God Does Answer Prayer

Title: God Does Answer Prayer
Category: Devotion
Subject: Prayer
God Does Answer Prayer
Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey

Wednesday evening, December 12, 2007, Mrs. Dorothy Harbison planned to come to the midweek service at First Baptist Church of Spanish Fort, where she has taught Sunday school for over 40 years. She takes very seriously the words “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some” (Hebrews 10:25). As she made her way to church, at the last minute she remembered a music book that she needed, so she returned to pick it up. She set her Bible, purse and keys down, planning to pick them up when she made her way out the door. After retrieving the book, she picked up her Bible and purse and quickly made her way out of the house. When the door closed she heard the click and it dawned on her that she had forgotten the keys. She was now outside in the dark unable to get back in or to drive to church.

Her husband, Allen Harbison, a deacon, trustee, and Sunday school teacher had left home earlier to pick up a cousin for the midweek prayer meeting and Bible study. None of the neighbors were home to offer assistance, but she remembered the Lord, who says, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3). Sitting on the front porch with her Bible and purse beside her, she prayed about her situation. She asked the Lord to “put it in the mind of [her] husband to come back and see about [her] or to send someone else to pick [her] up and take [her to church]”.

Within five minutes a car slowly passed with a spot light shining on houses in the neighborhood. Dorothy assumed it was a police car. The car, passing her home, continued to move slowly through the neighborhood and then returned to stop in her driveway.

Shining the spot-light on her the driver asked, “Lady is there anything the matter?” Still unable to see him, she said, “Who are you? I can’t see you.” He said, “I’m sorry. I left my bright lights on. I am a deputy sheriff. Just checking on the neighborhood, saw you and wondered if everything was okay.” After he asked about her welfare, Dorothy explained her situation and that she planned to go to church. He told her, “Well, lady, I’d be glad to take you to your church, but you’ll have to ride in the back seat of my car. The front seat is full of papers.” She replied, “That is okay as long as I can get to church.” The deputy warned, “You don’t know what they might think when they see you coming in the back seat of my car.” Undaunted, Dorothy told him, “Just be sure and tell them you arrested me for loitering in my front yard.”

He courteously opened the back door of the car and she sat down behind the cage that separates the deputy from the passenger. As they traveled toward the First Baptist Church of Spanish Fort, she explained to the deputy that he was an answer to prayer. She further explained that she asked the Lord to send someone to take her to church about five minutes before he arrived in her driveway. Dorothy was welcomed and questioned as she expected when they arrived at the church.

Upon further reflection, she later said, “God must have a great sense of humor for you never know what kind of chariot He will send.” She also expressed her thankfulness to the Lord for sending a Baldwin County Deputy Sheriff. She emphatically states, “God does answer prayer.”

This article appeared in Dr. Kirksey's column in the Press-Register, Mobile, Alabama, under the title "Woman thankful for 'God's chariot'", Saturday, January 5, 2008, in the Religion Section D, Page 2.

By Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey, pastor
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