A Robber In The Pew

Title: A Robber In The Pew

Bible Book: Exodus 20 : 15

Author: Billy E. Dickerson, Jr.

Subject: Tithing; Robbing God; Money; Stewardship



To steal is a sin! We know that and we have looked at as one of The Ten Commandments in a previous sermon. But, we need to take a deeper look at this sin. If stealing from one another is a sin, how dark is the sin of stealing from God? That is what we see when we tie Exodus 20:15 with Malachi 3:6-12.

I. The Crime

Malachi 3:8-9

God’s Temple is filled with Thieves! In the days of Malachi God plainly spoke against those who were withholding tithes and offerings. God called it a crime – a crime against Him!

II. The Criminal

Who committed this crime? Who were the criminals? Read Malachi 3:8-9. God is not speaking to the

world in this passage. He is speaking to His people. It is important to consider all that God has done for us and then compare how terrible it is for those who are washed in the blood to fail in tithing and giving offerings to Him.

III. The Curse

Malachi 3:9, 11 speaks of the curse that was upon the people because they did not honor God honestly and faithfully in stewardship. Much can be said about this cruse. Suffice it to say that you can give faithfully God and have more from His blessings, or you can keep it from God and lose what you have! Someone might say, “Well, I’m doing okay and I don’t tithe.” Then two things can be said about you. First, that may be because you have never accepted the Lord and you don’t belong to Him. God doesn’t chastise those who are not His children. Or, secondly, you think you are doing well but have no idea where you might be if you have been faithful to God in tithes and offerings!!!

IV. The Command

Malachi (3:10)

A. What Should The Christian Tithe

A tithe is 10% of the first fruit of all you receive. This is not leftover money. This is the first “bill” you pay. This is the first and most important money you will spend – you give it to God faithfully!

B. Where Should The Christian Tithe

God said that you are to “bring” it into the storehouse. You can’t send your tithe to a television ministry or radio ministry. You give it to the church where you are a member.

C. Why Should The Christian Tithe

1. To Be Submissive To God’s Command

Look at verse 10. You “bring” it as an act of submission and love to God

2. To Be A Steward Of Christ

Note verses 8 and 9. To fail in this matter is not just to fail the church. God said, you have “robbed me!”

3. To Be A Support To The Church

Verse 10 tells us that God reason for us to give is so that He can have “food in My house.” That  means that God is going to use what you give to bring the “Bread of Life” to the world. God owns everything. And, everything you have has come from Him. He didn’t have to give it to you to start with. You are being blessed by having the opportunity to carry on the same work that brought the Gospel of Jesus to you!

4. To Secure God’s Blessings

Note verse 10 once more. God desires to bless you. When we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us!

D. How Should The Christian Tithe

Look at Malachi 3:3 and not that we are to tithe and give “in righteousness.”

Above all, God wants you heart. Have you given your heart to Him? Are you saved? He gave heaven’s richest gift to you – life through Jesus Christ.

For those of us who are already saved, are we ready to give our best to Him? If we desire closeness with the Lord, we need to draw near Him today!

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