How To Please God

Title: How To Please God

Bible Book: Hebrews 11 : 4-6

Author: William F. Harrell

Subject: Faith



Walking by faith is exemplified in the lives of those people mentioned in Hebrews Chapter 11. Every one of the people mentioned in this list is said to be one of the people in the "Roll Call of Faith." Last week we examined the nature of faith and we also saw its absolute necessity in our relationship with God.

Today we will look at the lives of Abel and Enoch as we discover a little more about the importance of our faith in God. There are three things we need to notice from our scripture today.

I. Proper Worship

Abel was obedient. Look at Hebrews 11:4. Also notice Genesis 4:3-5.

A. Abel Believed God

Through faith (believing God), Abel was declared righteous by God. Why? Because he believed God and that caused him to do what God said he should do. Works cannot save anyone, but anyone with faith will do God’s works!

B. Abel Obeyed God

Abel’s sacrifice is what God wanted! Remember that real faith trusts what God says and obeys what God demands. We cannot determine for ourselves what God wants. You hear people say, “Well, I think God would want us to do it this way.” Is that what God says, or is it what you THINK? Abel was obedient!

C. Abel was Different From Cain

Cain, the brother of Abel, came to God with the fruit of his hands, not the blood of a perfect lamb. Man's sin cannot be atoned for with the work of his own hands. That's why faith is so necessary and important. We can only be accepted by God and have God pleased with us when we act in faith.

II. Proper Living

Now with look at Enoch to see proper living. Enoch was Holy, according to Hebrews 11:5. Look at Genesis 5:22-24. God “took” Enoch to heaven without Enoch having to see death. Why? Enoch had faith and He is a type or figure of what will happen when Jesus comes back. If a Christian is alive when Jesus returns for His Church, that Christian will taken to heaven without seeing death. And every person with faith in Christ goes to heaven even in the moment of death. “To be absent from the body is to be present with Christ.”

You are I are to live each day as if that is the day when we will meet Jesus. He is coming again. Enoch lived that kind of life. A life of faith does not get caught up in the things of this world. Live each day as if it were the day Jesus is coming – it just could be!!!

III. Proper Trust

Believing, we must trust God. Look at Hebrews 11:6.

A. Important


An entire chapter is used here to show the importance of faith – of trusting God. Our Lord would not have taken up this space in His Book unless this subject were vital and critical for salvation and godly living.

B. Impossible

We must note that it is impossible to please God without faith. Nothing can take the place of truly and totally trusting God.

C. Impotent

Without faith, we do not have God’s favor. How can we possibly live an exciting, fulfilling, fruitful life unless faith is at the foundation of all we do. God says that all who “come” to Him must do so in faith. Even your prayers are empty without faith. Coming to Him in prayer for your lost family and friends is impotent without faith that places trust in Him alone! For you see, if you come to Him you must believe that He is and that He rewards those who come to Him in faith! Wow! What a word from heaven for us today.


Do you believe? Does it cause you to behave? Real trust will cause you to live as God would have you live! You can come to Him today – you can be saved today – if you will trust Him and believe that Jesus died for you.

Christian, will you renew your faith? The reason we are facing so much impotence in the church today is that we lack the kind of faith that pleases God and brings about results.


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