Blind Spots

Title: Blind Spots

Bible Book: Galatians 6 : 1

Author: Alan Stewart

Subject: Sin; Temptation; Weakness



By 1985, Jose Cubero had become one of Spain’s most spectacular matadors. At only 21 years of age, he was enjoying a celebrated career that even matadors with seasoned years of experience could only dream of having. His future appeared limitless. However, during a 1985 bullfight, Jose made a tragic mistake. He thrust his final sword into a bleeding, delirious bull, which then collapsed. Thinking that the battle was now over, Jose turned to the crowd and bowed in acknowledgment of their cheers. Unbeknown to Jose, the bull was not dead. What he assumed to be cheers of victory was now shouts of terror. The bull arose and lunged at the unsuspecting matador. Its horn pierced his back and punctured his heart. If only Jose could have seen what the crowd could see behind his back he may have lived to fight another day.

Has it ever dawned on you that each of our lives possess a blind spot? In Galatians 6:1, Paul wrote, "Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault..." This phrase in the Greek is not referring to willful, rebellious living, but rather someone who has been blindsided by sin. Something he never saw coming his way because it was in his blind spot. Traffic accidents often occur when a driver changes lanes before checking his blind spot. Soldiers are often wounded in battle because they never saw the enemy approaching in their blind spot. A blind spot is something we either have not experienced, exposed, or expelled. Ron Dunn once said, "I have never stolen a million dollars, but I’ve never had the opportunity either." Today, it is easy for us to see that David had a blind spot of lust and Peter had a blind spot of pride. But, can we see our own? Chances are, we will never excel in spiritual growth until we can discern and defend our blind spot. How do you press on courageously when you have an enemy with his eyes on your blind spot?

I. Learn From The One Who Leads You

You must learn from the One who leads you. In 1 Samuel 17, we find the day that marked David as a spiritual hero for the rest of his life. As the Philistines gathered to do battle with Israel, the Philistine national hero was the mighty Goliath. He was not only a giant, but he was covered from head to toe  in the brass armor of a warrior. While Goliath taunted Israel’s army, David sized up his opponent. He discovered there was only one place unprotected by armor that he could hurt the giant -- between his eyes. With accurate precision, David hit the mark with one stone, and the giant quickly became a midget! Had Goliath taken a little more time examining himself in a mirror rather than being impressed with his own headlines he would have noticed his blind spot.

In 2 Corinthians 13:5, we are challenged to, "Examine yourselves..." It is a word that implies putting your faith, virtue, and character to the test to see of what you are made. Weak men are only aware of their strengths, but wise men know both their strengths and their weaknesses. Saul and Uzziah never learned the difference and it cost them a throne. Lot and Solomon didn’t learn the difference and it cost them influence and respect. Only teachable hearts can be trusted with the truth that will lead us to being authentic.

II. Look To The One Who Lives For You

You must look to the One who lives for you. in 1 Kings 22, Israel is engaged in war with Syria. King Ahab decides to disguise himself during the battle. At a distance, a soldier shoots a stray arrow into the air, and it finds a resting place between pieces of Ahab’s armor. Imagine Ahab’s surprise - defended and disguised, but dead! We can be blindly unaware of kinks in our armor. Perhaps if  Ahab had only known to look up and not around he could have found help for that which he could not see. Those who consistently are looking to the Lord find that He provides coverage for our blind spot. When Abraham needed a sacrifice, he looked up and found a ram. When Joshua observed the high walls of Jericho, he looked a little higher and saw the angel of the Lord. When others were blinded by drought, Elijah’s servant looked up and saw God’s hand bringing rain. But, when Stephen faced death, he looked up and saw Jesus Himself. If you will just keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, what you will discover is that not only does He fill our blind spots with provision, He fills them with Himself!

III. Listen To The One Who Loves You

You must listen to the One who loves you. If anyone ever truly loved Jesus, it was Peter. When Peter boldly stated he was not ashamed of Jesus and was even ready to die with Him, he meant it.

However, Jesus warns Peter in John 13:36, "...Where I go, thou can not follow me now..." It was not that Jesus did not want Peter to follow, but rather He knew something about Peter that he did not know about himself. While Peter loved Jesus, at this juncture of his life, Jesus knew Peter still loved Peter just a little more. Had Peter just listened to the Lord and not been blinded by his own pride he could have spared himself an embarrassing fall. Our blind spot becomes most destructive when we are hasty in our decisions and direction. Life can be quite difficult when we try to perform God’s will in our own way. God loved Adam enough to instruct him, but Adam could not resist the temptation. God loved Lot’s wife enough to warn her, but curiosity got the best of her. The Lord only says "no" to our lives because somewhere else He has a better "yes."

In Greek mythology, there are two characters with interesting traits. Achilles was a Greek hero from the Trojan War, but was a flawed hero whose defect was his own pride and it was symbolized by his vulnerable heel. Antaeus was a giant who was extremely strong as long as his feet remained in contact with the ground. Both men perished when the weakness of their blind spot was exposed.

When the Lord told you to "guard your heart", and "examine yourselves," He was well aware of our potential to be blindsided. Just when we think we are ready to bow to the applause of the audience, the unthinkable can happen. And that, my friend, is no bull!

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