Dare To Be Different

Title: Dare To Be Different

Bible Book: 1 John 2 : 15-17

Author: Billy E. Dickerson, Jr.

Subject: Following Jesus; Separated Living; Christian Living



A call to follow Jesus is a call to be different! We are not called to be different for “difference” sake but rather because following Jesus will lead us along a different path and into a different life than that of the world.

We are told plainly in God’s Word, “Do not be conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2). James states it this way, “Whoever wants to be a friend of this world makes himself an enemy of God” (James 4:4). Those statements are very bold, but that it what God inspired the writers to say.

What does the phrase “the world” really mean? In Biblical terms “the world,” means this world’s system of belief and behavior in opposition to God’s Word.

Let’s look at two important truths about this world.

I. Christians Are Not To Love The World

The word love means “a strong attraction due to personal ties.” We are not to be tied to the world’s system and ways. Love also means “admiration for.” Certainly, a Christian is not to admire the way of the world with its avarice, lust, greed, pride, etc.

The Bible clearly states that God loves the world. That phrase means that God loves the people who are in the world – all of them. We are to love them as well. We are to reach out to them to bring them to Christ. But, we are not to love the ways or the world. We are not to be drawn to the path of the world. That is what the Scripture means when it states that we are not to love the world!

II. Christians Are Not Tob Be Lured By This World

There are three lures in the devil’s tackle box. Satan uses all three of them in every generation. In  fact, he used them all on Adam and Eve; and, he also used them to tempt Jesus. The first Adam took

the bait and, thus, sin entered thew world. Gratefully, the Second Adam (Jesus) resisted him and lived a sinless life. Let's look at how Satan uses these lures on this generation, just as he used them in the past.

A. Passions

“the lust of the flesh”

This speaks of Selfish Gratification or the temptation to satisfy inner desires outside of God’s Will. The Bible example is found Genesis 3:6, “Eve saw that the tree was good for food.” Then we see it in Matthew 4:3, “Command these stones to become bread.”

Satan speaks to our flesh and lures us away from God. Food, sex and the concerns of the flesh matter to God. He created us that way. But these must be kept within the boundaries of His created design. If we get outside those boundaries, our desires hurt us and others. The evidence on this is clearly seen in the sexually transmitted diseases, gluttony, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.

B. Possessions

“the lust of the eyes”

Selfish Accumulation is another lure of Satan. The temptation to satisfy external desires outside of God’s will is a critical matter. The debacle we are seeing in America’s financial system is just one piece of evidence in regard to what greed can do.

Listen to God’s Word on this matter from Luke 12:15, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life doesn’t consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Also, read 1 Timothy 6:6-10.

In Genesis we note that the devil lured Eve through her sight and her desire to possess. Look at Genesis 3:6, “The woman saw… it was pleasant to the eyes.” Then, Satan tempted Jesus in the same way, as recorded in Matthew 4:8, …then he (the devil) showed Him all the kingdoms of the world.”

C. Pride

“the pride of life”

Selfish Exaltation appeals to man’s pride. The temptation to satisfy emotional desires outside of God’s Will is found in pride. Look at Isaiah 14:13-14. Note how Satan led Eve to sin through pride, as recorded in Genesis 3:5, “Satan said, ‘In the day you eat of eat… you will be like God!’”

Satan tempted Jesus, to no avail, with a similar lure, as found in Matthew 4:6, “Satan said, ‘If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down.’”

Satan used all three lures on Adam and Eve. (1.) “good for food” = lust of the flesh; (2). “the woman saw . . .it was pleasant to the eyes” = lust of the eyes; and, (3). “you will be like God” = pride of life. Then, he did the same to Jesus in all three ways: (1). “command these stones to become bread” = lust of the flesh; (2). “showed Him all the kingdoms of the world” = lust of the eyes; and, (3). “throw yourself down” = pride of life.

You can be assured that Satan does the same to you and to everyone. That is why we are told not to love the world!

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