second thing the table shares how ominous and bleak our lives were when we were still in our sins. This act of remembrance speaks to us of  the horrible gravity and seriousness of sin. Jesus told His disciples to drink from the cup, which contained the fruit of the vine. He told them that this drink was a symbol of His blood. It is important for us to note how Jesus said this. He stated that His blood was poured out for sin. His blood was poured out, that is, it was sent forth freely to cleanse us of our wickedness. The Greek word for poured is the word ‘gush’. The blood of Jesus was necessary and was given so freely and fully.

Look at the price Jesus paid for our sin. In our day, sin is viewed so flippantly, even among God’s people, and what sorrow this ought to bring to your heart and mine. The life of Jesus was necessary to pay the price for our iniquities, and that involved pouring out His blood on the cross to make salvation possible.

Just how much do you treasure your own blood? If you merely cut your finger in a minor way, you rush to get a band aid, place triple antibacterial anointment on it and tell everyone in the house that you have been mortally wounded! A paper-cut can activate shivers in your body. Dear friend, to consider what Jesus endured because of my sins and yours is a serious business. It calls upon us to recommit our lives to Him and to rid ourselves of the sin(s) that so easily besets us in our race toward eternity.

As we come to this table, let it speak to us of the consequences of our conduct. We must never think of the Lord's Supper as a ritual. We must not allow this to become less than our Lord meant for it to be in our lives.

Paul records for us that Jesus said, "This do in remembrance of me." The word remembrance means more than mere recollection. You will recall that the thief on the cross said to Jesus, "Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom." The thief meant for Jesus to do more than merely have a recollection of him. The word remembrance means "to be with". The thief wanted to be with Jesus in the kingdom and not merely to be remembered by Jesus in the kingdom.

You and I are to go back in our minds, as much as it is possible, and in so doing to remember the cross of our Lord. We are to remember the price paid for our sins by re-visiting in our souls the event of Jesus’ death and calling to remembrance that point in our own journey when the blood was applied to our lives and we were gloriously saved. We are to remember by drawing near to Jesus and renewing ourselves in His presence.

III. It Speaks to us of the Gateway to Forgiveness

Finally, note that Jesus said His blood was shed for the sins of many! Interestingly, Jesus did not say that His blood was shed for the sins of all. We know that He loves all, and that He died for all, and that He desires that all be with Him in heaven. Why, then, did He not say that His blood was for the sins of all? He did not say that because not all will believe. Sadly, some will deny Him. Some will perish in their sins, even though the fount of forgiveness is deep and plentiful. The songwriter penned,

"There is a fountain filled with blood,
Drawn from Immanuel's veins,
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains!"

Yes, the fountain is full, but many will miss it. Maybe even someone here today will perish because you are not willing to come to Christ to find forgiveness. Jesus is the gateway - the Door - to salvation, forgiveness of sin, and to heaven.

"Come, ye sinners, poor and needy,
Weak and wounded, sick and sore;
Jesus ready stands to save you,
Full of pity, love and power!"

So let those of us who know Him draw near to Him. We need to remember - which means to get into what this Lord's Supper is really all about. Draw near to Him, child of God. As the songwriter prayed,

“Holy Spirit breathe on me,
Until my heart is clean.”

My lost friend, trust Him today.

Where we fall short, Jesus never fails.

Where we lack, Christ is abundant.

Where we are overcome, Christ overcame.

Where we failed, Christ prevailed!

The Law demanded our death, because of our sin-stained lives, but Christ, who knew no sin, took our place on the cross of Calvary and made a way by which we could escape the punishment of the Law. Come to Him today.

Jesus provided enough sacrifice for everyone, but not all will believe. But, there is room for you. There is a provision for you. Would you be one of the many today who trust Jesus for forgiveness of sin and eternal life?

His blood was provided for many. Who are some of the many? There was an adulterous woman who was caught in her sin and brought before Jesus to be stoned to death. What did Jesus say? “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.” In other words, her sins were forgiven and she was saved. What about the paralytic who was brought before Jesus! Jesus told him "Friend, your sins are forgiven." What about you, dear friend. Christ died for many, become one of them today.


Some years ago a farmer and his wife had the horrible experience of losing their young son in an accident. The boy was hit by a car while riding his bike. The bicycle was put in the corner of an old barn. Once in a while, the farmer would go into the corner of that old barn and see that bicycle, and each time he would break down in tears. One day in church, as the congregation was receiving the Lord's Supper, it dawned on him that he should have the same sense of reality about the death of Christ. He humbly bowed his head and prayed, "Dear God, help me to feel the reality of Your Son's death for me in the Lord's Supper.”

It is not just the "table" that speaks to us, it is God's Spirit whose voice we hear deep in our hearts. Someone in this service is being called by the Lord this very moment to give your heart and life to Jesus. Others here are saved, but we need to renew our commitment to Christ before we place the bread and cup to our lips. So, as we sing a hymn of invitation, come to Him. Hear His voice and respond, even now, as we stand.

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