New This Week

The following is a list of new or existing seasonal sermons. Generally, these sermons include those added in the last few weeks. All the materials in the New This Week section are also in the full PastorLife database for you to search and use in your study and ministry.

New and Seasonal Sermons

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject Author
God's Plan For The Preacher 2 Timothy  4 :1-5 Ordination; Preacher; Judgment J. Mike Minnix
Spiritual Declension Amos  6 :1 Revival; Judgment; Sin; America Tom Hayes
Recovering From Regrets Psalms  32 : Regrets; Forgiveness; Revival; Renewal; Failure Larry Wynn
What Think Ye Of Christ? Selected Passages  : Jesus, Who Is; Christ; Lordship; Savior John Bisagno
A Cloud of Witnesses Hebrews  12 :1-2 The Race; Faithfulness; Dedication; Commitment Michael A. Guido

New and Seasonal Illustrations

Subject Title
Decisions; Will of God; Direction in Life When You Talk Tough
Prayer The Power of Prayer
Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism Fishin' With Rocks
Prayer; Divine Assistance How Hard Can It Be?
Goals; Aims; Desires; Heros The Danger of Meeting Your Hero