Our Mission – The Commission of Christ

Title: Our Mission - The Commission of Christ

Bible Book: Matthew 28 : 18-20

Author: J. Terrell Ruis

Subject: Missions



Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:48, John 20:21, Acts 1:8. What are we supposed to be doing? The mission of the church is the mission of the Lord. Does anyone here still believe that the Great Commission doesn't apply to us today? It states the mission of the church and the life purpose of every child of God.

Story of William Carey and older minister: "When God chooses to save the heathen, He will do it without your help and mine."

The Great Commission is God's worldwide task of bringing all persons to himself through faith in Jesus Christ.

Look at some Mission/Vision Statements from churches!

FBC, Thomasville has a statement that reads, "To be a church where Jesus is Lord of all and members are committed to minister through prayer, worship, fellowship, and reaching people."

Trinity in Moultrie reads, "Our purpose is to be a body of baptized believers, dedicated to following His example of ministry through: 1. Spiritual worship, 2. Faithful discipleship, 3. Christian fellowship, 4. Evangelistic outreach."

FBC, Nashville states, "To reach every person in Nashville and Berrien County with the Gospel of Christ, discipling those we reach, leading them to their full potential in Christ; and to use the Sunday School to fulfill this vision."

Good statements, but do they go far enough? If our mission is His commission, we ignore His final requests at our peril. Note several Characteristics of Mission of Church.

I. It is a Divine Mission.

It is God's plan for the ages. W. O. Carver, Abraham, Ge. 12:3, "And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." Ps. 2:8, "Ask of me. . ." Hab. 2:14, "Knowledge, waters cover the sea." Mt. 5:13, "Salt of the earth. . ." Mt. 5:14, "Light of the world," Mt. 6:10, "Thy kingdom come . . ." Rev. 7:9-10. Rev. 11:15 "The kingdoms of this world . . ."

It was the work of Jesus while on the earth. Lk. 19:10, "For the son of man. . ." Jn. 3:16. I'm glad that His cross included me.

He sends His witnesses out with divine authority. Mt. 28:18, ". . . all authority." NEB "Full authority . . ." Ill. Song: "The King's Business . . "

II. It is a World-Wide Mission

Look at Mk. 16:15, Mt. 28:19, Acts 1:8. "Uttermost parts . . ." Does anyone here believe these commissions don't apply to us today? Ill. Wm. Carey, "When God chooses to save the heathen, He'll do it without your help or mine."

God chose the Jews to be His missionaries to the world. O.T. - their failure.

Note Jonah, his disastrous disobedience, his obstinate obedience, and his atrocious attitude.

So God chose Christians to be His missionaries to the world. Are we doing much better? 94 % evangelical ministers. 16 % of world's population. In USA, 1 cent of every dollar goes to the rest of the world. Hispanics in U.S. 34.7 m, 435 t (GA)

Some people raise the argument that we've got to do it here before we can do it our there. "Acts 1:8" Association, Christian, church. KJV - ". . .both in Jerusalem . . ." Divine synergy - simultaneous.

Bill O'Brian mentions a tiny church with a sign out front stating, "World Outreach Center." That is what every church is supposed to be regardless of size. R. G. Lee said, "God's arms of love are 24+ miles long."

III. It is a Personal Mission.

In Mt. 28:19 we read, "Go ye therefore . . ." In Mk. 16:15 we note that it says, "Go ye . . ." In Lk. 24:48 we read, "Ye are witnesses. . ." Again, in Jn. 20:21, we discover these words,". . .so send I you." And then, in Ac. 1:8 we find Jesus saying, "But ye . . ." Jesus meant for each of us to take it personally.

Each of us must be His witness/His missionary. Silent/Life witness. Something Jesus didn't do.

Each of us have a missionary handbook. Key verse: Jn. 20:31, "But these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name."

We will each be held personally accountable. Rev. 22:12 reads, "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give to every man according as his work shall be." Your salvation is secure in Christ, but your service will determine your reward.

Every Christian can be an "Acts 1:8 Christian."

IV. It is an Impossible Mission.

It is impossible without the power of the Holy Spirit. Ac. 1:8. God has given you and your church everything you need to carry out His world-wide work.

It is impossible without daily fellowship with Jesus Christ. God created you for this. Relationship assumed. Witnessing out of the overflow.

It is impossible without the fearless proclamation of the Word of God. Ill. Spurgeon/Lion. Is. 55:11, "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where to I sent it."

It is impossible without God's people working together. CP - 77 years. 200+ state missionaries, 5,000+ North American missionaries, 5000+ International missionaries. God's people joining hand and heart to carry the message of Christ around the world.


Robert McQuilken appeared before several hundred students at a missions conference. McQuilken had just relayed the fact that more than half the world's people not only had never heard the good news of life in Christ; they cannot hear because there is no witnessing church among them.

"How come?" rang out from the back of the auditorium.

"How come? How come, what?" he asked.

The voice from the back of the auditorium rang out again, "With so many unreached people, how come so few are going?"

"That's a very good question," he said. "In fact, I know someone who asks that question every day."

"Who's that?" asked the student at the back of the room.

McQuilken: "I lifted my eyes and pointed heavenward." A hush fell over the audience.

"How come?"

We don't care that much. "Do you really care?"

We don't see very well. "Do you see God's worldwide task?"

We think there must be some other way.

We think somebody else will do it.

Someone isn't listening.

Isaiah 6:8, "Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then said I, Here am I, send me."



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