A Disciple’s Life For Me

Title: A Disciple's Life For Me

Bible Book: Luke 9 : 23

Author: Mike Stone

Subject: Discipleship



In 1967 Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” debuted with the theme song, “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.” I want to borrow that thought and speak on a disciple’s life for me.

We talk of being a disciple. We read about the 12 disciples of Christ. We have discipleship training classes. But what is a “disciple?” There is basically 1 Greek word in the New Testament used every time you see the word “disciple” and it simply means “a learner, a pupil, a student.”

I. A disciplined life (23a)

You get to the 8th letter before “disciple” and “discipline” are even spelled differently.

We tend to think of something negative when we think of discipline.

A child kept asking for water after being put to bed. After repeated refusals the parent said, “If you ask again I’m going to come up there and spank you.” The child said, “While you’re coming would you bring me some water?”

A. An incredible possibility (And He said to them all…)

Acts 10:34 – “God is no respecter of persons.”

I could preach like Adrian Rogers if I really wanted to.

I just have to study, pray, and prepare like he did.

Have you ever thought, “I wish I was as close to the Lord as he / she is?” You can be!

No matter how old you are, start today!

B. An important priority (will come after me)

Later in this chapter, Jesus encounters 3 “would-be” followers.

Vv 57-58 – Following Christ is more important than passing riches.

Vv 59-60 – Following Christ is more important than pressing responsibilities.

Vv 61-62 – Following Christ is more important than personal relationships.

In Luke 14 Jesus tells the parable of the dinner feast.

These same excuses present themselves again.

1. Wealth – I’ve just bought a field and need to look at it

2. Work – I’ve bought some new oxen and must test them

3. Wife – I’ve just gotten married

Luke 14:26-27 – “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, even his own life, he cannot be My disciple. Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.”

C. An implied problem

There is an “if” clause and an implied “then” clause.

Some people think they want a disciple’s life until they realize the cost that is involved.

There are some people who really want to follow Christ. But they don’t want to bad enough to pay the price.

For example, I really want a new Chevy truck. I really do want one. It is a sincere desire. That is, until I see the sticker price. Then I realize that I don’t want the truck as much as the dealership does. Sadly, that’s how many Christians treat discipleship.

Baptist Press article from Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A growing number of families would rather spend their increasingly limited free time together than at church, a study by Leadership magazine found. More churches are seeing decreased attendance at church events, especially those held on weeknights, because when families feel obligated to participate in sports, music lessons and other extracurricular activities, the only night of the week they have to be together just might be Wednesday.

“When Christian parents take their kids to Little League games rather than worship on the Lord’s Day, these parents teach their children that team sports are more important than the worship of God,” Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said. “Every kid has a ‘thing’ going on virtually all the time. That is the condition of life today, it seems. But when that ‘thing’ keeps the child, or the whole family, away from church, we need to name that thing what it is ... at best a snare, at worst an idol.”

We want to live a disciple’s life. And unfortunately we want to live our own life, too!

This verse is not about salvation. You don’t have to do anything to be saved. You are saved by the Sovereign grace of God apart from works. But there are some things you have to do if you want to live a disciple’s life.

II. A difficult life (…deny Himself and take up his cross…)

A. A selfless attitude (deny himself)

The Amplified Bible – “…let him deny himself, that is, disown himself, forget himself, lose sight of himself and of his own interests, refuse himself and give up himself…”

Disown – have nothing to do with

Forget himself – To get so busy serving others that we literally forget we were around! EXAMPLE: Recently I forgot that a staff member was waiting to see me. I got busy with my work and I simply forgot they were in the lobby. We should be so busy serving Christ that we literally forget about ourselves.

Lose sight of himself and his own interests – I never see me when I’m looking at others. I only see me when I’m looking in a mirror, focused on self.

Refuse himself and give himself up – When I do notice me, I should refuse myself!

Sound like Philippians 2:5-12?

B. A sacrificial approach (take up his cross)

It’s as if Jesus is saying, “If you’re coming with Me, you’re embarking on a journey of sacrifice…”

Jesus cross was a literal cross. Ours, of course, is not.

Your “cross” could be described as that difficult thing you willingly choose to do simply because you are one of God’s people and you are called to bring Him glory.

A thankless job could seem to be a curse until you are convinced that job is heaven’s agenda for your life. Then it become a cross.

A difficult marriage can be a challenge until you realize it is the will of God. Then it becomes a cross.

A tough job in the church may seem like a chore until you realize a Sovereign God has called you to that place. At that point it becomes a cross.

Like the cross of Jesus, God can take that thing that seems to be crucifying you and He can use it to fashion you and raise you for His glory.


Your “cross” could be described as that difficult thing you willingly choose to do simply because you are one of God’s people and you are called to bring Him glory.

C. A systematic activity (daily)

The verb tenses for “come,” “deny,“ “take,” and “follow” are all written in a verb tense which connote immediacy. It indicates a settled action that only occurs once. That seems to contradict the word “daily” yet that is exactly what is required to be a disciple.

Every day we must have a holy resolve to live the life of a disciple.

Anyone can live the disciple’s life for a season. I’m not impressed with the “Roman candle Christian.” We see them at revivals. They get on fire for about a month and then drop back off the face of the earth.

I want to be an “eternal flame” for Christ. And that requires a daily commitment to my Lord.

III. A devoted life (and follow Me)

A. Love the Lord

This is the Great Commandment

How do you act when you love someone?

1. You want to talk to them.

2. You want to be with them.

3. You want to do things they like to do.

4. You want to tell other people about them.

5. You want to give to them.

B. Learn the Lord

A lot of people know facts but not the Father.

You can know about a person without knowing them.

C. Live for the Lord

Jesus said, “If you love Me keep My commandments.”

The word “follow” refers to an example. As in, “follow the leader.”

The more I love Him the more I realize my love is weak.

The more I learn Him the more I know I need to learn.

The closer I live to Him, the more I realize I’ve a ways to go.

I do not propose this life is easy. In fact, I submit that to be a follower of Christ is a disciplined, difficult, and devoted life. But I invite you to join me as we declare and demonstrate each day, “I want to be a learner, a pupil, and student…a disciple of Jesus Christ.”


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