Not Just The Old Forget

Title: Not Just The Old Forget

Bible Book: Deuteronomy 8 : 1-18

Author: Jack Auten

Subject: Forgetting; Remembering



Everybody forgets, some quicker than others, but sooner or later things just seem to fade away from the mind. It is said that some things become "buried" in the mind. Famous athletes, music styles, teachers, classmates, playmates, names, dates, places, old friends, childhood events, promises and just about anything and everything sooner or later fades away. Most of the time forgetting is not serious. However, forgetting can get us in trouble. You forget your wedding anniversary for example, and you may be in serious trouble!

Our biggest danger lies in forgetting God. When we forget the things of God it indicates a serious problem in a person's life. What could possible cause a Christian to forget about God?

I. Forgetting God Usually Happens in the Good Times of Life

As long as a person thinks about the things of God, God will be remembered. Without realizing it, while in the midst of everyday living, one's sense of the presence of God can become dulled and fade away. Remembering God requires some thought and time.

Having all one needs met can cause a person to forget about God. When there is deep need in our lives, we tend to seek God and ask for His help. When God meets our need, it is easy to forget again.

Success, money, fame, etc., can cause a person to turn his or her attention away from the Lord. You can count on it, however, that when we are barely getting by, we are sick or we don’t know where to turn, we seldom forget God!

II. Forgetting God Usually Points To Self Sufficiency

After things have gone our way for a while, an attitude of self sufficiency sets in. "I did it by myself," creeps into our psyche. We forget what God has done and consider our success a personal accomplishment. All that God did is forgotten and the “Me, Myself, and I” syndrome sets in. At times like that, when we are complimented, God is not mentioned. We put our thumbs in our lapels, grin and take the credit.

Who has not called upon God in the past, asking for His help, pleading for His intercession and assistance only to forget after He has answered and blessed us? After being thankful for a short time, the remembrance of what He did for us fades and passes. His goodness is covered up by our own sense of accomplishment.

Sadly, for many of us, what God has done for us is replaced with a “look at what I have done" attitude. The memories of God's grace and provision fade in time! What a shame that is!

III. Forgetting Can only be Replaced by Remembering to Remember

Getting over spiritual forgetfulness takes a "want to" and deliberate effort. If a person gets out a photo album or the old school annual, memories of the people and places will flood our minds. The same thing will happen if we take time to “count our blessings,” and remember what God has done for us.

Let me suggest something to you. Keep a log, diary or journal of the things God has done for you and the things He has kept from happening to you. Then, read it often and add to it. You will be amazed at how blessed you are. You will become grateful and thankful. You will remember to remember!

In Philippians 4 Paul said that we are to pray with thanksgiving and then make our requests known to God. If you will start each day thinking of something god has done for you, and thanking Him for it, it will help you to live with joy and remembrance. You will recall the wonderful things that God has done for you. You will remember when God stepped into your situation and held you in His arms in the day of trouble. But, you will not remember if you do not remember to remember!

"But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God; for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth..." (v18)


It is so easy to forget. One doesn't have to do a thing, it just happens to everyone. To forget the blessings of God can be caused by many things, but almost always in the end it is the result of feeling that we don’t need God! Listen, be aware of this, your life is held by a thin thread. A rent artery in your body could kill you in seconds. A stroke could render you unable to walk or speak. A car accident could cause you to never be able to be active again. A robbery or break-in at your home could psychologically change your life in moments. Now, I am not saying these things to worry you, but for you to recall how many days you have lived when these things DIDN’T happen to you. Not only should we be thankful for what God has done for us, but we should be thankful for the things that have not happened to us!

Every Christian should live in the awareness that we have been brought from death to life through Christ. We are alive in Him. I don’t know what you are going through, but if you are a Christian you are going THROUGH – you are not going to stop where you are.

How many here today need to remember how good God has been to you?

The old hymn commanded us to "Count Your Many them one by one..?" Let us do that right now! I am calling on you to "remember to remember” what God is doing, has done and will do for you!


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